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and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - in a riddle, for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

Confusion value property gives definition arises works is born the advantage causes emergence harm to leave to eradicate treats will keep to get rid will cope to fight not to allow a state the reason a consequence of people the child was struck dumb to avoid confusion

z Confusion - confusion, confusion, bewilderment …
pz Confusion - weakness of spirit.
pzv the Best means from confusion is knowledge and will.
zd humiliates Confusion of the person and depreciates.
zr Confusion - loss.
zd Confusion - weakens.
zdv at the time of confusion - the person is more vulnerable.
zd the Person who is in confusion - is easier to win, deceive, incline …
z Confusion - weakens will, obscures reason, reduces forces, slows down reaction, disseminates attention … zd Confusion - does
the person by a laughing-stock.
zd Being in confusion - looks ridiculously and unpresentably.
and Confusion - blows off foam of the steepness.
zd Strong confusion can paralyze the person for a while.
z Confusion is more inherent in people emotional.
p Mastering of confusion - needs to study.
zp at the time of confusion - will important calm down and to gather, one of the best ways at least for a moment to distract, having switched to something else.
zp at the time of confusion in public to gather expediently for time to terminate and the speech, but at the same time is stupid not to stand in catalepsy, and to make abstract or allegedly preparatory activities.
zp it is necessary to Leave confusion simpler actions and the speech. it is more difficult for
of a program status word of Confusion to bring out of a track of those people who have the accurate plan.
zp is better to Leave confusion having the plan, but not hope for good luck.
zpk Confusion - is afraid of confidence.
z Confusion - can be from - for violations of a habitual situation.
zp Confusion is not allowed by steady mentality.
zdp helps to Leave confusion humour.
and Confusion can be hidden for a smile.
zp If is an opportunity, at the time of confusion will better switch to something else.
z From nonsense is born empty confusion.
zd Confusion can be caused by shame.
zd Confusion can be born alarm.
zd lead To confusion difficulties, problems.
z Confusion can be from uncertainty.
zd Confusion can be from shyness.
zp Is very important not to allow confusion will turn into a habit.
z Confusion, become a habit, can lead to serious psychological diseases.
zd Confusion amplifies nervousness.
zd, as a rule, results Confusion in indecision and uncertainty.
and Confusion - is compliant.
zd From the person who is in confusion - a consent is easier to achieve.
and Confusion the woman can do more attractive.
z the Person being in mind confusion, it can be plunged into alarm, panic and fear.
z If the person cannot comprehend something, it vpakdat in confusion.
and One business confusion from surprise, another for fear.
vz the Lion`s share of confusion is premature, wrong, unreasonable.
and the Person being in confusion - it seems more silly.
zdp Confusion often from ignorance.
d Confusion is promoted by weak character.
zd the Girlfriend of confusion - lie.
zd the confusion Reason often happens helplessness.
zp the Analysis, judgment of the events, studying of the nature of confusion - promotes fight against it.
zp is difficult to fight against confusion - without having defined what caused it.
and it is possible to get rid Of confusion training, since the easiest situations.
p will Important learn, are not afraid of confusion.
zpvd rescues knowledge of psychology From confusion.
to Confusion - self-controls is afraid.
pd To the situations causing confusion does not allow care.
zpd Reduces quantity of the situations causing confusion - attentiveness.
zpd - rescues foresight From many situations causing confusion.
z the Silly person is often lost without the reason - he is not able to estimate a situation correctly.
zd Confusion - are ashamed.
zd Confusion - try to hide.
and Confusion often appears - from scratch, and is not - when has to come.
zp Not the best exit to hide confusion for forwardness.
z Confusion - slows down activity of the person.
z leads Confusion to vanity.
z Confusion can be from a lack of experience.
z the Reason of empty confusion often happen emotions.
z I Am empty, confusion can generate surprise.
z Confusion can cause difficulty.
