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Whether it is possible to live for percent from a bank deposit?

They say that money has to work for the owner. Especially often this statement is proclaimed in advertizing of bank deposits. But whether it is valid, having put the large sum on the deposit in bank, it is possible to stay at home and live quietly for one percent?

The few know the exact answer to this question, some, perhaps, and believe in earnings on deposits. I will tell how many it is really possible to earn from deposits.

We will begin with interest rates. The Russian banks usually give up to 12% per annum on deposits in rubles. In Ukraine in stable time of a rate are in the region of 12-16% when the collapse of hryvnia is expected, rates reach also 26%. Such situation now is also observed in Ukraine. On deposits in dollars usually expose 4-8% per annum, depending on urgency of a contribution.

It seems and rates quite good turn out in national currency, but not everything is as simple as it seems at first sight.

There is such indicator as inflation, that is in simple terms - depreciation of money. Five years ago for 100 rubles it was possible to buy much more goods, than now. In the different countries and percent of this inflation different. For example, for Russia 8%, are characteristic of Ukraine - 12%, of the USA - 3-4%. Here depending on this indicator rates on bank deposits also differ.

If you think that having put under 12% per annum in bank of 1 000 000 rubles, you will be able safely to remove 1% a month without prejudice to the contribution, then you are mistaken a little. Your one million will depreciate every year and if now for one million rubles it is possible to buy the apartment in the town, then in 10 years for the same one million you will be able to buy not the apartment, but the room in some hostel. And for 10 000 rubles which you plan to receive in the form of percent every month eventually you will be able to buy less and less goods.

How then to be that also to gain income from the deposit every month, and inflation did not eat money gradually? The answer is very simple - on the deposit it is necessary to leave so many percent how many inflation for this or that country makes. For example, for Russian ruble it is necessary to leave on the deposit (to fill up the deposit) approximately 7-8% a year, for hryvnia - 12%, for dollar - 4%.

And what then we will be able to remove? And we can remove a difference between an interest rate and percent of inflation. Thus, for ruble deposits the real interest rate will make 3-5% per annum, for hryvnia - about 4-6%, for US dollars - 0-4%. On average, as you can see, income will be gained around 4% on any currency. And that, on dollar deposits it is necessary to choose the maximum terms and removal of percent only at the end of a contribution.

Considering that the minimum providing a family of 4 people requires about 600 dollars a month, it is possible to calculate what size of the deposit is necessary for the maintenance of a family only at the expense of a contribution. For obtaining such income it is necessary to have about 180 thousand dollars. The sum space for most of inhabitants of the CIS. Therefore it is hardly possible to speak about real earnings on bank deposits and the more so about providing life only at the expense of a contribution for the average inhabitant.

If there are some accumulation which will not be required to you within the next 10 years then more favorable there will be an investment of capital in residential or commercial real estate. For example, the apartment for 20 thousand dollars can yield revenue about 150 dollars a month if to hand over for long term with monthly payment and if to hand over by the day, then in four it is more time. The cost of housing grows together with inflation therefore from the income from rent it is necessary to take away nothing.

Summing up the above, would like to tell that bank deposits are suitable more likely not for receiving profit, and for protection of means from depreciation. If there is a purpose - to gain stable income from accumulation, then it is necessary to consider investment of capital in more lucrative posts, than banks, for example in real estate.