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What bags the woman has to have?

Basic clothes of the woman are that minimum of things which is necessary to look stylishly and statusno in any situation. As a rule, it is the things and accessories which are well combined among themselves. One of elements of such clothes is, perhaps, the main female accessory - a bag.

What bags it is desirable for each woman to have? At least, them has to be three - rather capacious business bag (A4 sheet of paper has to enter it easily), a bag on a belt of the average size (in it the book freely is located) and a small evening handbag for solemn occasions.

Such minimum - obligatory, but let`s consider more developed list nevertheless:

So, first of all to the modern business woman needs a qualitative classical bag from dense skin , with an accessories minimum. The size - moderately big, color - from basic, i.e. the black, gray, suitable you brown tone. Such bag will approach absolute majority of things of the available basic clothes and will be pertinent in any place at all seasons of the year - at office, at business meetings and negotiations, in educational institution. It can be a stylish portfolio with a beautiful fastener or a strict rectangular bag with short handles - the main thing that there standard folders with documents easily were located.

In addition to a bag from dense skin it is quite good to span to get a bag of the average sizes from soft skin or suede . Desirable shades - black, gray, brown or blue color scale. This bag will be always pertinent during the cold period of year.

For the same period need capacious the textile bag with leather elements which is moderately decorated with fashionable accessories. The choice of materials is rather broad - from artificial dense and - la a velvet to soft felt and wool, bags of manual knitting and sewing are interesting. Such cheerful bag will be fine addition to often dark to the oseena - winter clothes and will dilute its constrained tone.

For lovers of laconic forms works and studies rather large bags - packages will be very convenient in everyday city life, for shopping, . Certainly, it is not a package literally, it is the squared such bag made of skin or suede or of their qualitative substitutes.

For a summer season a suitable accessory for every day is the light leather bag the average sizes of some universal coloring that approached the majority of things of summer clothes. Shades, as a rule, are the most suitable: white, light-gray, beige, sand, pistachio, etc.

the motley bag of the average sizes made of textiles Is irreplaceable in the summer and . Such bag with bright multi-colored prints will be excellent addition to any set of clothes. The main thing, is correct to pick up a coloring.

the Handbag of the average sizes on the regulated or coming unfastened thong which can be carried both in hands, and on a shoulder. Desirable material - skin, suede, surely high quality. The classical form without excess details will allow to use such bag in many cases - and as daily for study or work, and for a party or a campaign with girlfriends on shops. Usually such handbags are especially convenient in a warm season - in the spring, in the summer and in the fall.

Even if you very seldom are on celebrations, at least one an evening handbag in your clothes has to be by all means! Then you will not be taken unawares by the sudden invitation in theater or on a celebration in restaurant. It can be a small handbag on a chain of classical color range, and there can be an elegant strict clutch - black, silvery or in tone to your main evening dress. Anyway, the more on a decor handbag - the more it is suitable for solemn occasions.

On a note to women of fashion …

In the oseena - a winter season 2012/2013 daily bags will please us with a variety of forms and coloring. Bags - trapezes and bags - rectangles, bags - kegs and soft shapeless models - all of them are equally actual and will satisfy any taste. The bag of strict style from dense skin will decorate any business clothes. The sound bag from soft skin or suede, and also from their qualitative substitutes, will well look both with a jacket, and with a down-padded coat, will fit into ensemble with a coat or a sheepskin coat.

Fashionable shades of this season will help to disperse autumn and winter melancholy: saturated wine and claret, mustard and olive, it is dirty - pink and emerald, all scale of brown tones … do not forget

I that now at popularity peak vintage models, here where it is possible to unburden the heart - the choice of forms and coloring just improbable!

Certainly, the provided list is not final and not subject to adjustment - it is possible to change it in any party depending on personal opportunities and preferences. But somehow to make and order the basic set of bags, such list happens very opportunely. And there … As they say, bags do not happen much! If only the purse sustained.