z Confusion can be caused by a new, unusual, strange situation.
z Confusion can be caused by misunderstanding.
z Confusion can cause very important, responsible, dangerous action.
z Confusion - can be followed by fear, surprise, concentration, indecision … z Confusion can sometimes make active
of the person and even to cause aggression.
z Confusion can cause even a look.
z Confusion - a sensitivity sign.
d Confusion comes to an end with shame.
z Than is more sensitive than people - that the otoropbeskurazhennost visits it more often and stronger.
dz Confusion - emotion.
dz Confusion - a state of mind.
dz Confusion - feeling of concern.
dz Confusion can be from a trouble presentiment.
z Confusion can, is born because of surprise and importance of events and the phenomena.
r the Struck dumb person - belongs to scoundrels.
z Confusion can, is caused by fear and is followed of
z Confusion can, is excited by a possibility of the forthcoming danger.
and Confusion of the person burns.
and Confusion confuses thoughts and crumples words.
d Confusion breaks communication of reason with language and hands.
z enters novel Into confusion.
pd Confusion is inherent in people not reserved.
and Confusion is inherent in losers.
zd Confusion is extinguished by steadiness.
but Not the best way of disposal of confusion - leaving in.
z the Enemy of confusion - a preimage.
but not able to hide confusion - belongs to mockers. zdp our confusion gives
to confidence to enemies.
zd Enemies of confusion - wisdom and self-control.
zd results Confusion in vigilance.
zd Confusion - increases attentiveness.
zd does Confusion the person to more vigilant.
zd does Confusion the person to more diligent.
zd the Person who is in a condition of confusion behaves more carefully and deliberately.
and Confusion of the person belittles.
zd mentality destroys Confusion, the tranquility - strengthens.
p Confusion - the bad adviser.
pd Confusion takes away ability to make the correct decisions from the person.
zd pushes Confusion on rash acts.
dz Confusion from loss of control over emotions.
dz At confusion of the word are empty.
p Confusion deprives the person of freedom.
z the Person - is inclined to confusion.
z Confusion is not capable to accept councils of reason.
z Confusion, disconnecting reason - transfers actions of the person to submission of instincts.
p Confusion is subdued by mind.
from People being in a condition of confusion - is sincere.
from People being in a condition of confusion - is unpleasant.
z can lead uncertainty To confusion.
z Confusion can strengthen thinking - but it obscures it.
zd Confusion is capable both to connect forces - and to release additional energy from a reserve, inaccessible at a usual state.
and Confusion - the person strains, excites mentality.
pd Confusion - ruins health.
and Confusion closes eyes and ears.
zpd Confusion - a concentration hindrance.
and Confusion - wears out heart.
and Confusion - disturbing frustration.
and Confusion is inherent even in animals.
d Prevention of confusion is provided with tranquility.
zpd Confusion courage hindrance.
zpd Confusion is suppressed with self-control.
p pushes Confusion on rash actions.
d Confusion prevents to weigh words.
z will paralyze Confusion with fear of the person, connects his abilities.
z Confusion can be caused by uncertainty.
z Confusion is on friendly terms with a presentiment.
z the Person who is in a condition of confusion - lives future.
zr Confusion is selective and chaotic.
and the Person can fall into confusion from - for a trifle - and is not anxious from at all - for the approaching serious danger.
zd Confusion and fear - are close. and We love
, to communicate with those, - in the presence of which we should not have feeling of confusion.
zrs False confusion - deception.
prs Confusion - the soil for mistrust.
z to Indifference confusion is not conducted.
and Confusion fingers soul.
yu To one confusion comes at once, to others - only next morning.
yu Confusion - a usual constant condition of the lover.
yu Confusion - more often than sinners visits.
yu Unprofitable lie - people immediately brand, favorable - perceive with confusion.
yu Confusion - leads to destruction of one thoughts by others, confuses desires, mixes feelings.
yu the Person falls into confusion - when cannot solve a problem mind.
yu Confusion - is infectious.
yu For confusion - can hide nonsense.
yu Confusion - a normal state of the sober person.

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