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How to make walks during pregnancy?

Future mother needs to walk. It is truth known for all. During walk actively work respiratory and it is warm - vascular systems, blood is saturated with oxygen, to the much-needed woman and the kid. Walks have to be daily, at the same time dashes from the house to the car or to a stop of transport and to the place of work it is not counted.

Foot walks strengthen muscles of legs, backs, buttocks. Means when the child begins to grow up, and weight to increase, the trained muscles will transfer loading easier and will hurt less. It is considered that sufficient blood supply of a bone tissue supports a calcium exchange, its “washing away“ does not come from bones therefore neither mother, nor the child will suffer from his shortcoming.

Walks together with healthy nutrition support a normal vermicular movement of intestines, helping with fight against locks (this problem becomes actual even for those women who before pregnancy had practically no problems with a chair).

Walks in beautiful picturesque places improve mood of the pregnant woman, she feels inflow of forces and in general feels better.

All in day it is necessary to walk one and a half - two hours. If the health allows, it is possible to make one long walk. If it is heavy to spend so much time in the movement, then 2 - 3 times a day on half an hour are better to walk. If the way of life of the woman before pregnancy was inactive, sharply it is impossible to change it. It is better to begin with ten-minute walks, gradually increasing their duration.

The clothes for walk need to be chosen on a season and on weather. It is not necessary to muffle in a heap of things, but also you should not shiver on wind in a legenky jacket too. The clothes have to be easy, convenient, not hold down movements. If on the street damp, it is worth putting on water - and a windproof jacket if hot, stop the choice on the natural fabrics absorbing sweat and allowing a body “to breathe“. Both overcooling, and an overheat of a body are harmful almost equally. It is better to put on footwear on low (3 - 4 cm) a steady heel or a flat sole. It is convenient to walk in sportswear and sports shoes.

To walk in the rain or a sleet, and also in slush and ice is not necessary. If from the sky pours a dry snowball and there is no wind, then such walk both will bring benefit and will improve mood. In summertime it is more expedient to make walk or to 11 o`clock in the morning, or after 16 o`clock in the evening when not so hot, and solar activity not really high. If on the street more than +30, it is more reasonable not to risk health and to stay at home.

During blossoming of plants it is necessary to avoid places of their big congestion as their pollen is capable to cause an allergy. The women who had an allergy to pollen before pregnancy should refrain during this period from walks.

City highways with the air sated with exhausts are not suitable for walks. It will not bring benefit and, moreover, will make harmful effects on the woman and the born child. Best of all parks, squares, coastal zones are suitable for foot walks. In - the first, air there purer and is benches for rest, and in - the second if suddenly to the woman it becomes bad, the people who are in park can come to the rescue of it, or it will cause crew of “Ambulance“ by phone, having oriented the person on duty on the known district. For this reason, walking alone, you should not get into the wood, mountains or the steppe. It is good to go on the paved or asphalted paths.

Stay at the height more than 1000 meters above sea level as sharp change of pressure can adversely be reflected on health of future mother is contraindicated to the pregnant women living on a flat surface, cause change of a tone of vessels, provoke change of arterial pressure at mother and deficiency of oxygen at the kid.

It is important correct to move and to breathe correctly. Body weight needs to be distributed evenly, not to stoop and not to cave in in a waist: it can lead to pains and spasms. It is necessary to go from a heel into a sock, it will save from tension in legs and walking waddlingly. Breath has to be equal, quiet. Short wind arises when a walking rhythm too fast.

Walk should be stopped, to have a rest on a bench and to go home if in the bottom of a stomach weight, increase in pressure, unpleasant feelings and pain is felt.

It is important to remember that foot walks are contraindicated at threat of interruption of pregnancy or premature birth, when prelying a placenta when the placenta blocks an exit from a uterus, and a heavy gestoz. These states demand observance of a bed rest.

Anyway it is better to discuss a question of physical activity and optimum loadings with the doctor who conducts pregnancy previously. In case of change of health in a negative side it is necessary to see a doctor and to describe therefore and how there were changes.

Always it is necessary to have at itself the passport, the medical insurance policy and the prenatal record (if it on hands). Ideally it is necessary to create the folder, where to put results of analyses, ultrasonography and other researches, to put it in a bag and not to leave it before the childbirth. If the emergency help of the doctor is required, it will fine save time for searches of the necessary documents, and having looked at records, the doctor will define at once what preventive and medical measures should be taken to the woman to minimize harm for the narozhdenny child.

Walk with pleasure and good luck.