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“Only after you!“ Why it is necessary to pass the woman forward?

As often you should face in women at an entrance or at the elevator? Everyday occurrence. And every time it is necessary to solve a problem: who will pass the first? For me this issue is resolved finally and irrevocably, I say every time: “The real man always passes the woman forward!“

of the Woman when hear this phrase, thaw from pleasure. And then I continue: “And you know why?“ And on the question “why“ I tell (if I am in time) the maintenance of a song which I heard many years ago:

“In one country the princess fell in love with
Not of the prince, and the simple shepherd. She whispered
to it: “You hear, darling,
B to you I see the quite good groom.

Consider, I will apply efforts,
Will not be happier than us in light!“
I is clear everything that on its recognitions
the Shepherd reciprocated.

The old man - the king (an immemorial problem!)
Solved: “I will break a wedding at once!“
A it because in that country at that time
was Watched at love differently, than now!

And here it became clear to lovers,
That they are not fated to marry... if so - that in life I pound
A a little!
Decided to be drowned together.

The shepherd looked in eyes of the princess of the darling -
I rushed from rocks without wasting words.
She looked down - Ah! - Stopped...
So fear for the first time won against love!

We will tell you that we in that country at that time
of the Man were the ill-bred people:
the real man by all means of
Will pass the woman forward!“

follows this story exclamation: “And, it is clear why you are such polite!“ And me, naturally, right there begin to suspect of insidiousness!

(If there is no time to tell everything - I squeeze to reasonable limits, and even I promise to tell on the same place in the same hour next time)

I thought that a song - the ironical fairy tale, a joke. What my surprise when in transfer on radio (or on the TV, definitely I do not remember) I heard almost exact repetition of a plot of a song, but already attached to the district was!

In the Caucasus there are such people - abazes. And so, allegedly they had a prince, and the prince had a daughter - the beauty on vydan. Somewhere the shepherd was near. They met, fell in love with each other and wanted to get married. But the father categorically was against - he wanted to marry her to the son of the next prince. Young people so did not think of life the friend without friend that they decided to commit together suicide. Came to break. The shepherd rushed from the rock, and to the princess it became terrible - and it receded. But her life ended tragicly too - she died of melancholy.

Probably, the author of a song was familiar with this legend. But in his head it was transformed to the certain incident serving to the educational purposes. In total - to pass the woman forward is a tribute of respect, a politeness sign.

(By the way, retelling of a song can be a good pretext for acquaintance continuation: “And you know why the man passes the woman forward? In one country the princess fell in love... I will tell the full version to you behind a coffee cup. When we meet?“)

So women, accept these tributes and signs undoubtedly! And we, men, will treat you with respect and from now on, and is absolutely disinterested, without any ulterior motive!