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What to prepare for a New Year`s table? Desserts of

the Stuffed bird and salads are, of course, a basis, but since the childhood with the biggest impatience we wait for cake! I suggest to bake cake from the creamy test with a custard. Slivochno`s

- nut cake with a custard

Butter to take

at the room temperature. It has to be softened, but not thaw. To pound it with flour in a crumb. To fill a hill and to make deepening in the center.

To crush nuts. The filbert, a peanut - at choice will approach walnut. (Only the present, not substitute on vegetable fat) to mix a glass of sour cream and a glass of condensed milk.

To shake up couple of eggs with a glass of sugar to foam. In oil - a flour crumb gradually to pour in the shaken-up eggs, accurately stirring slowly with dough with roundabouts in one party. In the turned-out weight to pour in sour cream with condensed milk. To stir once again. To extinguish soda and to merge in dough. To pour nuts and to carefully implicate them.

Dough will turn out thinnish. It is necessary to bake two of it - four cake layers, checking readiness a wooden hairpin or a match and not allowing a zarumyanivaniye. Cake layers to cool and prepare cream.

To put to begin to boil a saucepan with a glass of milk. Meanwhile to shake up egg with two glasses of sugar and a half of a glass of warm milk. When milk in a saucepan boils, to pour there in this mix, to stir up quickly a nimbus and to hold on the smallest fire before solidification. Do not allow cream to begin to boil.

When will thicken, to remove from fire, to pour a handful of pounded nuts, a vanillin pinch, to cool and put a little a butter cube (grams 50-70). To cool cream and to miss the mark with it cake layers. It is plentiful to grease and powder sides and top with nuts.

It is possible to make also such original cake with bananovo - cottage cheese cream and berries in a testyany basis:

Berry Basket Cake

the Baking pan will suit

keksovy, only without dredging in the middle. In silicone it will be not really convenient: dough fat and heavy, under it edges of a form will be bent, and the basket will be not such beautiful.

Before preparation of the test it is necessary to prepare berries. Fresh to clear of short moustaches and to powder slightly with sugar. Frozen to defreeze on a sieve that juice flew down, and too to powder with sugar.

To shake up the softened butter with a glass of sugar, two eggs, to pour gradually one and a half - two glasses of flour and to knead sticky dough. To leave dough for half an hour. After to distribute it on an internal surface of a form a thin layer. The layer of dough should not have “holes“, otherwise cream will flow out. It should not be thick. And still: it is impossible to allow to slip to “sides“ from the test from form walls because then “basket“ will not turn out.

To bake “basket“ in an oven to readiness, it is very careful (pastries fragile!) to take out and put on a dish. So far the basis is baked, to fill in gelatin with a half of a glass of cold water, to leave for 15-20 minutes (or for that time which is specified on packing), to stir, put on fire and to heat, stirring slowly before full dissolution. It is impossible to allow to gelatin to boil. To remove from an oven and to cool.

To shake up cottage cheese (200 grams) with banana and a glass of sugar, to pour there in gelatin, once again to shake up, enter a half of berries into cream, to mix. If from berries juice flew down, it is possible to pour in it in cream. On a bottom of the cooled-down “basket“ to put pieces of berries, to fill in with cream. To cover a surface of cream with the remained berries. To put for 10-12 hours in the refrigerator.

It is very tasty cakes, not too labor-consuming and not whimsical in the course of preparation.

It is necessary to create a vase with fruit - do not forget about tangerines: without them and New year not New year! - and to open champagne.