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And you prepared for a doomsday?

In my house there came the doomsday. Not in the sense that all live died. Just the electricity ceased to arrive and there came darkness.

In the first second the thought flashes: how further to live? Lamps do not shine, the TV does not work, and only the laptop continues to flicker the screen, but there is no Internet all the same. And how many that screen needed to flicker... Likely, hour or two. Real doomsday!

In a minute of thought come to an order and you begin to reflect on what can be undertaken. You look out in a window, you look at the neighboring houses. You see light in windows. At once with pleasure you remember Victor Tsoi: “Means, everything is not so bad today …“ Press the mobile phone button, there is though some light, and dvizhtsya carefully in a corridor, to the electric meter. Near it - a panelka of automatic machines - switches. In olden days it was necessary to unscrew electrotraffic jams and to change safety locks. Now everything is much simpler - put switches into position - and, about a miracle, light lights up.

Thank God! Means, the doomsday did not come yet, and just for technical reasons there came darkness. Unexpected darkness is a small doomsday too.

In general, a small individual doomsday sometimes in life of people really comes. At one - is more often, at others - is more rare.

The car in a pool on the forest road far from the settlement got stuck. The beloved spouse or the spouse left you forever. Got lost in the wood during collecting mushrooms - berries. At last, did not pass important examination on which your future can depend. Yes you never know what else can be designated big and not really the problems perceived by our mentality as a personal doomsday! And if some event for one individual is full breakdown, for another it is an occasion to rethink life and to move on Road of Life further. The person adapted for life has to be able to meet any vital problem adequately. Ideally - in advance to be ready to solve it without serious damage to the health and with the minimum losses.

And the real, personal doomsday, each living being worries only once - when life leaves it. The death will inevitably come into the own sooner or later. Immutable law of the nature!

We will talk now about a problem which concerns today a majority of mankind - to a doomsday problem literally this word. That is possible death of all live on Earth. Even during lifetime of our contemporaries the doomsday was predicted by different people at various times repeatedly, but it did not come. It is thought that the person is not capable to make an exact prediction of such event.

Completely it is impossible to deny a possibility of a doomsday, certainly. It is clear to any that life on Earth depends on many decisive factors. Move away one of them - and there will be the real doomsday. For example, the Sun - and the end to all live on Earth went out or blew up. The huge asteroid will crash into Earth, will create a superearthquake and a supertsunami - too the end, but it is rather not for all live, and for its most part. Someone and something will remain to live. So it is not a doomsday yet.

Recently the Internet abounds with different materials about a possible doomsday. Impressively information proceeding from the Tibetan lamas looks. I have no proofs that this information - not mystification. Also as well as the fact that all this is mystification. It is written rather plausibly. Let`s reflect together as far as all - is probable that these predictions will come true.

Here the main theses Tibetan lamas - the oracle , proving a possible doomsday.

1. Parade of planets - “planets of Solar system will be built in one row that is a unique case“.

Actually it not the unique phenomenon. The earth repeatedly took part in these “parades“ of planets, but nothing globally bad happened to it. This conclusion in our advantage . Figuratively speaking if in any concrete situation something bad did not happen to Earth one million times why it will occur for the one million first time?

2. Concrete date - is designated on December 21, 2012. This date is connected by

with the termination of the well-known calendar of the Maya. Let`s begin with the fact that if bodies of Solar system and all our Galaxy move in space on cyclic orbits that is quite plausible, then we cannot take any of cycle points for “zero“ . More precisely, we can, but this choice depends on the person. No highest forces notified mankind on it.

The calendar of the Maya has the beginning, so, it was chosen by the person. And the end of a calendar cycle which dropped out for December 21 does not give to this date of a calendar any advantages before any other dates of a cycle. This conclusion too in our advantage.

3. There will come complete darkness and silence. The electricity and communication will be disconnected.

At the worst deal, the thesis of the Tibetan oracle can be carried out only partially. In the afternoon our star will be, certainly, as before, regularly to shine and warm us. That is darkness can come from only at night - for absence of electricity. For the same reason there will be no communication also.

We will reflect and what can become the reason of absence of electricity?

The established fact is known that magnetic poles of Earth “drift“, that is move. They do not coincide with Northern and Southern poles of Earth for a long time - points of intersection of an axis of rotation of Earth with its surface. Externally it is shown in what the magnetic needle of a compass does not show in accuracy to the North Pole long ago.

Let`s say that drift of magnetic poles will lead to the fact that the North magnetic Pole will pass into the southern hemisphere of Earth. Let`s make one more assumption. Let`s assume that there will be sharp or instant castling of magnetic poles of Earth. What it can lead to?

The earth - a huge magnet. Therefore sharp change of poles can lead to strong indignation of a magnetic field of Earth. And this indignation can be so big that the electromagnetic induction of this indignation will damage all electronics which is available on Earth. Nobody counted probability of such event.

And what it is fraught with? Damage of the managing director of various processes of electronics will cause a chain of failures in all life support of people. Power plants, and afterwards will cease to work at Earth, in its cold areas, there will come that doomsday. Radio, television and communication will not function. In not heated houses it will become cold, and at night there will be a complete darkness. And only night fires lit by people on streets will be almost only sources of heat and light in the cities.

That`s when recommendations of a lama - the oracle how to behave, will get real practical sense. And probability of such event, you understand, zero. All the same as if someone will untwist a ball on the contrary. As it is sung in one student`s song of times of the second half of the last century about physicists. This conclusion also in our advantage.

Well, “everything is not so bad today!“

Or as wise British would add: “Do not worry. Be happy!“ (Do not worry. Be happy!)