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Letter “Shch“. In what its deep meaning?

Foolish question! What sense the letter can have? All the same what to ask what sense at a molar. Or at an eye. Is - and all here. Let`s think, however, of the place of this letter in our everyday life. First of all, whether it is possible to replace it? For example, in the word “Russian cabbage soup“? What will remain? It not for all words, of course, is fair

. If to take the floor “look for“, then replacement by a letter “Sh“ is quite possible: ishsha.

It is a saying. Actually I to this opus was induced by desire to understand, value of this letter in suffixes is how big. Its application can change sense of the word very strongly.

Person. And if “great man“? You feel a difference? From ordinary “person“ something enormous appears! “What experienced great man!“ That rises before eyes? Giant!

Monster. When we tell “miracle“, we mean something unusual, inexplicable, pleasantly surprising. “Monster“ carries, on the one hand, concept of size, and with another - something unpleasant, disgusting.

Ashes. This word has no value without letter “Shch“. But nevertheless, this letter brings a shade something bad.

Sonmishche. Here, again - the letter does not bear negative sense, only emphasizes size.

Buddy. A remarkable example of transformation usual in unusual with polozhitelnyym sense.

Child. Here not only size, here and as if the volume of the enclosed work (also the word “domishche“ is similar).

Nozhishch, glazishch, ruchishch - size, and not only, belonging to something powerful.

It is necessary to notice that scientists suggested to replace a letter with Shch combination of other letters (Trediakovsky, “Conversation on spelling“, 1748). But all - the letter survived.

The origin of a letter “Shch“ occupies the heads of scientists many years. One of problems - as there was a shoot which turns a letter “Sh“ into a letter “Shch“. It seems, such trifle and as influences sense of the word. Of course, in the examples given above it is quietly possible to replace the sound “Ù“ with a sound of “ShSh“. But today it either a sign of defect of the speech, or a sign of that speaking - from the remote place.

And if to take handwriting experts, then they can pay special attention to writing of this shoot in the analysis of handwriting. People of the senior generation remember what works it was worth removing this shoot!

(Gathered from Wikipedia that this shoot belongs to diacritical signs, that is - to distinctions. And that these signs can be a little - on one letter. In this sense a letter Shch - not the most unpleasant option in sense of calligraphy.)

By the way, these exercises never caused a particular interest if not on the contrary. Calligraphy lessons - how long all this was! We were learned to write beautifully. Not always it worked well. But efforts of teachers were directed also to formation of taste and character. The author of the text below writes that beauty of the person - in beauty of his letter. In some degree it is right (though it - not the law)

we Will return, however, to a tail. On the given illustration the tail is slightly simplified (in comparison with copy-books 50 - years of the last century). And it is a pity! Personally I very much like zavitulk, eyelets. And though they were not always successful, I brought them with big diligence.

Here diligence led this to full breakdown of hopes once. However, it happened not to me.

The director of some office decided to reveal the most capable worker to provide him promotion and by that to promote prosperity of establishment.

“Once, walking in a summer garden “Terrarium“, companion Amatorsky stopped at a little table where under the plate “The unmasker of miracles and superstitions, the handwriting expert I. M. Koshkin - Erivansky“ sat the hairy young man wearing spectacles with lilac glasses and determined abilities of citizens by handwriting.

Having hesitated some time, companion Amatorsky the normal handwriting wrote on piece of paper:
“Comrade Koshk. - To Erivansky. On the conclusion“.

When the handwriting expert received this piece of paper, his eyes under lilac glasses began to sparkle. To define Amatorsky`s character it was trifling business.

In five minutes the head of “Russian cabbage soup and porridge“ read about himself such lines:“ You, undoubtedly, manage department, and is the most faithful, are the head of big establishment. Features of your handwriting allow to conclude that you possess brilliant organizing abilities and conduct your establishment on the way of prosperity. The huge future is necessary to you “.“ the Handwriting expert worked with

in office three days and three nights. Issued the conclusions on all workers who in weight were quite gray persons, except for one:

“It is difficult even to imagine, - wrote Cat`s with calligraphical handwriting, - what tops this subject can reach. Sharp, acute mind, mind purely administrative characterizes this individual. The original inclination of letters testifies to unselfishness. The makeweight to the letter “shch“ speaks about unusual working capacity, and the curl accompanying the letter “in“ - about the will to win. It was necessary to wait from this individual of big strides on service““

It is written about the person by the name of Kipyatkevich who ordered to the handwriting expert such conclusion.

“Having read about an ingenious individual with an unusual makeweight to the letter “shch“, Amatorsky very much was delighted. At last he found a snake who was concealed in a subsoil of establishment and could take its place sometime.“

“Pinched a reptile!“ - Amatorsky thought.

Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov So described events of bygone days. It, naturally, is similar to a joke. But the element of truth in it is: it is impossible to rely on handwriting experts and on a makeweight to a letter “Shch“.

As for the letter “Shch“ and its role in Russian: the role is essential. And the letter will exist so much how many there is Russian.

P. S. On this article I was inspired by Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava (not personally, unfortunately). Once on a question: “What subject of your thesis?“ he answered: “Nominative case in Lermontov`s creativity“.