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How “to win“ against men`s socks?

Today we will mention one of the most sick subjects for the woman. Lovely ladies, we will talk about men`s socks. For anybody not a secret that in “the man-socks“ steam there is a special communication, and it is hard to tear it sometimes. But in the war, as they say, all means are good.

For a start it is necessary to study the opponent, to reveal its strong and weaknesses. But consider, you should stock up with patience to win this fight.

We will make a psychological portrait of the enemy. “The man-socks“ steam arose long ago. Though it is considered that all thought up this part of clothes - women. Initially socks intended as footwear for a dream. History of emergence of socks goes to Ancient Greece. Then they removed to Rome, there - that them and was noticed by the British soldiers. In long and tiresome campaigns of the man literally “to holes“ erased the legs, and socks - that just came to the rescue to them. Dressing them under rough boots, soldiers felt much more comfortably.

It is simple to break that to “the man-socks“ steam not so-. Only present, your husband carries out with them the most part of the life. And even if he swears that to you it had nobody, do not trust - it had … socks!

Often clinical cases when the man spends with the socks several days in a row meet. And as if the jealous wife tried to pull down them from it - vainly. As well as at people, in “the man-socks“ steam are often formed a love triangle then one leaves it forever. “Where second sock?“ - the husband who is late for work scaredly asks. But the wife wearily looks down and goes to a bedroom.

Blow 1. Throw the enemy into confusion. Wait when the husband invites friends to drink beer and to look at soccer, and then act. Decorate the house to arrival of guests. On a chandelier hang up a garland - a bra, decorate the TV with pair of new stockings, and on a floor scatter allsorts from sports socks. Beauty! It will be pleasant to your husband!

Blow 2. the Opponent in confusion. He did not expect such blow from you. The scared husband goes to bed and puts them nearby. Take a waiting attitude for about two weeks. And already soon to a fine heap your man will not find last “love“ in of this. He will be forced to start life with a clean slate and to carry socks in washing.

Blow 3. Pretend that nothing occurs. Having found new pair of socks at a sofa, send them back to a box with fresh linen.

Blow 4. In the educational purposes enter system of encouragement. For example, the man will receive new couple only after served is sent to washing.

Your man did not give up? Well, it is necessary to take extreme measures.

Blow 5. Impudently and unscrupulously destroy a subject of passion of the man. As soon as the couple caught sight to you, immediately throw out them in a garbage can. And surely declare to the husband that only those socks which will lie in a basket for dirty linen will receive mercy.

Blow 6. Give a dinner to the enemy! According to stories of many women, very effective method. Your husband, having come from work, waits for a tasty dinner? Make for it ragout from … socks! Yes, it is awful, you will not argue. But so you will be able to show to the husband all uzhasnost of his habit. Put dirty socks on a plate, nearby a knife with a fork, and itself go on shops!

And the main thing - do not give up. Quietly and coolly strike blows to the opponent, and the enemy will be won!