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How to impart to the child love to purity?

Many parents think that the child can impart skill of hygiene a personal example. But they are mistaken. Unfortunately, the love to purity is not put in genes and is not descended. It is necessary to form this skill from the earliest age that the child understood all its importance subsequently. Let`s understand as it is correct to make it.

Since the birth

Of course, the newborn yet not a state to understand that parents want to inform it. But if they carry out certain actions concerning the kid day by day, he will develop a habit. For example, the child needs to carry out a morning and evening dress daily: to wipe a face with wet towel wipes (children is more senior it is possible to wash flowing water), to process eyes the wadded disk moistened in broth of a camomile or physical solution, to clean a nose and ears wadded zhgutika. If the child srygnut, it is necessary to replace to him clothes at once and to wipe a face. The kid should not lie in wet diapers. As soon as he urinated, it is necessary to replace them at once. After two months it is possible to begin to land the child over a pot or a basin. At first it is necessary to spend over it 10 and more minutes, but to half a year (and at someone earlier) the kid will understand what you want from it, and will celebrate need much quicker.

Try to use disposable diapers as seldom as possible. For example, on walk or to the doctor. When the child grows up and will be able independently to hold a spoon, begin to wash handles before each meal. After introduction of a feeding up of the kid it is better to feed golenky, so you should not wash traces of plum or carrots from clothes. After meal wash the child and dress in clean clothes.

Of one and a half years is also more senior

When the child already starts walking surely, he attentively watches actions of adults and begins to copy them. Here it is important not to miss the moment. The considerable part of teeth already got out, means it is possible to clean them. In children`s shops special children`s toothbrushes and pastes are on sale. They are very bright, it causes a great interest in the child. Having got such set, it is possible to begin to brush teeth in the mornings already together with the kid. Having come from walk and before meal show to the offspring as it is correct to wash hands and a face. And that the child did it more willingly, buy him a bright towel.

The child imitates the parents. And if mother started cleaning, the kid here - he is always ready to help. Do not stop these attempts! As often parents are ready for everything if only the child did not disturb them. But such parents do not understand that they make a serious mistake. What difficult is in giving to the child a rag and to teach him to dust? Or, washing the dishes, to allow it to wash the plastic plateau? The child will be happy, here will see.

Often parents complain that the child does not want to clean toys. Here it is possible to show small cunning. To turn cleaning into game. Tell the kid that toys are mushrooms, and they need to be collected as soon as possible in a basket. There is a lot of variations, dream up.

It is gradually possible to expand a zone of responsibility of the child. Let the child will have duties, simple. The main thing that he coped with them. For example, it can take out fresh linen from the washing machine, wash the plateau, wipe dust, collect toys.

Well, and the most important governed - show patience! Yes, at first everything will fall from hands at the little assistant, but he will learn, time is only necessary. Do not abuse it and do not stop overindulgence attempt. Better masterly turn them into game or a joke. What bad is in if the child, washing the dishes, turns on the parties and sings? Tell it that he is, for example, the King of pure ware, and it is necessary to bring the citizens into the corresponding look as soon as possible...

You should not forget - what you would not teach the kid to, he will always follow an example of you. In your forces to make this example as it is possible more positively.