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Program of an exchange of pupils: what to you will not prevent to know before departure to other country?

great popularity are gathered Recently by the program of an exchange of pupils of the different countries. The essence of this program is that the pupil goes to a foreign family where he learns language and gets acquainted with customs and traditions, new to it. Those who for the first time gather abroad according to the language program often do not know

how it will be better for them to arrive in this or that situation, and want to learn about what waits for them as much as possible. If go with the low level of knowledge of language and so far know a little about a family in which will live throughout all action of the program.

Certainly to tell fully that it is necessary to them and what difficulties it is possible to face, nobody will be able, but the couple of councils to those who participate in the program of the international exchange will not prevent:

1. When filling the questionnaire it is necessary to specify the exact e-mail address . By e-mail to you the message from a family in which you will live will come. And if you make a mistake in filling of the field with mail address, then, perhaps, the family will not be able to contact you. Have to write to you shortly about structure of a family, about where they live, and, it is possible why they decided to participate in the program. Then it is possible to specify the moments interesting you, to tell a little about itself. When you already a little communicate to a foreign family, will go to them much more quietly subsequently.

2. Perhaps, you should not mention it, but it is necessary to be able to tell about the state in which you live. In a foreign language it can cause difficulties therefore it is better to make the story in advance, before departure. For certain you need it as very many will be interested from where you what area of your country and the population of the city, in which you live. Often those who perfectly know history of the country are lost and cannot tell anything plainly. To avoid awkwardness, it is better to learn properly words on this subject.

3. If you the vegetarian, fruktoyed or at you is special eating habits , then in advance warn about it a family in which you will live. Perhaps, they will order to you a lunch at school and will make a dinner to your arrival. If on a table there is a food which you usually do not eat, it is necessary or is it, or nothing is that can offend owners. If you discuss it in advance, then misunderstanding will not arise.

4. Do not write incorrect information in the questionnaire . Even in trifles try to embellish nothing. Write all as is actually, without attributing themselves excellent knowledge of language and any abilities. Perhaps of course, the stretched story will help you if the family chooses between you and several more pupils. But subsequently all of them equally in everything will see. And as the most part of foreign inhabitants is extremely law-abiding, truthfulness of your data is very important for them.

5. Learn also about weather to prepare clothes in a trip. It is desirable to learn not to a vinterneta, and from the family - such information more precisely.

6. Ask what expenses are coming you by what it is necessary to go to school who will pay for travel - you or a family. If you - that how many money is required to you. It is good to discuss this question with a family in advance that then there were no misunderstanding.

7. If you come to a family and hear that they talk in a little changed language - perhaps, it is a dialect . Ask to talk to you in the literary language. The youth in all countries has the slang. Because of it there can be problems with understanding of language.

8. If you do not understand something, then are not silent . Foreigners can not understand, from - for what you are not responsible, and will apprehend your silence as bad manners or unwillingness to communicate. Just ask again or ask to explain. All of us are people, naturally, that we can not understand something. Do not hesitate, communicate, the purpose of your trip also consists in it.

9. On a condition of some programs of an exchange of pupils, families have to withdraw phone and give it some once a week. If you are frightened by this moment, you should not worry strongly about it. Many families understand your position and leave phone at you provided that you will not talk to friends and parents for days and nights. And if so it is not possible to make, then it is only better for you. You will come to learn language, but not to speak by phone. The less you hear the Russian speech, learning of foreign language happens that the more intensively.

10. Learn in what time you need to get up. If take away the mobile phone from you, then it is possible, it is necessary to take with itself or to ask for a family an alarm clock .

Use all opportunities which the program can give you. You are not upset if you first understand few words, already by the end of a trip your lexicon will increase, and you will notice how your level of knowledge of language increased.