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Who needs lonely women?

For a start we will be defined - what is the lonely woman. Loneliness, as well as happiness, everyone understands in own way. In this couples we will understand the woman as “the lonely woman“ unmarried or such which has no constant relations with the man. That is the woman who cannot tell about one male being “my man“ (children we exclude).

The lonely woman can be lonely completely, can have children, can live in proud loneliness or with other relatives. But the main thing is a woman without man. Apple half.

Treat similar loneliness differently. Someone considers that the woman should not be lonely (as well as the man) that if the loneliness was appointed the nature for people, then people would be same-sex and so on.

There is also an opposite opinion: alone there is nothing terrible. Eventually, there is a mass of other interests in life, except creation of a family, the birth of children or just creation of couple with the representative of an opposite sex.

We will not discuss now, the loneliness is good or bad. Or - when it is good and when it is bad. Or - that with it to do how to fight and whether it is necessary to fight in general. The speech about another. About lonely women. About their demand society.

To whatever point of view the person concerning loneliness adhered, generally all agree on one: the lonely woman in itself is necessary to nobody. Yes, even those who consider female loneliness as a normal state are convinced too that the lonely woman - a being unnecessary and useless!

The only exit for it to become demanded by society, is “to make“ itself. The lonely woman has to be successful, well-groomed, self-assured. Here then she can claim with aplomb that nobody is necessary to it, she and in itself quite not bad feels.

Well and if it was not lucky? If work so-so, and a salary such, of course about it is not necessary? If there were no special talents to make of own loneliness a source for creativity? If appearance average is also overcome by various small sores? Nothing terrible, and such lonely woman will be demanded.

Both the first, and second category of lonely women is necessary, even, one may say, is necessary!

In - the first, lonely women are necessary for men. No, not for the purpose of creation of a family is another story altogether. They are necessary for those men who or are not going to get a family soon, or those who carries a prefix “mine“, but from other woman, and reaches for adventures on the party (for example, “and mine - that the goat went on a spree again!“).

First of all, thus successful, well-groomed and self-assured women are demanded. With them to men it is simpler. It is considered that such ladies not too are eager to marry, and look not for “soulmate“ for creation of a family, and an adventure, pleasant pastime without obligations not only for the partner, but also for themselves personally. These ladies are almost equated on convenience to married (does not look for the husband!) but even even more conveniently - it is not necessary to jump out of a window with a clothes armful in case of sudden return of the husband from business trip.

With the second category of lonely women (“gray mice“) it is worse, though they are demanded by lonely men with the same purpose, as their more successful “sostatusnitsa“. But it is considered that “mouse“ is just inclined to a marriage that it practically considers each man as the potential candidate for husbands, and adventurers are afraid - as if the pleasant relations did not end with Mendelssohn`s march and where as less pleasant obligations.

However, for married adventurers there is no similar restriction: these men consider that, having reported from the very beginning about existence of a family, they receive an inoculation against matrimonial plans of girlfriends. So “mice“ in most cases get foreign husbands - especially in temporary use and almost always secretly while more successful lonely women have an opportunity to enter into the temporary relations both with married, and with single men, being guided by the criteria of the choice of “adventure“.

But lonely women are necessary not only to adventurers. They are necessary for children. Lonely women without children are especially demanded in this plan. It is very convenient to them “to abandon“ a baby (for example, one my acquaintance, being going to do some shopping, to the doctor, to the girlfriend on a sit-round gathering and so on, calls the lonely childless aunt that that came to look after children). But also lonely women with children approach, especially, if “foundling“ has approximately the same age - for the child not only will look after, but it also will have the companion for games.

For baby sitting “gray mice“ are demanded more, than successful ladies, - to them somehow trust more, they are more similar to nurses in hospital, but successful ladies are handed children more willingly (if there is such opportunity) - such “governess“ not only brings together the child on walk, but also will buy it something, and money for purchase should not be given.

It is very convenient to have the lonely woman in girlfriends: looking at it, many begin to understand - as it is healthy when there is “own“ man. To the lonely woman it is possible to thrust at any time on a visit - to sit, wear out about life, to complain of problems of a family and marriage. To themselves on a visit married girlfriends invite lonely more rare - when the husband there is no house (you never know, suddenly what demon will confuse). Similar restriction does not extend to successful lonely ladies if the husband of the girlfriend that is called “does not pull“ - successful ladies claim that they are not interested in misalliance.

Still there is a public work - here where with pleasure all “harness“ lonely women, beginning from the administration and finishing colleagues. (And in most - that business to what to stand on ceremony? All the same at home nobody waits!)

So lonely women are demanded. They are directly broken off on part. It is a pity only that then this torn-off part is thrown where it is necessary, and hurry home. To a family. Which, of course, not the only interest in the world. There is still a work, career, creativity, public work, adventures and so on. Even it is strange that family people lay all these interests aside. Together with lonely women.