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Unexpected travel. How to get to the country of hobbits?

In world hire leave on December 14, 2012 the movie “the Hobbit: Unexpected travel“ (“The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey“). In the run-up to a premiere of this surprising movie in which main character was played by the charming Martin Freeman famous on a role of doctor Watson in series BBC “Sherlock“ it would be desirable to talk about the country in which there is an action.

But the fantasy - the country under Sredizemye`s name will be a question not about surprising, and of quite real New Zealand where the first part of the trilogy was finished shooting and, respectively, shootings of the second are conducted.

By the way, the side between Sredizemyem and New Zealand is also so almost erased. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, for the period of carrying out in the city of the celebrations connected with a premiere of the film on November 28, 2012 will be renamed into Seredinu Sredizemya. Declared it the mayor Seliya Veyd - Brown.

But now not about it. Let`s walk in places of shooting.

The main part of scenes (in particular, landscapes) were finished shooting on the Southern island, namely - in its most northern part, in the district Nelson, and in the south, in Ogato`s district. Along the western coast of the island the chain of mountains the Southern Alps lasts. There is snow-covered Mount Cook. And we will be able to see these beautiful places in the movie, it is possible to judge it already and on a trailer to it.

The part of shootings took place on Severny Island, and is concrete - in Te Kuyti and Urikato`s cities. Here, in Mangaotaki Roks`s district, the scene in which Bilbo and Gandalf together with 13 gnomes in a cave of mountain trolls found a treasure with treasures was shot.

One more of sites on which there take place shootings is on the end of the peninsula Miramar. Situation - ideal as the site which overgrew the wood distinctly reminds the picture of the settlement of hobbits.

Natural beauty - it, of course, is remarkable, but did not do also without scenery. The part of them was constructed on emerald hills of a private sheep-breeding farm ten years ago when the trilogy “Lord of the Rings“ was shot. This place remained not touched technical progress - any roads, buildings or power lines. Decorators constructed 40 lodges of hobbits, fences are put, the barberry and garden trees is put, the bridge and a mill is built. Then the majority of scenery destroyed, but which - that remained. And here, starting shootings of the new movie, Peter Jackson decided to reconstruct these constructions.

Results of this grandiose work, 266 days of shootings, mad skill of actors, decorators, screenwriters, and, of course, the unique director Peter Jackson, we will be able to estimate soon. I am sure, nobody will be disappointed, are happy there will be all. The movie is shot with a frequency of 48 frames per second on the RED Epic cameras with the resolution of 5K high definition. The picture will be tremendous!

By the way, Google created in the cards the project where the places connected with shooting “Hobbit“ are specified. Now for travel across New Zealand in search of these places it will be possible to use Google Maps.

And in general, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we look forward to a premiere of the film! All of pleasant viewing.