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Sense. To have or be?

- the Teacher, tell and in what sense?
- Sense of what?
- All events in the World.
- And in what sense of your question?
- I want to learn in what sense and an essence of the events …
- So in what an essence of your question?!
- I want to learn, receive knowledge!
- Here in it is also sense of the events … In knowledge.
In questions which you ask. They are much more valuable than answers. Once, a few years ago, preparing for

the first trainings on a goal-setting, I developed social orbits. Levels at which the person rotates. Structure of society.

One of basic orbits “to have to be“, or “the person - the thing“, seemed to me an author`s find. A bit later I read Erich Fromm, found for myself this magnificent author of the philosopher - the psychologist and understood that it is not the first approach to this subject, but it became more interesting to those to me.

Going to depth of trainings even more, came to their simple division on navykovy and semantic.

It does not mean that in navykovy there is no sense. Is. But initial tasks absolutely different. Often they are mixed, and the most important, any skill will not be built in without binding though to tiny sense.

We will return to sense and the initial question “be or have?“. the Famous phrase “Life determines by

consciousness“, for the modern person it is safely possible to paraphrase as “life defines consciousness“. Root of the word one, value different. To be someone and to have something it not same.

Usually under “to have“ we mean what surrounds us, or those who surround us. We “have“ houses, apartments, cars, gadgets, works, businesses etc., both our friends, and relatives. And here about what needs to be had really to be speak about it extremely seldom.

We describe the outside world very accurately, and here we know the internal poorly. How to use the car or the vacuum cleaner many know, and precisely this knowledge is much more, than knowledge of own body, reason and spirit. To use the benefits of a civilization it is quite worthy. But here when “covers on full“ and the person falls into existential, semantic vacuum, no toys help. The person who lost himself, lost meaning of life is plunged into a bottomless abyss. Such situations happen quite often and at many. Often absolutely normal people. At the transitional vital moments, in situations of the choice and decision-making. Where it is possible to lean and it is necessary only on itself. On will. There where it is necessary to be.

The will has relation most directly to sense, and to the one whom we as a result are and that we as a result have. In other words, as we live. During preparation of training programs, both on business, and on personal growth, I began to allocate three main Volya. Bodies. Reason. Spirit or Soul.

B it. Especially this subject became actual in a question of money. The most powerful social energy which replaced to the modern person and God and a devil. But whether so it actually? No. And in questions of various impulses of Volya the secret why one everything, and to others of nothing is hidden. Or even more why money comes to different people, good, bad, angry, kind.

Money, they are what? And what should be, exactly to be that to have them? For the analysis of sense and work of will, I took money not incidentally. It is possible to concern both health, and love (we will make it a bit later), but money it is a litmus piece of paper of the modern social world. So much time in mass media and in talk of people as to money is found for nothing.

How many places they take in thoughts, it is only possible to guess. Money, they on a surface. Hurts or does not hurt, only the person, and in abrupt he to “wheelbarrow“ or not abrupt knows, it is visible to all. The internal pleasure from favourite business is visible only to the person too.

Here in this moment meanings smoothly intertwine with requirements. Favourite questions “why“ and “why“ are also important, but they are responsible for the level of beliefs. Sense - concept deeper, undoubtedly, containing in itself both beliefs, and values, and of course belief. requirement

A is smoothly passed to what we consist of. What of our structures that consumes. Both emotions, and money are directed to one - satisfaction of requirements.

I will focus attention on the word satisfaction. Pleasure from creation. In the word pleasure, it is happy, is not happy, an arbitrariness, permissiveness, etc., there is the general root OX - Will. The pleasure is a highest degree of a resource, surge in emotions, frequent it is sexual energy, the content is a condition of sufficiency, fullness.

And so this pleasure from satisfaction of requirements is correlated most often to concrete result. It ate and is good, overate - it was good, it became bad. Instead of prosperity - surplus. Sought to buy the super car - bought, did a bit of traveling also all. The high from expectation was gone. And the expectation is higher, the more with it it is connected, the disappointment from achievement of the purpose is stronger. Very much wanted to watch the new movie. Very much! Expectations are improbable. Looked and obplevatsya. Familiarly? It is applicable to everything.

Here we will smoothly concern Intention. Intention is a desire without expectation. Then it seems all exactly and without distortions, occurs as if by itself.

And here, almost in end, I come back to a question of sense and will again. One of formulations of will is a possibility of overcoming of obstacles, decision-making and the choice. In total so. But! For each of vol obstacles, the purposes and tasks absolutely different. Sense in start of an impulse of the movement the. For a body it is first of all a survival question, for reason it is social roles and knowledge, as a hobby - metaknowledge, mission. And at the slightest contradiction of people tests enormous internal tension.

To lift a tube and to make a call by efforts equally to climbing Everest. Though business that trifling. In sense it is ringing! And …! Here the question, simple action, is ringing, comes from what requirement, for satisfaction of what? What from vol gives an impulse on this action? The head demands, but a body against or on the contrary. Or can not to liking?

The call is given as one of simple and widespread actions. There can be anything, equally simple, but also at the same time equally insuperable. This tactical resistance still of half-trouble, is also solved at the level of the limiting beliefs. It just belongs to skill more. Solved - made! And here when the vacuum and feeling of full senselessness, here one limiting beliefs not to manage. Here question of sense, life. It means the serious conflict between will of reason and soul. The body suffers insufferably, the torn apart energy which is not turning into action.

Not small the rasskazka turned out, but slightly concerned a subject. As a result I can tell only one.

That harmony of the personality which is so zealously propagandized is poorly possible without realization of all three vol. Suppression of a body or reason business good, but is better reconciliation and a consent. Bodies, reason and soul.

A money? Money they different can be. As food. Vegetable or animal. Pure or dirty. As air, as water. The question is that if you go at the lower levels - will of a body and reason, you can do and attract any money, generally from emotional energy.

And here if you happened to concern higher level, you only are doomed to do what is your mission, from what you shine. It is spiritual money and come only from favourite business. And here it is senseless to copy someone the head and to repeat acts action. The spiritual will is stronger lower than two. Will tear you to parts, and I pound zero. On the one hand this big test to pass this level, with another is a rare opportunity to learn also itself, and the world fully. Coherence of these powerful impulses - three vol, gives harmony of the personality and that is much important, success in society.

The senseless success is as insignificant as unsuccessful sense. In this case there is no question “be or have“. Minor changes in writing, but global in sense - to be and HAVE. An essence and sense in it.

What to do to you? To look for questions, answers will come.