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Whether the person can be happy?

Ya reflected - whether the person by the nature can be happy? On that it and the person to wish in life bigger, than what it has. And it, of course, is correct - it is necessary to aspire to the better life. If we rejoice only to a piece of bread and a roof over the head - it will turn us into animals.

But often it happens so that in this infinite pursuit we lose what is really important. This our time. We do not notice that to us it is available now, and receiving what dreamed a time ago of, we begin to be disappointed and realize that it did not bring happiness to us. Well there was it?

We are tired of work and we ask respites. And when we receive it and the respite drags on, we begin to go crazy from inaction. Or we build the relations which seem just ideal in the beginning, and then we spoil them cavils and discontent, thinking that could find the partner in life better. When there is money - ask happiness when there is happiness - we ask money. And a problem not that we ask something or something we wish, and that we are not able to rejoice to the fact that we receive, and receiving, we begin to ask absolutely other things.

To our creators or the Universe or as it is convenient to whom to call it, we rather bother with the plaints. Therefore we begin to be taught. Send misfortunes in the form of diseases, poverty and loneliness. Here then - that also begins to be felt a difference meanwhile as was, and how is now. But after time we enter our habitual state, before emergence of new problems.

I will cite as an example myself. At this stage of life I received what I dreamed of, but it for some reason does not please. Thoughts of that, but whether it was better for me in the antecedents from which I avoided like the plague begin to appear. Not, so dreamed of that? And how many was already in life of such dreams “not about that“? Then the reason in another?

It becomes terrible. It is terrible because that we pull down what we aspire to that we build, diligently spreading a stone behind a stone.

Perhaps, it is worth thinking two hundred times before telling that our life worthless, empty that our partners are unworthy us, our chiefs are idiots, and work - the most boring, difficult, low-paid or still some there.

Perhaps, it is worth trying for a start to learn to derive pleasure that to us it is available before asking bigger. It is impossible to jump on several steps at once. Before wondering “Well why I do not have it?“, maybe, it is worth asking: “And whether I am ready to accept it?“

if not to learn to rejoice to trifles, it is impossible to rejoice also to anything else. It is possible to spend time on a smart country country house with the person representing just eaten lemon, and it is possible to enjoy morning coffee in the small close apartment, staying at the same time in full harmony with itself.

And, at last, the most important thing which should be realized is what is not present in life of things or situations which acquisition will make us happy. All this is concluded only in us. Perhaps, this feeling that we already have a most important also will be with us always, irrespective of the living position taken at the moment, and there is happiness.