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Where to put old clothes?

Every morning I open the case and I try to find at least one suitable thing from all clothes in fast speed. And every time, probably, as well as any girl, I realize the most terrible: I have nothing to put on! But old, long ago not worn things - probably - it is invisible!

Logically and it is clear - to get new things, it is necessary to get rid of old at least. But here trouble: this short skirt still just, and presented a sviterok mother on birthday, and this scarf cannot be thrown out at all at all, it brought me good luck at examinations. And all this which - as is again thrust back.

But somehow time I thought and solved: “Eh! Here goes!“ Grant

, the first that is necessary in this hard business, - not to feel sorry for the old rags. You already will definitely not put on these gray bell-bottoms even besides that they remarkably on you sit. Because years two they are unjustly shifted from the shelf on the shelf. Besides the case all the same should be devastated from unnecessary because there is a strong wish that dress from boutique at the corner of the house, and there is no place to put it, alas!

What communicated long ago and “sparkles“ new holes and attritions, - at once on a dump! These things served the long ago and will hardly already be necessary. And as for almost new, but got out of fashion things or things which for any reasons bothered you or ceased to please then a set of variations and offers.

1. collected “treasure“ can be descended, so to speak, to the friends, acquaintances or relatives. Thus you will please, for example, the younger little sister who dreams for a long time of those jeans which successfully got now into the list of “unnecessary stuff“.

2. If the first option “disappears“, carry a basket of the attires in the nearest commission shop. It is plus here a little: without effort you will get rid of unnecessary clothes, you will please potential buyers with new things on shelves of shop moreover and receive revenue, apparently, there is nothing.

3. the Third point will make you even more nobly. What lost long ago a luster, but at the same time looks rather accurately, people can offer from needy families. For you it is possible, and for them - more than just care and kindness, it is support and the help from surrounding not indifferent people.

4. Of course, it is possible to act simpler. Take out things to the next container, having accurately put them in cellophane packages or boxes. In an hour, and that less, them will be already sorted on houses. Who - who - for a good cause. You look, tomorrow you will see the neigbour in the sundress, and it to her it is valid to the person!

5. If absolutely unbearable to leave the favourite second-hand articles, it is possible to present it new life by means of special paints, cliches or already ready stickers. And it is possible to approach this business extraordinary and to make, for example, a soft toy. So your tights will “look“ at you from the shelf already in the form of a doggie, well or kitties are what the imagination will be enough for.

The main thing when you give the thing - do it with kind thoughts and intentions. Never be sorry and do not remember that with it it is connected. Then to her future owner in it it will be cozy and comfortable, and will carry it with pleasure!