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How to reach financial freedom?

to the rich to Become absolutely simple, for this purpose it is regularly necessary to invest only part of your income. Why most of people do not become the rich? The answer very simple - yes because is not invested, spend everything to the last kopek, and sometimes in addition and intercepted as a loan to a pay.

Familiar picture? The person is forced to work all life, like a squirrel in a cage, then to work when already retired, but health it seems still allows … And what then when there is no health any more? Unfortunately, it is possible to count only on beggarly state pension. In what the reason of such state of affairs?

I believe, the reason is covered in mental installations which are enclosed in each of us in the course of education and education. And most of people are programmed to be poor, it is taught by both school, and institutes. It occurs not only at us. Children do not learn to be the rich, do not learn to operate the finance and to invest.

Why? Yes because rich, financially independent people are necessary to nobody. Both the state, and corporations need people the poor living from a salary to a salary, who are afraid to lose the work. And people work, many work all life to pension, and then also at pension...

And many carry out work not really pleasant (to put it mildly) just because the salary is extremely necessary. Many just do not guess that any working person can become financially independent in 10-15 years if he has an investment plan and it accurately carries out it.

But imagine that you have a passive income in the size of your salary. Whether you will go then to your work? I think, many would prefer to be engaged in the, more interesting affairs. And if to go to work, then only on such which is pleasant and which is really adequately paid.

For what salary you agree to go to your work then? Here so from cheap and obedient labor financially independent Person will turn into the Personality with whom it is necessary to reckon who will need to be respected.

How to change the mental installations? How to follow a way of financial independence? Actually it is not difficult at all. You need to take three simple steps cardinally to change the life.

First step. needs to open for you the investment program in the reliable company. There you will monthly transfer 10-20% of your income. Whether it is possible to list more? It is possible, but do not forget that investments should not reduce your present standard of living.

Such programs open for 20-30 years, and you should not starve and refuse all these years to yourself the most necessary. Life should not pass by you. Lead full life, spend your money with pleasure, but do not forget about the long-term financial goals. Therefore 10-20% are a reasonable share which you can pay “to yourself“.

Second step. you surely have to have a reserve fund - the sum sufficient for normal life within 6 months. Reserve fund - an important element of financial safety. You never know it happens in life - urgently some sum of money suddenly will be required. For example, you want to change work or want to have a rest few months. Or suddenly the refrigerator broke …

Such events should not unsettle you you, force to reduce a habitual standard of living or to refuse investments. For creation of reserve fund I recommend to open it is filled up - the revocable deposit in reliable bank. On this deposit your reserve fund will also be stored. To store more six-months stock I do not see sense. Everything that from above - it is better to direct to investments because the bank deposit will not give you profit, it will only protect your money from inflation (and that not always).

And, at last, third step. Should issue the policy of assurance of life and health, it is financial protection you and your investments. If suddenly there is something unforeseen: the illness, a trauma, or, God forbid, premature death - anyway you have to be sure that you and your family will enough have money for the solution of any problems including for achievement of your financial purposes.

And what will be if there is no insurance? The answer is clear: at approach of unpleasant events - inevitable decrease in a standard of living. I by the nature of activity should meet often the people living on a pathetic disability pension. Believe me, each of them with pleasure would be issued by the policy of accumulative insurance and here an ill luck - backdating it cannot be made. Issue the policy right now - sometimes it happens the most favorable investment.

Still it is possible to try to issue a corporate insurance is when you are insured by your employer. In this case you receive insurance protection free of charge, respectively, can increase assignments by investments and quicker achieve the set financial objects.

It would seem, such simple three steps - and financial independence is almost guaranteed to you. But for some reason people do not take these steps. If many have bank deposits, then only 1,5% of our fellow citizens have life insurance, and investment plans - and that it is less.

Why? Yes because are programmed to be initially the poor, exclusively. Because it is so accepted - to work all life all night long to earn a heap of diseases and beggarly pension as a result. But the chance to escape from this vicious circle is. Do not forget, to financial freedom - only three steps.