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What to prepare for a New Year`s table? Salads

we decided On meat dishes. We pass to salads. Such salad very tasty and nourishing here. I thought up it when there was no wish to follow the habitual recipe, and in the house guests were expected. In it there are few fresh vegetables therefore I called it winter.

Winter salad

needs to boil, clear, cool and cut with

potato and eggs (to enough take 2-3 pieces of that and another). To cut marinated mushrooms, pickles and smoked meat with average pieces. Meat on volume has to be slightly more, than potato and eggs. And take mushrooms and cucumbers to taste. I buy meat in vacuum packing, a shovel or a piece of gammon. If there is a stone, then it can be thrown then into broth when you begin to cook soup.

The bulb for elimination of a smell can be pickled or scalded boiled water and if the smell does not confuse you, just small cut. I pickle onions so: I cut rings, half rings, pieces - as it will want, I sugar and I leave, juice will not begin to be emitted yet. Later I add salt, peppercorn, several buds of a dried carnation and I fill in with vinegar - better wine or apple - and I leave for about 15 minutes. Later I wash out cold water and I delete pepper and a carnation. Onions for salad are ready!

To cut cherry tomatoes on quarters or on the sixth shares. To connect all ingredients in a salad bowl and to dress with mayonnaise or other sauce at will. To decorate with croutons, greens branches.

The second salad is easier, but is not less tasty. The acquaintance who hates cooking shared its recipe with me, but for the sake of this salad it is ready to offer time.

Puff chicken salad

to Boil chicken breast, to separate bones, to sort pulp on fibers. To divide fibers into three parts. To merge juice from pineapples, corn, peas. About one bank of each type of canned food is required. Their volume has to be approximately identical.

To grate apples on a large grater, to sprinkle juice of a lemon or solution of lemon acid that did not darken. It is better to take sour apples with dense pulp which does not “crumble“. There are enough two apples of the average size.

Fresh cucumbers to grate on a large grater, firm cheese - on average. Eggs to weld, clear, separate protein from a yolk, very small to cut both that, and another. Small to clip greens. Perfectly fennel and parsley approach. Here the celery, cilantro and green onions the smell kill gentle aroma of salad, but this my subjective opinion.

To cut olives on quarters or ringlets. Certainly, olives should not be stuffed. Better that they had no stones. To cut onions with small pieces. It is possible to pickle as in the previous recipe.

In a salad bowl (it is better transparent) to stack layers: chicken, pineapple, egg white, corn, chicken, cucumbers, peas, apples, chicken, grated cheese, olives, egg yolk. To grease each layer with mayonnaise or ready cheese sauce. From above to fill up salad with greens and to allow to be drawn several hours.

For those who honor traditions and likes to do everything by rules, I offer the variations of “classical“ New Year`s salads. Herring in a sheepskin coat

Under such name I met by

habitual herring under a fur coat in one of cafe and by practical consideration established, than it differs from the acquaintance in everything the recipe.

So “to dress up“ herring in a new way, it is necessary to weld and cut in cubes potato, eggs, beet, carrots. Too to cut couple of sour apples and fresh cucumbers in cubes or straws. To small cut and scald boiled water onions. In this salad a slight onions smell even by the way. But if you want flavourless, pickle it.

To peel herring of fins, a tail, bones and other inedible things and to cut with cubes.
the Dish on which salad will be served, slightly to grease with mayonnaise.

To spread layers all ingredients. At everyone, I think, the sequence of layers in this salad. I did so: herring pieces, onions - potato - carrots - apple - eggs - cucumbers - beet. All layers, except herring and beet, greased densely with mayonnaise. Mine salatik becomes impregnated and drawn in the refrigerator all night long.

of Russian salad with apples

to Boil, clean and cool potato and eggs. To cut a lukovichka half rings. If you want, you can not put onions, I do not love it in salads, but so it is pleasant to my husband.

To cut boiled sausage without fat and potato with cubes, pickles - average pieces (I cut cucumbers lengthways on quarters, and then across - on half-centimeter), to crumble eggs small. Apples can be rubbed on a large grater or to cut with small cubes. Small to chop greens.

To put all products in a salad bowl and to mix. To mix mayonnaise and sour cream in equal shares, to fill with this mix salad.

the Mimosa

to Boil potatoes, eggs, carrots, beet. To mash a fork fish canned food, previously having cast away them on a sieve or in a colander that oil flew down. To small cut and pickle onions. To cut boiled vegetables in cubes, to separate protein from a yolk. To cut white, and to knead a yolk in a crumb.

To spread layers in a salad bowl potatoes, part of fish canned food, onions, carrots, the remained fish, carrots, protein, beet. To coat each layer with mayonnaise or tartare sauce. And to strew a surface of salad with a yolk. It is possible to make one layer of grated firm cheese also.

But what feast without dessert? About recipes of sweet - in continuation.