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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on December 1 - 2? “Jungle“, etc.

As if closing a certain plan, the Russian film film distributors threw out at the end of November and autumn quarter the stocks of film novelties. Risking not to find in this a lot of worthy applicants for close spectator attention, we will note that among debutants the sequel of a cult TV series “Crew appears: The successor“, the melodrama “Words“ with participation acting sex - a symbol of Hollywood of Bradley Cooper, continuation of a manyachny horror film “the Collector 2“, the Dutch horror about Santa and the advertized adventure comedy “Jungle“ with Brezhneva and Svetlakov.

1. “Crew: The successor“ (2012)

Alexey Sidorov, the creator (what a sin to conceal) a cult TV series “Crew“, kept the word and did not begin to remove continuation of history of Sash Bela. However the oath was sworn by Sidorov, and the stuntman vseya Alexander Inshakov and nothing promised Russia to nobody. It is hard to say, Inshakov in the profession is how good, his colleagues but as the director and the producer know about it he is known for “powerful“ statements like “The Maltese cross“ at which without tears it is impossible to look. He did not count for work and for the first time in the career sat down at a script writing. What turned out? Judging by a trailer, the next very stupid criminal fighter with a curtsey in “dashing 90 - e“.

It is unlikely mister Inshakov thought of why, for example, F. F. Coppola did not begin to shoot the Bollywood sequel about Michael Corleone`s son. Comparison, though blasphemous, but all - “Crew“ is still included into ten the most popular TV series of the Post-Soviet period. And many dreamed to profit on the checked brand. From “Successor“ just far off strikes a commercial musty smell, and the choice of the performer for a leading role - the son famous Russian bandit Bely - leaves all admirers of the original in perplexity. As well as a cheap trick with use in a shot of “the person similar to Bezrukov“, considering that the actor did not agree to participation in this cheap soap opera. All these nuances directly hint the viewer that you should not watch new “Crew“ even under beer and chips. There is a probability to choke.

2. “Words“ (The Words, 2012)

the Promising casting and the intriguing plot did by

“Words“ to one of the most anticipated film projects of the beginning of year, however the audience in America treated the movie very cool. Did not pass also years as a tape reached Russia where pseudo-intellectual thrillers habitually bring together small, but stable cash desk. Obvious plus for the movie is participation of two generations of bright actors among which there is Bradley Cooper, Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana, Ben Barnes, Jeremy Irons and Dennis Quade. Not everyone manages to bring together such structure on implementation of the scenario written ten years ago. Cooper promised the friends - to screenwriters to act in this movie and already being in the status of a star it is the promise realized.

“Words“ is a history of the unlucky writer who does not manage to catch inspiration in any way and to create something standing. Therefore when he incidentally finds the manuscript of the unknown author in an old portfolio to feel the real creator, reprints it in the laptop. And the careful wife persuades “the blue pilferer“ to sell the story which, certainly, becomes the best-seller. The glory acquired in the illegal way threatens to turn back not only a remorse, but also dismantling with the real author, it was not pleasant to whom that the young pushful person borrowed work of all his life.

3. “The collector 2“ (The Collection, 2012)

the Screenwriter at once two powerful a horror - franchizes “Saw“ and “Feast“ Markus Dansten in 2009 was marked out by a director`s debut - the slasher “Collector“ which became to one of the most noticeable horror films of the last several years. Considering with what enthusiasm Dansten likes to rivet sequels very few people doubted, as this movie, sooner or later, will receive continuation. There passed three years, and expectations (read, fears) were confirmed - new “Collection“ (the name of a zhutik in the original quite so sounds) was published.

As well as in a case with “Saw“, all original ideas were used in the first part, and therefore authors were forced to take not quality, but quantity. “The collector 2“ became more brutal, krovavy, is more rigid and thanks to the doubled budget - is more effective. But originality and an atmosfernost at the same time became puzzled, having given way to thin commercial calculation. There are no doubts that creators of “Saw“ learned to saw budgets so we look forward when the maniac in a silk mask undertakes the focuses again. And there, as they say, either the donkey will die, or the padishah.

4. “Bloody Santa“ (Sint, 2010)

Dutch Dick Mas is known to

, first of all, for the thriller “Elevator“ of a sample of 1983. Faithful to a genre throughout all the career, Mas and in 60 years continues to tell frightening stories, often exciting the compatriots frankly provocative opuses. Its “Bloody Santa“ - gloomy Christmas allegory when instead of the kind bearded man to children and adults not the festive character - the Saint Nicholas collecting a bloody harvest is.

Zhutik, though Dutch, but very qualitative and not a cheap fake under Hollywood. And color local is available, and special effects at the level, and, the main thing, is removed everything with taste.

Demoralization of an image of Santa is not the director`s find. To it Finns (“Santa for sale“) and Americans (“Bad Santa“) successfully coped with it. Mas that is called strengthened paints and simply turned a symbol of Christmas on a monster with all that it implies. If the idea seems to you unacceptable, then, of course,

should not go to cinema. 5.

the Director Alexander Voytinsky made “jungle“ (2012) by

resolute to Alla - op from “Fir-trees“ to palm trees. Against sad and gray winter reality volume digression to the jungle (on that island where “Beach“ with DiCaprio was removed) is simply obliged to cause positive emotions in the viewer. The trouble is that Voytinsky is engaged in clumsy compilation of foreign ideas again, mixing together finds of the Hollywood companions. However, this not so irritates, as in “A black lightning“ especially as men will constantly be distracted by half-naked Vera Brezhneva, and women - by all the rest.

Sergey Svetlakov persistently tries to prove to himself and us that his face fits into a film format, but so far it turns out not really. Efremov from roles of alcoholics passed to images of chiefs. Both those, and others at it turn out equally in each new movie. Brezhneva - in a successful foreshortening, especially in 3D. Sun, palm trees, love, harmful natives and real fight for love. Tell, people kind that still it is necessary to you to support by ruble the Russian cinema?

And now briefly about other debutants of hire, which, to your data, the whole crowd. For children - two three-dimensional animated films, including the American fairy tale “Fairies: Secret of a winter forest“ and Mexican cat`s fighter “Cat`s Top“ . For men - a trash - the fighter “Sushi - girls“ in the best traditions of Tarantino (actually, the movie is also dated to 20 - to the anniversary of “Reservoir Dogs“), for women - the French melodrama “Lovers“ with Johnathan Reese Myers and Natalya Vodianova`s participation. And also a controlling stake of the Russian dramas, including “Escort“ Alexey Mizgirev, “Dance Delhi“ Ivana Vyrypayeva and “Daughter“ Aleksandra Kasatkina.

As we see, this week such genre variety reigns that even eyes run up. It is possible to support the domestic filmmaker though, judging by experience, it helps it the same as “AvtoVAZ“. At least, between “Crew“ and “Jungle“ I would choose the second. There absence of original ideas, at least, is compensated by a positive spirit.