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Who sounded “The lunar river“, “Love story“ and “Godfather“? To birthday of Andy Williams

So it developed that I for the first time heard the ballad “Moon river“ performed by Andy Williams whose voice the president Ronald Reagan once called “national property of the USA“. Still I consider its execution as the best though admirers of the well-known movie “Breakfast at Tiffany“, most likely, will not agree with me.

For them the song will be associated steadily with Audrey Hepbyorn whose heroine - Halle Golaytli - executed “The lunar river“ to the guitar, sitting on a fire-escape. And it is quite fair because under Hepbyorn this song and was written. The composer Henry Mancini considered that the voice of the actress, though is pleasant, but is not strong therefore he enclosed music in range no more than one octave.

The song very much was pleasant to Audrey what you will not tell about the film-making management. At first of “Moon river“ tried to replace with other song “Rose Colour“, and then at all to cut out from the rolling version of the movie. “Over my dead body!“ - Hepbyorn declared, and the scene remained.

The lunar river the Lunar river,
more than a mile Wide,
Once I will easily cross

the Old dreamer, you break to me heart,
Where you went, I will follow you.

Two wanderers went to have a look at the world,
in the world it is necessary to see very much.
We together go on the end of a rainbow,
Behind the following bend.
We with you - bilberry friends,
the Lunar river and I.
the Final version of seemingly simple text was born

far not at once. First the song was called “Blue River“ (“The blue river“) and opened lines: “I’m Holly, like I want to be/like Holly on a tree back home …“ - “I am Halle and I want to be similar to a holly on a tree behind the house“ (the name of the heroine of “Halle“ and its Holly value is beaten here). Then the river became Lunar, and the text less concrete.
If the phrase “We together go on the end of a rainbow“ was quite clear to the western listener (on a legend on other end of a rainbow the treasure is hidden), then expression of “huckleberry friend“ (“bilberry friends“) seemed to much mysterious. So far the poet Johnny Mercer did not explain that in him he ciphered nostalgic memories of the childhood when together with friends gathered bilberry at the river. By the way, this river near which there lived the poet in the town to the Savanna (State of Georgia) first was called Back River, but after success of a song was renamed in Lunar.

And the success was moreover what! Hepbyorn`s persistence as a result brought to / f “A breakfast at Tiffany“ “Oscar“ for the best song. But secret haters of “the Lunar River“ did not give up, and the soundtrack to the movie everything is let out without legendary song (sounds only it instrumentat, the opening movie). Performed by Hepbyorn the song will be published after death of the actress - even in 1993.

Therefore only in 1962 listeners could hear “Moon River“ on a single where instead of a touching voice of Audrey the deep velvet baritone of Andy Williams sounds. The song brought to already famous singer decent bonuses and even became the main musical subject of a TV show which Williams with success conducted in 1960 - x years.

On it the successful tandem of cinema and the singer did not end. He will sound in the well-known melody from to / f “Love story“ (1970), written by Francis Lei. First the melody had no words - they were written backdating by the poet Karl Sigman. The song was called “Where Do I Begin“, but the people still persistently call it according to the movie - of “Love Story“ .

Practically then Williams immortalized the name one more film hit - the matchless song “Speak softly love“ (“Say to me in low tones about love“) which was heard in 1972 in to / f F. Coppola “Godfather“. The Soviet children who were not hurried to be acquainted with movies about mafia, most likely, for the first time heard this melody in m / f “Contact“.
of the Word to the song was written by Larry Kusik, and music - Nino Roth. By the way, prevented to receive for this song “Oscar“ to the composer... he. And all the matter is that the author was suspected of self-plagiarism - painfully “Speak softly love“ “Fortunella“ of 1958 reminded a musical subject from to / f. But the love of listeners to this song from it did not become less.

Who only did not rehash and did not change this song subsequently! Many even consider that original execution belongs Al Martino. He really sang in “Godfather“, but absolutely other song - “I Have But One Heart“, and the confusion arose from - that later time he rehashed also “Speak softly love“, at the same time it is very good.
sang the Song also in Italian (Gianni Morandi and Muslim Magomayev), and in French (Dalid) and even in Ukrainian (Sofia Rotaru executed it in the Soviet musical movie “The Song Always with Us“ under the name “Tell, Shcho You Love“).

Were not tired to rehash also “The lunar river“ - as men (Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Elton John, Rod Stewart), and women (Sara Brightman, Elena Kamburova).
Is interesting, as Andy Williams still in a system. He is 85 years old, and he has in. Bronson (State of Missouri) the own musical theater called... well, of course, “Moon river“.