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How real estate agencies work?

to answer this question, I even got a job in similar agency and worked week full of stresses there. I would divide all cycle of operation of this infernal machine into four main stages:

1. the Agency buys databases with tenants and lessors where summary of those and of others is specified, namely: name, phone number, floor / number of storeys, desirable cost of rent, its arrangement, number of rooms, existence of furniture and so on, and so forth.

2. Listings of bases are distributed between agents, those at once begin to ring to clients to specify and add information from base, to find out, it is how possible to broaden the territory of search of the apartment and how leasing / renting apartment is ready to move at the price what commission is ready to be paid (usually agencies demand 100% of cost of monthly rent, but at private brokers the figure happens less) as the housing and what is urgently necessary. Here problems begin: many clients send you on the website of free announcements in confidence that their numbers are found there, and some declare that they do not work with agencies. If base insufficiently fresh, then approximately at a third of clients numbers - all are inaccessible - the same base comes not to one and not to two agencies at the same time, and to retell each two hours to different agents the metric area and the description of the apartment - the pleasure is lower than an average.

3. Apartments of lessors “are hung out“ on the website X (unfortunately, I cannot call it not to advertize it) and peacefully hang there, and here with tenants the most difficult begins. At this stage the agent`s purpose - to be ahead of the colleagues who are engaged in a pristroystvo of its kliyentushka (“clients by panels, and we have tenants“ - the severe voice ex-chiefs sounds an echo in my ears), to find to it in base (then itself can take away 100% of the commission), or on the website X (then it is necessary to share with the agent who hung out that apartment there) the acceptable housing.

4. If stars so happily coincided and phone of your client was available, he safely discussed with you the requirements and agreed to pay 100% the commission, and you, in addition, found to it a two-three of options, then displays begin. Ideal display looks so: there comes a young, wealthy, childless, decently dressed client - the Slav with the lawful wife (owners of apartments usually dream of such lodgers), watches the pure, cozy apartment in three minutes of slow walking from the Kremlin, signs the contract, gets three sums, saws off to you one and hands remained two to the owner of the apartment (for the first month and the insurance deposit which goes to payment of the last month of accommodation in case of observance of terms of the contract by the parties).

So, all cry with affection, shake your mighty hands. You receive a half of the commission, that is 50% of cost of monthly rent if the apartment from base, and 25% if whether lodged the client in the apartment from H. Znachit`s website the last that you meanly deceived him and profited on his trustfulness? At all. He had to pay the same sum - only to one agent, but not two. He could pay less? Could. But he did not buy base, did not ring out options, and just came to real estate agency...