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What to look at? Film premieres of winter of 2012-2013. Part 1

Came winter. To walk it became cold, and there is a wish to spend free time where - nibud in heat and a cosiness. To stay at home, of course, quite good option, but for a change it is possible and to visit movie theater. It and cozy (and, above all - warm) the hall, popcorn, new movies and, of course, the pleasant company.

And now let`s look what prime ministers expect us in the winter of 2012-2013.

the Beauty and the Monster 3D
Is, in my opinion, one of the warmest premieres of the expiring year. Disney presented us one more opportunity to see this fantastic love story, only already in the 3D format. I think, all know about what this animated film, but nevertheless I will provide you the announcement.

The movie immerses us in the wonderful New Year`s Eve atmosphere of an ancient castle which owner is the awful Monster. And only the most beautiful and courageous girl by the name of Boll is capable to solve his secret and to break a spell. As the spell says, only the one who will melt ice in heart of a monster and will be able to fall in love with it it what it is, will be able to return it human shape …

the Animated film is released on December 6.

Hobbit: Unexpected travel
At last! The screen version of the story - John R. R. Tolkien`s fairy tale “The hobbit, or There and back“. The movie narrates about Bilbo Baggins who is let in a grandiose campaign for the purpose of reconquest of the lost kingdom of gnomes Erebor at an ominous dragon of the Smog...

The premiere of the film is appointed to December 19.

the Doomsday
Well and what else should have been expected in December, 2012? Friends gather to spend days off in a mountain hut. However the strange thing completely changes plans, leaving them without communication with the outside world. In the course of searches of rescue between friends there are more and more conflicts …

of the Prime minister, naturally, on December 21.

Three athletes on distant coast
A we continue to watch animated films. This time the Russian animated film in which the characters already famous to us on works of Melnitsa studio are involved earlier. Already very soon you will be able to see continuation of adventures of the Russian athletes.

This time Alyosha Popovic, Dobrynya Nikitich and Ilya Muromets, thanks to intrigues of an artful Baba-yaga, appear behind seven seas on the desert island on which there live natives and terrible Gomuma. Our athletes are waited by unforgettable adventures on the mysterious island … it is expected

of the Prime minister of the animated film on December 27.

Happy New Year, mothers!
the Charming New Year`s comedy from creators of the movie “Mothers“. The new movie, new heroes, but them still unites one feeling - love to mother. It would be simply remarkable to descend on such movie all family! By the way, Alain Delon took part in the movie.

In the new movie we will see five stories about two dearest people on light - about mother and her child. That occurred, mother always remains that person who will love always and despite everything …

of the Prime minister is expected on December 27.

Anna Karenina
There now, and the Hollywood directors reached li L. N. Tolstoy by span, and now you should see the surprising drama on the work of Lev Nikolaevich of the same name “Anna Karenina“ with Keira Knightley in a leading role. By the way, it is interesting that, the part of shootings took place in Russia - in Karelia on the island of Kizhi.

The premiere is appointed to January 10.

Corporation of monsters 3D
One more gift from Disney and PIXAR, an opportunity to look at life of monsters in a new format. Monsters really exist, but they appear not in order that to eat somebody, all that it is necessary for them from small children, are shouts thanks to which they receive electricity.

The full-length animated film tells about crises in the world of monsters, about their life. But once all peaceful life of monsters appears under the threat: the child gets to their world … we Wait for

at cinema since January 17.

Jack Richer the New fighter with Tom Cruise in a leading role will attract with
, I think, not only men. To Tom is what to fascinate lovely ladies. And for men - the intriguing and confused plot with an unexpected outcome. The sniper kills five passersby, but all proofs indicate the person taken into custody. On interrogation the suspect begs about one - to find Jack Richer … it is expected

of the Prime minister on January 10.

the Doubler
the Russian movie with “the sexiest man of the planet“ Alexander Reva in a leading role. The modern version of the tale of Prinze and the Beggar, only this time the famous singer and the simple massage therapist participate in the fairy tale.

The premiere is planned for January 10.

witches Hunters 3D
you Remember the tale of Hans and Greta? And so, it is other fairy tale, the brother and the sister grew up long ago, and now they hunt witches.

At cinema since January 17.

the Movie about improbable love and the man ready for everything for the sake of the beloved. Action develops at the beginning of the XIX century. The runaway convict Jean Valjean sentenced to imprisonment is forced to disappear from cruel justice for many years. The inspector of the Parisian police Zhaver considers his capture as business of all the life. After Fantine`s death - the woman for whose destiny Jean Valjean considered himself in the answer - her daughter Kozetta remains the only person close to it. For the sake of happiness of the girl Jeanne it is ready for all.

The premiere is appointed to February 7.

Seventh group
1987, Seville. Group “7 - y special group of police“ with especially important task: to clear the city of crime, to put an end to force corroding all which occupied streets. Angel, the young officer seeking to become the detective and Raphael, cruel and haughty, but very effective skilled cop are at the head of group … to

It is obvious, in the hall there will be a great number of women, in a leading role - Mario Casas famous as Ache in “Three meters over sky level“.

We go to admire Mario Casas since February 7.

Ya I hope, you planned for yourself at least a couple of premieres in this list. And if is not present what I very much doubt, you are waited by the second part of article. But nevertheless we stock up with patience and we wait for a release of new movies. Pleasant viewing!