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Woe from Wit? Women who think too many

Sometimes I am surprised to how the brain of some women is capable to store a lot of information. Here to you and ten ways of cleaning of the apartment and how to surprise darling in a bed and what to tell with the man of dream on long-awaited first appointment about, and a heart-searching concerning that why yesterday at a party I blurted out superfluous, and still a lot of things - many other things.

As though in the head it is full of any balls, small screws and other mechanisms which are started at some moment, bringing a brain into work. And whether it is necessary? Whether itself should stuff in general the head with all this garbage or to try to solve problems which are absent yet?

Here standard phrases of women with the mechanisms which are built in in the head not ceasing to work even at night: “I worry about if suddenly …“; “After long thoughts I, at last, solved …“; “This thought haunts me neither in the afternoon, nor at night“, well and other.

Such women terribly load men. Considering that in general the brain works for them in a different way, and they sincerely are surprised to that why in panic “to wave wings“, trying to find the right decision, or to reflect long over what all - blinds to buy in a bathroom.

The man is arranged so that came, saw, bought. There was a problem - solved. Therefore also a man`s ideal - not the cackling or eternally arguing companion, but super - vumen and - la the heroine of movies of Angelina Jolie. On fire does not burn, in water does not sink, solves problems quickly, accurately and always knows what blinds to buy in a bathroom.

Most of women understand it, but continue to clog the male heads with absolutely unnecessary things. Why to it, it is asked, the nobility how many efforts we made for preparing this dish or what misfortunes in the form of the torn tights or the broken heels happened to us on the way to work? Whether it is better to approach an image of that super - vumen, without pronouncing about the 33 - x the misfortunes, alarms and doubts gnawing soul at night?

Well, men men, but as this mechanism which is built in the head makes the life miserable of poor things! Here, for example, long-awaited appointment took place, and after that long-awaited the long and tiresome heart-searching from the category “well and why I told it, it was not necessary to laugh in it the moment, and in general I looked as the full silly woman“ begins. Sleepless nights of a correction of mistakes, and the full confidence that the man works on them too and therefore does not call.

That at the man the accurate picture which does not depend on where she not so laughed was already created in the head or that incorrectly told women with small screws do not suspect of the head. Also continue to analyze, sort further on small pieces of an event of evening. And many, many other evenings.

Whether it is simpler to learn to think a little as a real man? To disconnect this opposite internal voice which all the time something unpleasant whispers, to solve problems only after their emergence, well and just periodically to clean the head from the unnecessary information which collected in it.

All - is not present anything better, than to feel ease and to be free from last mistakes, from freight of future fulfillments, from sense of guilt, from alarm, from fear and fears.