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What will be if Putin disappears of

we Will assume, tomorrow Putin will disappear. No, this is not about any there life situations. Just disappeared also all. Come Kremlin to work, and Putin is absent. Evaporated. As many oppositional dreamers dream of it. Like, right there will be democratic elections, and Russia will sweep on the way of democratic reforms, catching up at the same time with Portugal or Greece. But whether so it? We include a time machine and we are transferred to the estimated future.

So, Putin disappears. In many imperious offices panic at once begins. All understand that bulldogs already povylazit from - under a carpet. Also fight to the death begins. How at the same time to escape moreover and to snip off a piece of the power (and money, it is natural) fatter?

Right there according to the Constitution the Prime minister - the minister D. A. Medvedev begins to carry out the President`s duties. He with triumph comes back to the Kremlin and right there understands that there are no instructions there how to behave, any more. The tandem dried out half and decisions should be made independently.

Medvedev begins to sign decrees one more ridiculously than another. Type to fine drivers even prior to the movement. For the fact of stay driving. Or declares Moscow time in all territory of the country.

Already nobody pays attention to Medvedev. Got used. All look at povylezavshy bulldogs who already grin at each other, but do not decide to attack yet.

At this time news about the sealed-up plane which arrived from London in Berezovsky comes. At that money for lawyers comes to an end and he decides to catch a small fish in muddy water.

In the Caucasus Kadyrov declares creation of the independent Caucasian state and accession of Stavropol Territory to it. Cossacks in reply create the Don army led by the ataman Tkachyov.

The Minister of Defence Shoygu in a new uniform from Yudashkin, appears on the Russian television and solemnly declares introduction of state of emergency in the country, Medvedev`s deposition and appointment of by the dictator vseya Russia. Behind the back of Shoygu loom and quietly Abramovich, Deripaska and some more people who are carefully hiding the faces smile.

The oligarch Prokhorov in reply declares a military coup and addresses the countries of the West to enter troops on the territory of Russia for protection of democracy and I. O. Prezident`s rescue. Courchevel or Magadan is right there offered to Prokhorov at choice. The choice of the oligarch is clear.

At Sheremetevo`s airport the arrived Berezovsky vainly tries to get out of the sealed-up plane.

In the State Duma V. V. Zhirinovsky continuously acts. He at the same time condemns a military coup and supports Shoygu.

In current - Malakhov`s show discuss a new uniform of Shoygu. To the invited deputies Markova, to Iron ore and Naryshkin the uniform is pleasant. Mironova and Zyuganova do not suit epaulets, but in principle and they not against.

The former Minister of Defence Serdyukov is noticed in advertizing of contraceptives and female hygiene. Medvedev, being under house arrest, at the dacha under the Reach, writes on Twitter about advantage of game to badminton and to thrown up. V. Matviyenko, at a meeting of the Federation Council the monument to Peter I on Moscow - the river suggests to replace with S. K. Shoygu`s monument. And for economy to change only the head. In Sheremetevo, chosen all - from the plane Berezovsky, drinks tea in airport buffet.

The Estonian army enters the city of Narva. So NATO tries on “poorly“ new Russian dictator … only for this purpose it is necessary to

I that somewhere Putin disappeared. Interestingly, and that will be if somewhere Medvedev disappears?