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Whether you understand language of road columns? There are no

an element of arrangement of the road ancient, than road columns. Being lost between barrier protections, road signs, indexes, slowly pushed aside from highways on small roads, they still tirelessly carry out the important duties.

Once columns were usual stubs along forest roads. Then their began to drive specially that it was possible to tie the horse and to make some simple affairs. On slippery descent with their help stopped uncontrollable vehicles and stagecoaches. Their began to bleach easier to see at the night. At the beginning of “avtomobilizm“ noticed that white columns perfectly designate a road contour.

Since then production and digging in of columns began to submit not to esthetic tastes, but standards, rules and standards.

Modern columns do not cut from a tree any more and do not cast from reinforced concrete. They are made of a tin or plastic and fasten on the thin metal leg which is easily bent from blow. In case of an emergency they will almost not damage your car. But do not show excessive levity. It can turn out that on your road columns did not replace yet.

Look at them attentively better. Usually on columns there is a black slanting strip. Remember: on the right columns the strip goes from left to right up, on left - from left to right down. Often on columns paste pieces of a reflecting element. Red elements - on the right columns, white or yellow - on left!

Such columns are well visible in the dark. If they gradually appear and disappear from the field of your sight, everything is normal. But if they suddenly began to flash more often - prick up the ears. For a start be convinced that this flashing is not caused by too high speed of your car. After that have a look forward - whether turn or the intersection expects you.

Those who studied article about turn radius ask themselves a question - and how in good time to determine this radius? With many cases you will be helped by columns.

The more abruptly turn, the is less than a distance between columns. When the radius of turn approaches dangerous values, the distance between columns from outer side of turn begins to make about 1/10 radius, and from the inside of turn - 1/5.

For example if you notice that distance between columns from outer side about 5 m, or from the inside of about 10 m, so you approach dangerous turn with a radius of 50 m

At intersections the distance between columns has the same sizes, as on outer side of turn.

The distance between columns begins to be reduced in advance, to an entrance to turn therefore you will have time to react. And if there is no turn or the intersection, and the distance between columns decreases?

Reduce speed, accept more to the right and double attention - you approach a convex curve of a longitudinal profile of very small radius! For those who did not read the article “This Artful Profile“ yet, I will explain - such curves meet at the beginning of descents or at the end of rises.

Columns try to warn you that from - for an excess of a longitudinal profile you cannot see the road and counter transport on it! And if the distance between columns approaches 10 meters and becomes even less - the radius of a curve became so small that centrifugal force begins to raise the car, reducing its coupling with the road. Consequences of what are described in above-mentioned article.

Happens and so - the sun, visibility fine, equal as a table, the road between green meadows provokes to press to the accelerator pedal very much shines. And the distance between columns became absolutely small. Be not under a delusion, these are not meadows - it is bogs. Not less than a meter in depth. If the tire bursts, and will demolish your car after the journey, to you it is necessary not only to change a wheel, but also to run behind a tractor.

And, at last, going out of the car on some affairs near several columns standing symmetrically on both sides of the road, you look not in the sky, and under legs. Somewhere here, in a grass which grows quicker than road builders manage to mow it, disappears concrete ogolovka of a water throughput pipe with a diameter of one and a half meter. But now you from it do not fall down.

Learn language of road columns and make friends with them. Well, at least pay the attention to them. And they will make your way more cheerful and safer.