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What is “Tutti Frutti“? To birthday of Littl Richard of

On a title “the pioneer vseya fate - the N - a beater“ applicants more, than is enough. And here for a role of the first fate - scarecrows Richard Penniman (a real name of Littl “Ìàëûøà“ Richard) was ideally suited for decent Yankees. Times were still not politically correct, but “Kid“ Richard was, in - the first, a black, in - the second - the homosexual... Well and in completion executed “this awful fate - N - a beater“.

“Also as Ford was a founder of firm of Ford, Edison - electricity, and Bell - phone, I am a founder fate - N - a beater which was called “a rhythm in the beginning - N - the blues“. I accelerated its speed, and it began to call fate - N - a beater. So, as I am his founder, I and his king.... I sang fate still before all learned what is it when still span around a swing. People, similar to Elvis are builders fate - N - a beater, I was an architect!“
(Little Richard)

the Look and Littl Richard`s behavior on a scene were corresponding. He made up lips, carried mad hairdresses in pompadour style, a set of gold jewelry and peacock dresses. Mad image was supported with violent manner of performance. The singer shouted, howled, rushed on a scene, breaking off on himself clothes and throwing it into the hall. It is difficult to call game what it did with a grand piano. Richard did not play, he thrashed on keys hands, and sometimes even heels. Generally, it was the real pure clot fate - N - the rollny drive without any impurity.

The first well-known hit of Richard with the bright and senseless name “Tutti Frutti“ was the same pure clot also. According to the singer, this song transferred him “from posudomoyny to a drawing room“.

The matter is that the Kid Richard was born in a poor family. There was this event in Mekon (State of Georgia) on December 5, 1932. A clot of contradictions was already the father of Richard who managed to combine the priest`s position with smuggling of alcohol.
In 1951 18 - summer Richard won a vocal competition in Atlanta and even received the contract with recording studio. But the first records did not make success, and here his father, and a grief still died - to the singer it was necessary to come back in the native town to help the family.

During washing of ware in kitchen of restaurant he also composed the future hit. Then Little Richard began to roll it with different collectives through towns and villages, “Tutti Frutti“ did not estimate and demanded more traditional blues material.

Therefore when the singer was invited to listening in Speciality studio, he decided not to tempt destiny and obediently played blueses. And again did not guess. All started missing, and it is unknown, than it would end, do not play Richard on a break in the form of a joke “Tutti of Frutti “. The producer Robert Blackwell right there quickened and surely declared - it is a hit!

And nothing that the song was, to put it mildly, low-intelligent. All its text consisted of the abracadabra seasoned with slangy turns of obviously indecent sexual character. Abracadabra - it is quite good! - the producer solved. - And here with skabreznost it is necessary to do something.

Urged to put the text in order the poet Dorothy Labostri. Obscenities became less, but also the sense did not increase. Richard added the crown to the text: “Ý - vop - a bop - e - lu - a bop, e - lop - bem - boom!“ - and the song took place.

It became clear that emotions can be transmitted quite successfully and without concrete words. Especially as such precedent was already available in the jazz and “scat“ (the certain gibberish said under music) was called. You remember 1990, popular in middle, - x the priest - the singer by the name of Sketmen who could murmur rubbish with a tremendous speed?

When writing this article I even suddenly composed comic Russian-speaking analog on motive of “Tutti Frutti“:

“Mus - pus for Lucie, Shura`s
- Moura for Nyura, Tillie`s
- Tillie for Lily,
of Tralee - Bring down for Galya, Dritatushki`s
for Tanyushka,

A for the woman Liouba - the ticket to Bombay!

Tara - Bara for Tamara, Tyra`s
- pyra for Ira,
Babble - babble for Yulya,
Bai - Bai for Ry,
of the Fir-tree - a stick for Natalki...

And you, the woman Liouba, fly to Bombay!“

of “Tutti Frutti“ it was written down by Richard on September 13, 1955, and in January, 1956 it rushed into the American top, having occupied 2 - e the place. Even the fact that almost at the same time “Tutti Frutti“ was let out by Pat Boone did not prejudice success of a single. This white singer specialized in execution of the “improved“ versions popular fate - N - beaters therefore in his execution Richard`s song became quiet and “decent“. In 1956 “Tutti Frutti“ will be rehashed also by Elvis Presley, sensitive to others hits.

From interview with P. Boone:
“- Two of your following hits were “Tutti Frutti“ and “Long Tall Sally“ - songs, Littl Richard are originally written and executed. Considering yours conservative education and bright style of Richard that you thought when you for the first time heard his voice?
- my first reaction was that it is impossible that it did - that wild separation, that shout. Until I lost its ten times, it to me seemed shapeless. It sounded just such crude, as if I was asked to jump directly in the middle of the dancing Zulus“.

B 1956 Little Richard sold “Tutti Frutti“ to a label of Speciatly on which he registered. Sold all for... 50 dollars! And several months later the single from songs was sold out in three-million circulation. “Tutti Frutti“ and the first album of Littl Richard were the most successful in his career though he created a lot of classical fate - songs (to enough mention “Long Tall Sally“ or “Lucille“).

John Lennon:
“Having heard “Long Tall Sally“, I felt that I lost a speech power. I did not want to admit that Richard eclipsed for me Elvis, but it was valid so“.

Jimi Hendrix:
“Was would like by me that my guitar sounded as its voice“.

Little Richard, being a person impulsive, in 1957 suddenly gives up career fate - the singer and goes to study century. theological seminary of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. And on July 22, 1979 now the priest Richard Penniman even fell upon fate - N - a beater with the angry sermon.

Little Richard:
“If the Lord can forgive and rescue such old homosexual as I, He can forgive and rescue anyone!“

Then “Kid“ Richard several times comes back to a scene, again goes to religion (and even Bryusov - Springsteen and Willis crowns two eminent). Sins, repents... Present of “Tutti Frutti“!