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Whether there is an easy money on the Internet?

Once long ago, about five years ago when I only began to master the Internet, I at once had a question of earnings in the Network. Then I still worked as the upholsterer, work was in principle not too heavy and rather profitable, however thoughts of the stable income in the Internet did not abandon me in any way. And here I began searches of easy money.

Surfing for money was the first option which I came across, that is I had to look through the websites of advertisers what I received 5-20 kopeks for. There were a few websites, more than a ruble to me in a day it was not possible to earn, and I quickly left this not profitable occupation.

Further on my way appeared a network of a contextual advertizing. But, as it appeared, for earnings on advertizing it was necessary to have the website. I quickly made the website, nakidat ten pages of rewriting there and began to wait for visitors. Visitors something were not, and I decided to click independently every day links. For a price markup I was quickly banned though I nevertheless managed to remove about 20 rubles.

Next day searches of easy money continued. Just article about earnings when filling questionnaires came to hand. I inspired with this information in an anticipation of 5 dollars for the questionnaire was quickly registered on several websites, convulsively every five minutes updated mail and waited for the invitation to questioning. Strangely enough, the letter did not come still...

In a letter waiting time some more doubtful projects where for earnings it was necessary to visit only every day the website got to me and to press the necessary button. But then it turned out that for a conclusion of the saved-up bonuses it is necessary to invest the money for some reason. Such requirement prompted that it is divorce, and these projects I left alone. After that thoughts of easy money in the Network began to abandon me.

Few years I did not come back to this subject at all. Then announcements of a possibility of the easy income started catching sight over again. This time it was Forex and investment into PAMM - accounts. As always, were promised the moon, but, having tasted trading, I understood that it not mine.

Investment attracted in good percent too, but it was somehow strange that people with milliard purses invest money in stocks and the bond, but not in PAMMY, placed in the dealing centers. At the same time on stocks and industrial indexes profitability on average of 10% a year turns out. And in PAMMAKH promise 5-10% a month. Well, with PAMMAMI is in general a separate topic which I covered in the previous article a little.

And recently to me the understanding came that in the Network there is easy money, but it is possible to earn by such simple methods only real kopeks. For worthy earnings it is necessary to possess serious skills and experience, to be able to do what cannot do the majority. For example, to be a programmer, the designer, the journalist, to create the popular websites... Generally, abilities which not in power to the simple user of the Network are important.

As a result from all above it would be desirable to tell that any matter in the Internet can be paid. But this payment depends on complexity of occupation. That overindulgence in which can be engaged even in kindergarten will never be paid with thousands of dollars. And here work of the person which possesses the skills acquired for years, of course, will be rendered by worthy money.

Therefore I want to urge readers not to look for easy money in the Network not to waste time or not to run into swindlers. It is the best of all to enclose the time in that business to which the soul lies. To become the professional of the business, to work to itself in pleasure and to receive for it worthy payment.