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The assumption of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - for children, banal
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
r - for reflection, on ingenuity and installation of the opinion
yu - humour

the Assumption the important incorrect truthful definition costing silly valuable wrong value advantage helps with a riddle allows promotes will learn to be able to assume is born gives develops it is possible came true true came true depends is impossible to trust is necessary for

z the Assumption - a guess, predicting … - it is difficult to overestimate
and Value of assumptions.
d Ability to assume - extremely necessary quality
of the person.
to Mother of the assumption sharpness, the father - experience.
p Assumptions - knowledge multiply. to Assume
of C - it is more than to see.
to the Assumption - a wisdom sign.
of l Able to assume on a crock - a pot sees.
to assumption Wings - imagination. it is necessary to assume
and Ability not less than knowledge.
r the Assumption should be started up ahead of diligence, persistence and even courage.
zdpv is difficult to assume something - without having the knowledge base.
zd to Assumptions is promoted by an insight.
z to the Assumption - judiciousness a support.
zd the Assumption relies on experience.
z Assumptions promote formation of outlook.
z the Wise person assumes a lot of things - having taken control only of a scanty information.
to the Assumption - a door in knowledge.
zd the Assumption is in many respects obliged to ingenuity.
zd the Assumption depends on ability to think logically.
zd to the Assumption are promoted by the analysis and experiment.
p Learning life, it is necessary to seek yet not recognized to be able to assume.
p to learn to assume, the thicket should philosophize, logically to think of
, to compare everything, to estimate, be
to the Assumption gives the second knowledge.
with Capable to assume to litter without need memory with excess information - it to much can guess.
zpv Ability to assume - good help in the invention of own knowledge.
zpd to be able to assume behavior of people - is very important knowledge of psychology.
zdk - is capable Of the standing assumption only wisdom.
to Knowing a lot of things - the rest can be assumed.
pz Assumptions promote judgment.
and Sometimes takes the emerged memory for the assumption of people.
to the Assumption - a key to secrets.
zdp the Assumption - good protection.
of C In fight of assumptions - is born truth.
pv can be Assumed it are it is impossible to know all.
zp is covered with Assumptions the road to wisdom. pz Watching
the world, the person on one assumptions can form essential part of the knowledge.
z Assumptions are capable to fill gaps in our knowledge, to do them more coordinated and clear.
z the Assumption is in many respects obliged to clarity of mind.
zi the Assumption occupies a big share even in science.
zp the Fact - is better than the assumption.
pv Human life can be compared to game in chess. Than more right courses beforehand the person can assume
, the subjects
less he risks, to meet trouble.
zd the Assumption allows to estimate everything to a fulfillment.
zd - is necessary For the assumption of the future understanding of the present and knowledge of the past.
zd Capable to assume beforehand knows how people will behave.
about the Wise preserving assumption of trouble silly people not persons interested to change life to the best and to do efforts to secure itself - perceive as croak.
ipv If the assumption preserving against danger ignored by people comes true - it leads to charge of the well-wisher who stated it that it overtook for this trouble.
to the Assumption and observation - friends.
zp Assumptions develop independence.
zd the Assumption - a fertile field for opening.
to Assumptions is in many respects obliged science.
sd the Assumption allows to obtain new information which cannot take control. and That what people cannot assume
to them the science, literature, mass media inform … the trifle has enough
to the Wise man - that to assume a lot of things.
zdp the Assumption - opens deception.
kp Before asking - assume.
and From several assumptions - only one truth.
and the Assumption exists before emergence of the fact.
z Assumptions are capable to coordinate, order, modify, inspect and to restore knowledge.
of l the Assumption lights to truth a way.
vk do not trust assumptions - believe the facts.
and the Assumption - a fertile field for dispute.
and the Assumption is capable solves others plans.
zp the Assumption promotes judiciousness.
to the Assumption and assignment of trouble - above bravery in fight against it.
and the Assumption is necessary everywhere.
and the Assumption already influences the person - even if it will not come true.
to Assumptions is in many respects obliged philosophy.
and the Person remembers assumptions better - than hints.
zp develop Assumptions better - than reference information.
to Vanity and haste to the assumption - not girlfriends.
