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How to struggle with a depression?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to be happy constantly practically at anybody. And a depression - the frequent guest. To someone the depression comes more often, to someone is more rare, but awards with the attention everyone. The depression can be quite dangerous and lead to developing of various diseases. Therefore it is necessary to struggle with a depression, without allowing it to break life.

Many have favourite ways of fight against a depression which begin to be applied as soon as this undesirable guest heaves in sight. Ways are very various, beginning from “take this pill, and everything will pass“ to “descend in a hairdressing salon, and everything will be forgotten“. Everything depends on the reason of a depression and its depth. For example, the slight depression caused by a combination of bad weather and rudeness of the shop assistant in shop quickly enough is removed with small positive emotion (a pleasant meeting, the joke in time told, successfully paid compliment, the good movie or the book and so on).

The heaviest depressions are visited when parting with darling. And, strangely enough, quite often it happens that the death of darling is transferred easier (not to confuse with “easily“!) than parting with it, its leaving to other partner. Most likely, the matter is that parting with darling supplies also with an inferiority complex (“That with me not so? Why I was thrown? Than other (another) is better, than I?“ and so on). The heart-searching and excessive self-criticism can lead to developing of very heavy depression which demands not just intervention of the professional psychologist, but even hospitalization.

But most of people possesses well developed instinct of self-preservation and does not allow the depression to reach extreme severity. At the same time various methods are used. From this point of view it is interesting to get acquainted with results of poll “What you do to endure unfortunate love?“, carried out by the website eDarling (see an illustration).

It is curious that if to trust respondents, then it appears - alcohol is not considered panacea at the depression caused by parting with darling at all. And not only women refuse alcohol, but also men - and traditionally it is considered that practically any man prefers notorious “hundred grams“ as antidepressant, especially - enduring unfortunate love. But by results of poll alcohol is not in the lead in the list of means of fight against a depression at all though from the point of view of men it is more preferable than shopping, beauty shops and communication with the previous partners.

Are even less popular, than alcohol, are ringing to the previous sympathies. And really - than can help when parting with darling conversation with the left love long ago?

Among women for removal of a stress and disposal of a depression campaigns in a hairdressing salon or beauty shops are very popular. And it is valid - it is an opportunity to distract, have a good time, and at the same time to feel beautiful. At men this method does not enjoy popularity. Probably? for the reason that for them the campaign in a hairdressing salon is not pleasure, but sad need and a waste of time. Especially as not beauty, but charm, and here is more important than it for men, alas, in hairdressing salons and beauty shops do not offer.

Surprisingly, but shopping among women is not the leader of means for removal of a stress at all. By means of jog on shops only about a third of respondents get rid of a depression, it is twice less, than by means of beauty shops. Perhaps, the reason purely financial - intensive shopping demands many means. But if finance allows, then visit of shops can help to facilitate a depression, especially if to choose purchases under a new hairdress or the refined make-up made in beauty shop. Merging of beauty shop and shopping can help to begin life anew, to feel the new person who has all ahead including personal happiness. Men ignore shops as depression medicine - they have other priorities.

It is interesting that sports activities considers by effective stress medicine as much women how many prefers shopping - therapy. And it is much more sportswomen, than lovers to worry a stress alone by means of contents of the refrigerator and favourite movies. Also in comparison with sport computer games not too are quoted (and the refrigerator, by the way, is more preferable company, than the computer).

At men it is several differently: against disappearing small percent of fans of shopping athletes are favourably allocated, gamers (to turn on the computer, to plunge into a favourite toy and to forget about all problems of real life) follow, then - fans of loneliness and the refrigerator.

An undisputed leader both for women, and for men, is the way of overcoming of a depression by means of work. It also is correct: it was not lucky in private life - be engaged in career. Generally, it is not lucky in love - will carry in gambling. This way was effective for men earlier, and here for women became dominating recently when all began to place emphasis on career, regardless of a floor. If earlier for women in the list of priorities the family was on the first place, then now the family relations were practically made even to career development, and the priority of career continues to grow while the priority of a family decreases. It is confirmed by the fact that consolation in a circle of relatives is sought by less women, than consoled by means of work.

And here such effective way to fight against parting consequences with darling as new acquaintances, for some reason not too is quoted among representatives of both floors - approximately at the level of sports activities. Perhaps, it is all about mood - in a condition of a stress not really there is a wish to see new faces, and to call the person enduring a depression, the interesting interlocutor a little at whom language will turn.

Many do not know at all where to rush, having appeared in a situation of “broshenka“. Also rush in connection with space, to cleaning of aura, visit of fortunetellers and psychics, to temples, introspection, to psychologists and so on. Someone is eager to remove a patrimonial damnation, from - for whom private life is not got on, and someone is sure that all problem consists in a children`s psychological trauma - an essence - that delusions is identical, only one go to psychics, others - to psychologists. Psychologists, by the way, it is more preferable, they are at least capable to find professionally a problem and to give real help that cannot be told about numerous snimalshchik of patrimonial damnations.

Generally, fight against a depression - business difficult. Especially when it “parting depression“. In certain cases months are required to recover, feel the full-fledged person and again to learn to enjoy life. The main thing - to believe in this black period that all this not forever that it is only such bad strip in life which will surely end.

Not without reason it is told: to everyone - on his belief. If to trust in light tomorrow, then it by all means will come. And until it came, it is possible to find small pleasures in what is available today. At least and in shopping, sports activities, visits of hairdressing salons, work and so on. Even “A black square“ of Malevich not uniformly black, and especially - life, such many-sided and multi-colored piece that you should not go in cycles only in sad tones.