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Belly dance. How to choose the training course?

Some time ago belly dance gained considerable popularity in Russia. And it not just like that, bellidans (it is one more widespread name of belly dance) - the most sensual and fascinating dance with centuries-old history.

According to some researchers, initially belly dance arose somewhere in Tibet, but the majority is connected by roots of its origin with Egypt. From simple movements by hips and hands it turned into the graceful dance which is divided into a set of styles and the directions.

How about to dance a little? Professionals of a bellidans recommend to get a belt for fixing on hips. When hips are accented, you will be able to experience the movements better. The belt can be decorated with the ringing coins, paillettes, also the usual chiffon scarf will approach.

If you decided to take belly dance, then, most likely, at you in the head the question turns: to be engaged on a disk of the house or to register in occupations?

Or conditions do not allow to be engaged in that who is eager to become the professional dancer, experiences difficulties with self-organization at home, occupations at school of a bellidans will approach. In all other cases it is possible to dare to work independently according to the training video. At the same time you will fairly save both time, and money as disk cost with video lessons costs much more cheaper, than monthly payment of occupations.

At the moment there is a wide choice of the training video on belly dance, they can be divided into several categories.

Fitness in style belly dance

Usually on a disk is written down by

one or at once several occupations. Duration of such occupation makes about 30 - 40 minutes. Having chosen for itself fitness - a course, you receive a cheerfulness charge, improve the mood and physical shape, not to mention disposal of extra kilos. In my opinion, advantage of such courses that they allow to work “on - bystrenky“ and also to add something special or to combine occupation by belly dance with yoga.

the Training video with various levels of complexity

Getting a disk with a course on belly dance, pay attention to complexity level: basic (for beginners), average (for continuing) and professional. Their purpose - to train the user in a bellidans, considering its readiness. These training courses give the chance under the leadership of the skilled teacher step by step to study the movements used in modern belly dance, and you, having united them in sheaves, will think up own dance.

Dancing statements

If you want to flash the beauty and talents, to surprise friends or the beloved, then choose the training courses with step-by-step learning of dancing composition. Step by step you study the movements, connect them in interesting combinations and as a result - receive sensual and playful dance. Similar statements are also divided into complexity levels. Therefore before acquisition attentively study the description of the training program.

the Specialized training courses

the Training courses of such plan have a strict focus, for example - “Belly dance for pregnant women“ or “Belly dance for weight loss“. These video lessons are good for the purposeful solution of some problems and maintenance of a body in an excellent form under rhythmical and incendiary Arab music.

The sensual geometry of movements of belly dance will help you to be harmonous, flexible, plastic. Will make gait of more graceful and will present excellent mood. And for female health it is possible and not to speak about advantage. It is necessary only to decide on the purposes and to choose for itself the best!