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What to prepare for a New Year`s table? The stuffed bird of

In New year there is a wish that everything was beautiful, fantastic, elegant. The majority of families dresses up a fir-tree, very many decorate the room with tinsel and garlands, “snowflakes“ and “rain“. Many, however not all. But unless there will be a person who will not prepare for himself and the relatives a vkusnyatinka? It is unlikely.

Traditionally on a New Year`s table give a meat dish, salads, cake or cakes, and also fruit, each hostess has the crown recipe of each of types of dishes. I want to share the.

As a meat dish I like to cook the stuffed chicken. Last year on our table the goose flaunted. This year I think to stuff it so … with

the Chicken stuffed with rice and nuts

At first about chicken. It has to be well-fad, well fattened, with thick legs. If chicken fast, then is better to cook from her dietary broth. For roasting the chicken by all means with a fat is necessary. It should be rubbed with salt spices and to leave to lie down minutes ten.

To boil rice to a polutovnost and to cool.

Kernels of nuts to pound or chop a knife, but not to press that they did not begin to emit oil. To cut garlic not really small. Rice and nuts it is necessary to take in the ratio 1:1. And garlic to taste.

Rice, nuts, a half of amount of garlic to mix and fill with spices - the same with which grated chicken. To fill with this mix chicken.

To make cuts in a thin skin of a birdie and to enclose in them the remained garlic pieces. To lay it in a deep form and to bake, watering with periodically emitted juice. The chicken leaves very fragrant, juicy and incredibly tasty.

Seasonings can be picked up independently, and it is possible get a ready set. Such in shops a heap - for chicken, for fish, for pork, for rice dishes... I use mix of white, black, fragrant, red burning and red sweet of pepper, an oregano, and it is good to put a dried barberry in a stuffing. In this case I do not recommend to replace fresh garlic dried. Taste and aroma not that. the Goose with apples

the Carcass of a goose to rub

from within and outside I will merge also pepper, to leave to lie down minutes forty. To cut sour apples segments, to clear of seed boxes. It is possible not to rind. To powder them with ground allspice and cinnamon. Yes, that cinnamon which is usually put in pastries or in coffee.

To stuff a goose with apples and to wrap up in five - six layers of a foil. To put on a back on a baking sheet and to bake hour, after to turn, without developing and to bake an hour more. Fire in an oven should not be strong, so the goose will prepare more slowly, but will leave juicy. the Duck stuffed with buckwheat with mushrooms

the Duck for roasting to prepare

the same as chicken or a goose. To cut garlic pieces, to make cuts in a thin skin of a bird, to enclose in them garlic.

To boil buckwheat to semi-readiness.

To cut onions and fresh mushrooms, to fry in butter and to mix with buckwheat. To add salt, pepper, other spices to taste and to fill a duck. To lay it in a pig-iron form, to cover and put in a heated oven. To bake to readiness, watering with the emitted juice.

There is a mass of other variations of preparation of the stuffed bird, I shared those which well are successful and pleasant not only me, but also my guests.

Surely on a table serve salads. Meat, with a bird, fish, vegetable, fruit, cheese, mushroom … Recipes set, for every taste and purse. This decoration of any table, having a snack before a main course and after it. I train usually two - more satisfying easier. I will share them in continuation.