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How much is your time?

Many watched the movie “Time“ in which the view of such future where there will be no money is reflected, and people will be able to pay for everything only with own time, time of the life. Here when time will be valid to cost very much and everyone learns to it the true price.

Well for now we can only assume how many there is our time. Someone really appreciates it, others spend in vain, without thinking of the fact that life passes senselessly.

Some say that time - money. Partly this is true, many work for price-work payment, and any extra time can be converted with ease into the additional income. And time will be cost exactly so much, how much is by work which can be executed during this time. Someone for an hour earns one dollar, someone ten, and is such professionals whose hour of work passes for one hundred conventional units.

But it is fair only for part of the population. The others work for a certain rate and if they have free two hours, they will not be able to earn any additional money all the same. Therefore these two hours they will pass away behind a computer game, on a social network or behind the TV more willingly.

I had a period in life when I could spend any number of free time on earnings, sitting in front of the computer. There were about five dollars an hour. At me was till some days off in a week, but at the same time I could not hatch out round the clock at the computer and just earn additional kopek. At most, for what I was enough, is an hour four. The rest of the time I was engaged in to what the soul lay, or just wandered about the Internet in search of interesting and useful information. But I tell it about absolutely free time, but not about that which was taken away on walks, meetings with friends and performance of everyday homework.

At that time I defined expediency of some affairs, just comparing expenses on time for their performance to costs of them in terms of money. For example, for repair of a water supply system to cause the bathroom equipment or to repair most. Or to come the excess working day to work or to stay at home and earn on the Internet.

And now my earnings though are price-work, that is pay me for the number of the performed work, but time of this work is regulated in the eight-hour working afternoon. I earn enough for the maintenance of a family therefore I especially do not think of the fact that my time off could be used for obtaining the additional income.

We live not for the sake of money, they only help us to satisfy requirements and to have a good time. In life there is a set of more important issues, such as trips to parents, meetings with friends, communication of the house with the wife and children or a trip a family in circus or on excursion. Unless it is possible to exchange this time for additional earnings, and unless it is possible to express this time in a money equivalent? I think, the answer here only one.

Well and, summing up the result, I want to express the subjective opinion. Only our working hours have the price. And here the time off is invaluable therefore it is better to see off it in a circle of the relatives and friends and not to think of the fact that it could bring in you the income.

All the same you will not earn all money. Life behind work will rush very quickly, and for certain people who spent on it a lot of time, will regret that they paid not enough attention to really important things in life.