zd the Assumption is better concentrated is given.
to the Brother of the assumption - interest.
zd the person is capable to Assume a lot of things.
to Assumptions the lie detector - without need.
zd preserve Assumptions against misunderstanding.
z Assumptions promote installation of the point of view.
sr the Applied assumption can save life, proclaimed - to take away.
sr the Enemy of the assumption - coincidence.
and the Assumption scraps of the confused information - puts in uniform clear whole.
and If the person assumes what is not known to people - he begins to feel responsibility for distribution of this information.
zd Ability to assume develop riddles, crossword puzzles, detective stories, intellectual games …
sr the Assumption - the restorer of memory.
and Assumptions - raw materials for opening.
pz the Assumption - pushes to search of truth.
and the Assumption - a temporary phenomenon.
and the Assumption does not need proofs.
and Assumptions - adjust on expectation.
zd Assumptions promote emergence of truth.
zp is silly on assumptions - to build beliefs.
and Nothing so finishes with assumptions - as science. zp On the present only practice can prove to
the assumption.
and the Wise man and in unfamiliar business can assume that, as the professional does not know.
sr Than the assumption is closer to the nature - those a support one intuition more effective.
sr the Assumption has the preliminary form, - which continues to ripen.
and From the uncertain assumption - is not enough to use.
to the Assumption - is on friendly terms with doubt.
p Take your time on the assumption - to build intention.
and the Assumption - is connected only with the future.
z Information which the person assumed - is more expensive and are better remembered.
and Without assumptions irrespective of the size of knowledge - cannot open new.
p That the assumption came true, justified itself, confirmed tie him to reality.
to the Assumption - active food for reflections.
and Assumptions - excite minds.
z Even the false assumption is useful - she focuses attention on a subject, promotes its studying. p Trying to assume
how this or that person
in a certain situation will behave, it is necessary to try on not on himself, and on that
type of people which this person treats. For this purpose it is previously necessary to study people, having hurt them into groups.
pz Ability, weighing information particles, to catch merits of case, to understand, guess sense, in advance to consider, assume a possibility of emergence, approach something - does the person all-seeing.
p to assume the future it is necessary to be the person knowing, to be able to coordinate knowledge among themselves, to analyze constantly and to logically comprehend the past and the present.
and Ability assume can - make the fool the wise man.
and Assumptions help wisdom to be gathered.
z If to learn to comprehend the purposes which are set before themselves
by people, their behavior, character, abilities, views can assume
their further life.
pzv to Almost all people, especially silly, it is impossible to tell about that,
that is with them something bad will result from their wrong behavior. When it comes true, they will begin to accuse you of sorcery, a malefice or will just think that cawed. It occurs because to them the mechanism of your logical assumption is unclear.
p Than is more at the person of knowledge, subjects it is easier for it to assume.
and at the expense of assumptions of people can become knowing.
and the Assumption - is capable to guess thoughts.
of l the Assumption - reads mind of destiny.
z the Assumption - is in many respects obliged to philosophy.
d Can assume a lot of things - reflecting over what was seen and heard.
and the Assumption is an analytical reasoning and comprehensive analysis.
yu forces to assume Nothing so - as the agenda to
to the investigator.
yu Weather forecasters assume weather - without looking out in a window.
yu People trust in those assumptions, - which are pleasant. yu it is not difficult for
to Assume - it is only necessary to guess.
yu Silly knows everything, wise - is lost in assumptions. yu If clever which all see and all assume
, took offense and reacted - to them are once to live.
yu the Assumption - deprives of the person of friends.
yu Considering that the person does everything on the contrary - the wrong assumption better.
yu The more time for verification of the assumption - the longer should go in fools.
yu Assumptions sin with incorrectness.
yu If is strong to believe in the assumption - it becomes the fact.
yu the Assumption is not the fact - but it is capable to distract the person from confusion.
yu Assumptions give freedom, the imagination, scope. yu it is difficult for
to assume - that the wise man will undertake, but to guess that the fool will make - in general it is impossible. yu by What less assumption we connect
, with aspiration it is better to live - that they are more exact.
yu Assumptions prosper there - where do not sow the truth.

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