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Geranium in your house. What useful properties at it?

Each plant were created with some purpose, with a certain mission. Affects an eye with the grace and perfection the thin line of hips of a garden rose. And krovavo - the ruby bud reminds brightly made up female lips. And - prickles. Where without them! Purely female quality of a rose moreover - cat`s. Ability will bristle up and to prick painfully, sometimes with performance of a tiny droplet of blood on a body of the victim.

Nearby the aster shines with huge light. It is similar to rays among the clear sky. And here on a backyard the geranium grows. It is not so magnificent externally, but the Creator enclosed the whole heap of the most useful features in this plant. Yes, she not super is beautiful in comparison with the same rose, but as she often is in this world, bears in herself a property miracle.

the Geranium is capable to kill softly a headache

Migraine. The squeezing headaches as “helmet“. Headaches of various genesis frequent satellites of modern life, both elderly people, and young people. Pharmaceutical industry does billions of dollars on the anesthetizing pills because long ago acquired that on fear of pain the person it is possible “to lift“ huge money. Pain is temporarily killed by a tablet, however, side effects of anesthetics are often so serious that even doctors are afraid of them to appoint long.

It is often possible to see how the person literally handfuls swallows of the whole allsorts from different diseases pills. The stomach, a liver, kidneys - on all these bodies lays down rather big loading on processing of drugs. The geranium will help to clean a headache without chemistry. It as though the magician the wizard who carried out over a-headed hand and pain ceased.

It is sensitive medicine: most often the headache is caused by angiospasms. The geranium possesses ability to clean a spasm, and pain leaves. For this purpose we go to a garden and we pick geranium leaves. Many keep a geranium in the apartment, then we go to a window sill. We pick bright florets of this plant. We rub them between palms densely - densely as though you managed to turn magnificent the businessman and you at the same time rub hands from pleasure. Apply the leaves of a geranium rubbed with palms to temples and sit so minutes five - ten. Pain will leave without pills, and the geranium will become your companion in anesthesia.

the Air Filter

Around a geranium always delightful purity air. I remember it in the apartment of the grandmother. You will come, and there are a lot of different flowers, but she welcomed a geranium is especially inquisitive. One specialist in plants, the graduate of Academy of agriculture, advised still my grandmother to part a geranium to the maximum.

The grandmother lived near plant which does not work, of course, now but in the Soviet years it regularly gave the production and the constant smell whether ashes, whether something sour in houses of inhabitants of neighboring houses became a side effect of existence of workplaces at the enterprise. The botanist assured the grandmother that the geranium is capable to filter air, and the old woman measuredly parted a geranium, and air in its apartment was much purer, than behind a window.

of Antiseptics

Folk healers noticed long ago that on the person everything can inflame. Even cunning. When someone us tries to cheat another or when the school student with a cunning smile complains of an indisposition though itself it is healthy as a bull, we quite often blink an eye: “At you what for an illness such happened? Cunning inflammation?“. When I or my brothers and sisters on skin had an irritation, the grandmother took the same leaves of a geranium and habitual gestures rubbed them between palms, turning into gruel. Then put this suspension on the inflamed place and tied all bintiky. Since morning you remove, it is few inflammation.

Heals wounds

If the inflammation not necessarily leads to violation of an integument, then the cut or a graze demands more serious treatment. Happens so that damage of an integument is sustained where - nibud in a campaign, or at the dacha, in the sea. Not all like to smear wounds with pharmaceutical ointments. And happens that they are absent just near at hand. Then again helps out a geranium. Having made of geranium leaves gruel, thoroughly peremyav them in a mortar or at the bottom of a mug, we impose mix on damage. From above we place a napkin, we bandage a compress and we watch result. The geranium very well promotes a tightening of wounds and treatment of grazes, scratches, sections. And all this is cheap and naturaln the good dream Gives to

In view of special property of our remarkable flower to filter air, it is good to have a geranium on a window sill and in a bedroom. There will be enough several bushes. While you sleep, the geranium in your bedroom continues heroic pollution abatement of environment, and it is not worse, than some “Greenpeace“ fights against whaling. The ordinary person has his house - too a battlefield for purity of environment, and the geranium can become easy for one of the best soldiers of your home army of cleanliness.

When the nose, thanks to a geranium, breathes easily, the filtered air in a bedroom gets into lungs without delays, the dream of the person becomes colourful, often fascinating. The one who went hiking and slept in tents outdoors who spent the night on a rural mow with divchiny, or on the seashore knows that he is slept outdoors perfectly! Having created micromodel of ecologically favorable situation within concrete walls of a bedroom you by means of a geranium on a window sill will sleep as the baby.

It is possible then that to you a certain ingenious opening will come in a dream. Perhaps, you will see the solution of a certain formula of Love, for example, as the great chemist Mendeleyev dreamed about the table. Perhaps, the artist will see outlines of the future picture which it will be necessary to remain for ever. And the seismologist suddenly will see a prophetical dream with eruption of the sleeping volcano, and so thousands of people will escape if scientists study changes in the terrible athlete dozing underground long ago in advance.

Only you should not forget that if the allergy to flower pollen then geraniums not the place in your dwelling is diagnosed for you. But to those who has no similar problem the geranium in a bedroom will present rest and unforgettable dreams.

Finally I will notice that the geranium not only treats. It just is pleasing to the eye the playful florets and their plurality, fancy outlines of leaflets. Time the nature creates such simple, bright and necessary beauty, so everything is not so bad in our difficult life? Look narrowly at drawing of a geranium, tyazhy on a leaflet, and they will remind of something colourful and kind that happens in life of each individual.