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What to look in Scotland at? Sterling of

Someone once, describing beauty of this city, lost points over Yo, and in the RuNet the Scottish city and the lock Sterling appeared. As though in honor of national currency. But the city - Stirling, and money - Pound sterling.

... We arrived to Edinburgh last night, for the present plainly saw nothing, except the hotel, Himarket`s station and the two-storeyed bus Eirlink. To Himarket - minutes seven, it also was decisive argument at the choice of hotel. We should go much, generally by train.

Morning. 6. 40. Early? It is possible and to tell in a different way - without twenty nine across Riga. It is favorable to travel on the West in this sense.

The usual ticket to Sterling costs 6. 90, and if there and back - 8. Nearly twice cheaper it turns out. We pass on gallery, we wait for the dizelpoyezd. However, Skotreyl deserves separate article.

Next stop - Stirling. We leave the building of the station. The sterling fascinates at once. Can - unusual architecture, can - medieval aura.

Alba (nazvaniye Shotlandiya togda eshchyo bylo novym i ne vpolne politkorrektnym) king David I somehow attended to the fact that in his state there are no cities at all. Also based the whole 18 pieces. Including somewhere between 1124 and 1127 - Sterling.

But it is so relatively young city. And the lock

At least, in 1110 - m Alexander I was present at consecration of a new chapel at the lock existing already at that time Sterling. In 842 or 843 Kenneth poppy Alpin besieged the competitors who strengthened here in fight for a throne of Picts. In 655 - m the king of Northumbria of Osvi, the relative of the governor of Picts, held the fort against the king Mercia Penda here. In 83 - m Agricola`s legionaries did not begin to storm strengthening on the rock, preferred to bypass it on bogs.

We do not go to lock gate at once. Before opening it is even more than an hour. It specially - to us is interesting to look at the lock not only from within, but also from outside.

And in general, in hotel we were fed with a breakfast, but coffee still wants. Myyuri`s corner pleys and King Street. Suggest to choose - a small portion, big or average. Average - there are glasses of grams on four hundred, the next Scottish trick.

At church - on the left, by McGregor (Rob Roy) who waved a sword, on Albert pleys.

One - two-storeyed light-the brown lodges shocking with improbable quantity of pipes. Then we slightly got used to this wood almost over each house, and here for the first time paid attention.

Only Albert pleys passed into Dumbarton Road as we saw a huge green meadow, behind a meadow - trees, over trees - the lock. The lock, of course, not on crowns settles down, on the high rock.

On a meadow some white beings are grazed. From a distance it seemed - too lambs, we saw them already half a million from a diesel window while we went from Edinburgh. On closer examination it appeared - cows, but warm and fuzzy. Literally.

We bypass the lock on a big circle. We look, we photograph. Not really well the lock turns out against the sky, but as is. We pass through a small mikrorayonchik, one - and two-storeyed lodges in different levels. Locals speak:

- Goode monin, - so here it is accepted. We answer the same.

In 9. 25 we already in front of gate, buy tickets and we wait for opening.

We pass in gate between two not really high, but powerful, commanding respect towers.

We in the territory of the lock. The place where History was managed. Historical events leave the mark in aura. Medieval castles are interesting to those that concentration of such traces is much higher than an average here up to that they become perceived.

We wander about towers, walls, cellars, back streets. Frightening quantity of guns - not batteries, the whole divisions. It, of course, inheritance of the Late Middle Ages.

In a cellar near a garden of the queen Ann - the exposition telling about lock history. Here both models, and portraits of kings of a dynasty Styuartov. Notice - any Yakov or Karl, all only Dzheymsa and Charlza.

In the lock the museum of a regiment of Mountaineers Argayl and Sutherland who lodged up to 1964 here is located. Now, in line with reduction of army, the regiment is transformed to a battalion, but the museum all the same remained. An hour of triumph of Mountaineers - the Thin Red line near Balaklava, 1854.

The royal palaces new and old, now on repair. It is a pity. But the kitchen works. The operating kitchen of the royal castle - something with something. Cooks and all other kitchen people - as live, and viands - as the presents.

Big Hall. It is really big, and big all there - the hall, very tall ceilings, a table for guests of honor, royal chairs (thrones), a fireplace and even lamps.

It is considered that from walls of the lock it is possible to see places of seven well-known battles. But it it is necessary to be the expert. It is clear, Styorlingsky Bridge, it is also the bridge, and Bennokborn - somewhere in the south. With the rest - it is more difficult. And all the same the view from castle walls shakes imagination. And what from walls, plays a role, and we among other things - at rock top.

An unexpected image in a far corner of the lock Douglas`s garden is found.

In February, 1452 - go the king James II invited the count William Douglas to negotiations. In writing guaranteed safety and inviolability, and itself struck in a breast with a dagger. Court completed a dirty deed and threw out the dying count from the palace outside. Now here the peace garden is broken and the memorial stone is established.

An hour and a half on the lock the Sterling - is not enough. It was almost succeeded to look at everything, but it would be possible and to wander still. However the schedule at us rigid, the pipe calls to new impressions.