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“Happiness for free“ or what in life it is necessary to pay for?

As there is a wish to receive in life everything easy and simply, the main thing - with little effort and pressures. As there is a wish to wake up and understand that near you in a bed - God or Goddess Lyubvi, to open electronic bank and to see that on the account one million dollars lies, and one billion is even better, in a word - all is desirable at once quicker!

Sometimes there is no wish to get out of a bed at all, to go to work, to communicate with the relatives. Yes, such minutes and days are in our life! Means, time to press a pause came, it is simple to plunge into the inner world and to put the thoughts, feelings and dreams in order!

Also there is a desire to receive something “for free“, just like that! On the one hand, good desire, and “cheapskates“ not to be afraid to declare oneself, with another - the desire to use others is immoral, but at this medal three parties.

If we look at desire to receive happiness “for free“ at once from the third party, we can notice interesting regularity: everything the person gets that easily, he does not appreciate. For example, money which was presented and got a bonus, spends easier, than earned, at school less attention at a material explanation is paid to the excellent student.

It turns out, the person appreciates more what got difficult and hard!

From our ancestors and parents to us the program came it - “Everything in life has to be difficult and difficult!“, and it works the program so far and the control panel of life is at our ancestors, is useless to ask that everything was easy also in a high. Even if the big love will come to life, “good money, in a family of the person will fall down the head“, in his life there are no experience and energy to hold what came and the destiny of big love and good money very easily can be deplorable - they will disappear as sand, through fingers!

And if you want “happiness for free“, it is necessary to take at least three steps:

to learn to rejoice to everything that the Universe gives (even if it not that you asked);
to deal with the negative emotions and thoughts (to clear itself of negative energiya);
to realize that all of you - want that has to occur in your life at a consent of your soul, heart and body.

Reflecting over article, I remembered a fragment from the book “Games of Demiurges“ of Pyotr Bormor:

“… The demiurge Shambambukli pulled gloves, with a crunch warmed up fingers and nodded: “Let`s start!“
of People convulsively swallowed.
- Or perhaps as - nibud …
- I did not understand, - the demiurge frowned, - you need the woman or not?
- Is necessary, - the person sighed.
- And time is necessary, it is necessary to suffer. It is short.
- Will be sick? - fatefully the person took an interest.
- Still as! - the demiurge confirmed his worst fears. - Yes do not shiver you! I will perform operation under anesthetic …
of People relaxed.
- … local, - the demiurge finished.

The person pulled in the head in shoulders and reflex pressed hands to a stomach.
- Lay down! - the demiurge was in a forceful mood. He carefully measured a dose of anesthetic and stuck to the settled person in a stomach.
- Uukh! - the person commented. - Suffer
! Man you or not? You think, it will be simpler to woman to give birth? Even is even more sick!

The person nodded, blinked and more strong seized fingers edge of the operating table. Operation was long and difficult. The person screamed blue murder, called mother whom he never before did not have, covered with the last words of the demiurge, future wife and all feminine gender in general, damned the trustfulness and swore that nevermore, for anything … but here operation just ended.

The demiurge Shambambukli made the last stitch, sewing up the person a stomach, and began to create the woman from the amputated edge. Here the person could help nothing to him unless to prompt from time to time: “Hair … also the breast is better red … more … Both breasts if it is possible … and here a birthmark …“ for

At last, everything was is ready, and the demiurge Shambambukli put to the person in hands a newborn being.
- I Congratulate! You have a woman!
of People, being unsteady from weight and loss of blood, on hands incurred the woman who is trustfully embracing it through a threshold of a new cave.

- Well and why all this was necessary? - the demiurge Mazukta watching operation through glass took an interest.
- You mean why were necessary pain, blood and sufferings?
- Exactly. As far as I understand, you cannot turn all quickly and without serious consequences. So why.?

- You understand … - thoughtfully stretched to Shambambukli, rinsing hands after operation, - It as all had to be? Here wanted to the person the woman. Asked the creator it to make. The creator stuck to him sleeping pill, laid baink - a bang - tibidokh! - and when the person woke up, to him bring already ready woman and speak “On supposedly use“. And how after that it will begin to concern her?

Mazukta scratched behind an ear and stretched: “Ponya - and - atno …“
- There now. And so … can, he though will appreciate it a little? - with hope Shambambukli said …“

Ya I think, “for free“ you will draw a conclusion about happiness …