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The world around us... which is absent?

When you see residents of megalopolises, the impression is made that the real world interests them less and less around. The bulk of people is shipped in absolutely other world - the world of social networks, online - games, market indexes and still god knows what, finding reflection in blinking of various displays and displeychik.

You look at the person, at how he moves, without raising the head from the fashionable gadget, and involuntarily in thoughts there is a picture as this person - in the same way with detachment - goes on water, like on a sukha. Such here Messiah of modern times.

Because all attention and all interest in the world were narrowed to the display sizes with a sensor and with a huge number of millions of color points.

And how many in this blinking of passions and emotions! What saturated scale of feelings! Practically all shades of impressions, so sometimes necessary for our consciousness, we can gather from a piece of plastic and iron.

And there is no risk of receiving real negative experience here, all errors can be corrected - it is possible to remove unsuccessful dialogues, and they will not remind of own nonsense, it is possible to remove the friend and to find new, it is possible to stop the next life and to begin new and it is just possible to become God of the small or big with own hand created Universe and at any time to change it at discretion.

It frightens me. You never reflected how many fine passes by how many elementary, but because not less impressive beauty and mysteriousness which is covered in trifles floats by. And how many original human emotions, smiles and friendly views directed to us are left without our attention, so simply vanish, not noticed by the addressee.

I do not say any more that people become too isolated, torn off from the world around and from all who inhabit it. How the person who is not seeing anything around himself will be able to come to the rescue of the one for whom this help urgently was necessary exactly here and now? How the person who around is not noticing anything in general can exist in society?

Gradually society turns into huge group of the independent persons existing in other reality, in the same place both communicating, and interacting among themselves.

In general absurd situations that it is easily possible to pass by the person who is in great need in elementary attention and the urgent help at the same time come to mind sending to this person where - nibud in a chat a declaration of love to a coffin.

How many difficulties in communication and interaction with each other expect our children when they get to conditions where from them real presence and real communication will be required? How they in real life will establish social relations if they since the childhood establish only relations virtual - simple pressing of buttons?

How they learn that it is necessary to bear responsibility to people for words and acts around? As it will be insufferably heavy them in communication with an opposite sex, to them, to little and big giants in sex and it is a lot more in what...

As will painfully fall and realize own weaknesses and shortcomings! And it will be even more sick and heavier to rise after falling. It will not turn out to bring in a black list of the real person and forever to get rid of unpleasant communication. Interestingly, to what it will lead?

Perhaps you should not change smiles for smilies?