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What to look at? Film premieres of winter of 2012-2013. Part 2

Here winter. I hope, all of you still want at cinema? If yes - this article for you and if is not present - this article for you too! Suddenly you will come into movie theater to get warm? Then you are simply obliged to know what movie will best of all warm in a cozy cinema hall. So, we will continue acquaintance to novelties of film winter of 2012-2013.

the Seller of toys
I Wanted to please you with something rather New Year`s, and, I think, this movie will approach. Action happens in Paris, and then is transferred to snow Moscow. And, as in any New Year`s movie, there is a place to a miracle here. Here to you the first miracle - acts in the movie Pierre Richard, will find other miracles, having watched the movie.

Nicolas Bersen is the Frenchman with the Russian roots. Lives in Paris and works as the seller of toys. Before Nicolas`s Christmas goes to Russia to learn about the origin more. Who could assume that this trip will change his life? In Russia it is waited by adventures, family treasures, and … true love.

We are included in the kind, New Year`s fairy tale since January 7.

gangsters Hunters
the Movie gives to one more opportunity to admire beauty of the city of Angels, besides as the leader of a gang - delightful Ryan Gosling.

Events of the movie take place in far 1949 in Los - Andzheles. At that time this beautiful place was “held“ by the famous leader of a gang - Mickey Cohen. It are afraid of all. Except small group of cops. Whether they will be able to destroy strong gangster group?

We hunt gangsters since January 10.

the Man in great demand
there Passed already a lot of time since the leading man Gerard Butler shouted from screens “This is Sparta!“, now he is a man in great demand. The star of soccer and just smart man happy-go-lucky becomes the trainer of a children`s soccer team. From this point for the wards and their seductive mummies it becomes the main object of lamentations … we Watch

at cinema since January 17.

a love Kaleidoscope
Well where on February 14 - and without touching melodrama?

... They - from different social groups. But something attracts them to each other. Only sex? Or all this is love? The person is always deeper than what he thinks of himself. By the way yes, in a leading role - irresistible Jude Law.

The premiere is appointed to St. Valentine`s Day.

Smooth water
Meet by the next screen version of the novel of Nicholas Sparks. Movies on its novels as practice shows, bring together a great number of the viewers - for example, “Lucky“ (2012), “Dear John“ (2010) and “The diary of memory“ (2004). And I am sure, it is worth descending.

Moreover and from the director of the movie “Hachiko“ - you represent what strong drama expects us? When the mysterious young woman by the name of Kate moves to the city of Southport, Northern Carolina, her sudden arrival brings up questions of its past. Kate decides to avoid formation of a personal contact, but a number of events pushes her to two reluctant relations … Stock up with

with napkins and handkerchiefs since February 14.

Die Hard: Good day to die
Bruce Willis does not stop pleasing us with the emergence at cinema. So, meet continuation. Now in Russia.

John Makkleyn arrives to Moscow to get out of prison of the unpredictable son, but the cold head and iron muscles stick in a web of the Russian reality...

We look since February 14.

Oh, what rattling mix - Jennifer Lopez and Jason Stethem in leading roles! You feel? The situation is heated...

The main character - the thief forced to become the killer. Despite it, he lives under the code of honor: for example, never steals money from those who need them. His word - iron and if it breaks it, then in every way tries to improve and execute promised.

We run at cinema on February 24.

Warm to you and fantastic winter! Pleasant viewing!