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The Universe of the second chance does not give!

Having read a set of books on psychology, esoterics and bio-energetics about reality, the Universe, God and the Highest forces for the last 14 years, I, in many of them met thought that the Universe, the Highest Force, God gives us three opportunities. As they say, did not understand from the first, there is still the second and third. And only after we “missed ears“ for the third time, here then - everything, the Universe ceases to give us chance to solve our problem, to come to new level.

I can tell that it, literally - so weakens.

Here present, before you the contract where it is written that you have three attempts to find love, to construct happiness, to find internal rest, to restore the health etc. according to the list of desires and priorities of the person lies.
As you think, with our human habit to pull to the last, at night before examination, all at the last minute - when we hear the Universe, call of our soul? Correctly, from the third time! And that is good!

The third time - hurrah! we slipped, ran in in the last car of an electric train.

And if you realize and accept rigid thought that the Universe does not give the second chance! This thought rigidly strains and there is a wish to return to that “ realities “ where there are three chances, three desires. You remember Alexander Pushkin`s fairy tale “About a goldfish“? The small fish was ready to grant three desires! Three different desires! So why life has to give us the same chances?

The Universe gives us chance, we or use it and we act, or is not present!

The Universe sometimes delays decision-making and time over this chance lets us think! If we all - were afraid, waited for “a favorable situation“, thought out “excuses“, then the Universe takes away this chance, this day irrevocably! The second same chance will not be! There will be other chance! New! The only chance for other situation! Very high probability of what with it and other chances of people will arrive in the same way will miss, will not notice, will not pay attention, will pass by!

The second, just the same day, will not be!

In July, 2008 I participated in a competition of young managers “Springboard“ and was among finalists. Finalists were flown and gathered from all Russia, we on the website of a competition discussed what waits for us? How the competition will influence us? What will be farther?

The final of a competition took place in Moscow.

One guy wrote that he flies from Vladivostok and spent for the ticket the most part of the saved-up money for a year of work. It arrived.

And other guy wrote that he cannot arrive from Astrakhan, he has problems at work, the blockage also asked organizers to transfer its participation in the final to the second competition in a year for July, 2009. Organizers went to it to a meeting.

Then, in July, 2008, nobody knew that he will burst crisis soon, and Vladimir Potanin`s Fund will stop financing this Springboard project.

On the final of a competition was very interestingly and cool! We studied at teachers of school of Vladimir Tarasov and created the state, got acquainted also everyone in own way began new, adulthood. Participants competitions everything were young, till 28 years.

Now 2012. The guy who arrived from Vladivostok headed large advertizing agency in Moscow now. And the guy from Astrakhan and lives in Astrakhan, only now he is head of marketing department.

In life there are no ideal conditions to fall in love, marry, give birth to children, to be happy, to build business. But in it, constantly changing world -
the chance is!

The only chance to construct the life as we want!