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Who hit a jackpot? The cheapest movies - millionaires of

Laws of ideal economy say that the more investments, the profit is more. Actually the quantity of the money made in this or that project does not guarantee revenues at all.

the most part of the Russian enterprises into which billions of rubles, and at the exit all the same notorious zero are pumped can be the Example of that. In cinema approximately the same situation.

The total cash desk of this or that movie often depends on a set of factors, and the budget - only one of them. Sometimes, that huge investments poured out in even more essential profits, and happened and vice versa - inflated to the unreasonable film masterpieces sizes burst as soap bubbles, dragging off once safe film studios on a bottom and destroying pits of their creators. But, as they say, in life there is also a lottery. And the prize - not two times on ruble, and is far more powerful. Let`s talk about tapes which authors did not dream to become suddenly rich and well-known. But the fate smiled to them.

In 2004 to nobody the unknown director Jared Hess like the history written to them in a co-authorship with the spouse and shot on the basis of own short film the low budget comedy “Napoleon Dinamit“ . For 400 thousand dollars, very modest by the standards of Hollywood. The tape telling about everyday life and pleasures of the rural idiot was shown at a festival of independent cinema in Sandensa and caused ambiguous reaction among the audience. The audience was literally divided into two contradictory camps: one picture sharply was pleasant, up to the announcement its the best at MTV ceremony, others, rasplevavshis, called Hess`s hand-made article “cheap hack-work, the operating low requirements of public“. Anyway, in world hire “Napoleon Dinamit“ earned more than 46 million that allowed Hess to continue the experiences with rural little fools in so stupid, but much less successful comedy “Supernacho“ with Jack Blek`s participation.

When Australian George Miller released in the homeland the first movie “Mad Max“ very few people believed in chances of the cheap post-apocalyptic fighter. The budget of the movie made, by some estimates, about 400 thousand dollars that for a genre - just fie, but not money. All actors, including a certain Mel Gibson, worked nearly for food, and creators unartfully “rented“ a requisite, suits, wheelbarrows and the weapon at local cops. But the local audience estimated enthusiasm and the drive of statement. What allowed Miller to sell (for real kopeks) the rights for hire of “Mad Max“ in America where the foreign fantastic action unexpectedly flew up on tops of charts and brought improbable 100 million revenue. Gibson in a flash became the international star, and Miller seriously thought of continuation which, by the way, came out even better than the original.

But based on the ratio of expenses to profits horror films are considered the best to this day. For example, the well-known “Night of living dead persons“ of George Romero created for ridiculous 114 thousand dollars. A half of money was provided by sponsors - volunteers, and thanks to the unprecedented generosity caught small roles in mass meeting. In any case, the surroundings in the form of “human“ guts was delivered for a picture by the local butcher while all special effects of a picture are a dreadful make-up in literal and figurative sense.

Romero, that without knowing (originally the scenario in general was comedy), created the new direction in a genre. Even the term “zombie“ at the time of a tape exit did not exist yet. Small social implication, the intriguing atmosphere and a krovavost made cash desk of 42 million dollars.

The ancestor of the whole branch of zombyatnik in Romero`s creativity, and also tens (if not hundreds) similar movies by right is considered today cult work and safely enters ten the most cash low budget tapes.

The similar situation developed also with an exceptional zhutik of John Carpenter “Halloween“ . 20 days and 325 thousand dollars were required to the director to embody on the screen of adventure of one of the most terrible maniacs - murderers in the history of cinema. From - for limitations in means Carpenter combined positions of the director, the screenwriter and the composer. Thanks to the charismatic hero in a mask (and the hell with him that the maniac), to participation Jamie Li Curtice (daughters of a legend of Hollywood of Tony Curtice) and chilling music, “Halloween“ without effort headed rolling lists. As a result the tape earned to the authors about 70 million, that is expenses paid off almost by 200 times. Any of sequels, and them seven pieces, apart from Rob Zombi`s remake in 2007 - m were done, could not repeat success of the original, but the franchize about Michael Myers officially is considered the most long-playing and cash among competitors on a genre.

But - not horror films uniform. Let`s remember what there began the career the famous American comedy dramatist Kevin Smith with. It it is black - the white debut “Clerks“ cost the beginning director insignificant 27 575 dollars. Clear business, insignificant for “Factory of dreams“, and to Kevin was necessary to get into debt, to sell part of an invaluable collection of comics and to give all insurance for the utopshy car. Thank God, for shootings of everyday life of two boobies - sellers bigger were also not required, considering that all chief actors were Smith`s companions. Courageous, places trite, places enchantingly the ridiculous movie set a new tonality in a genre for what the audience rewarded authors a lot of the sold tickets for more than 3 one million. A ratio of expenses to profits essential, but the main thing that Smith broke through upward where, however, okromya same “Clerks“ and later “Dogma“, standing did not remove. But was among champions.

Happens, as unpretentious melodramas manage to arrange furor in hire. The Canadian of the Greek origin of Nia Vardalos would vegetate in mediocre TV series if she did not manage to finish a married couple, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, to prosponsirovat her scenario. Almost autobiographical romantic comedy “My big Greek wedding“ about the modest Greek girl in search of female happiness suddenly became a film hit of year, having occupied following the results of 2002 - go the fifth place in the list of the most cash tapes with result of 368 mln. dollars. At the same time the picture cost the authors only 5 million. The peculiar humour constructed on a difference of outlooks and traditions was to the taste to the public which ate too much backward comedies, and the actress, though did not make stunning career, still continues to work in Hollywood. Its feather, by the way, possesses the recent movie with the same Hanks`s participation - “Larry Kraun“.

And still the horror film became the most successful from the financial point of view (if not to consider inflation). The speech, certainly, about a sensational horror of 2007 “Paranormal phenomenon“ . The horror film for which shootings 10 thousand dollars were spent was riveted in a week. Total collecting the worlds did not reach 200 million a little. The tape had effect of the become torn bomb, having bypassed such engaged movies as Zack Snyder and “Johnny D.“ “Keepers“ on abrupt turn. To the improbable success Oren Peli`s movie is obliged, first of all, to fashionable equipment of pseudo-documentary cinema thanks to which it is simpler to viewer to associate himself with filmstars. The gossip hotline quickly carried news about what the movie terribly terrible, and the audience who was tired from sample a pugalok, crowds brought down in movie theaters on sessions of joint release of adrenaline.

Certainly, it is not the complete list of the tapes which at different times earned millions from modest investments. However we will be frank, such “prizes in a lottery“ happen quite seldom. As well as in any business, in film business beginners fail on start more often, than break the bank.