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Whether rusty water is dangerous?

Wake up in the morning. In a dozing state you stamp in a bathtub behind a reviver drop. And muddy liquid of red color flops on you a surprise from the crane. Familiar history? Here, as swear on plumbers, and morning is already spoiled.

Someone on the quiet merges to us the crude water which is no good even visually, unpleasantly smells and is disgusting on taste, that is does not meet any requirements. Who and how checked it before starting to our houses?

It seems, both the crane is serviceable, and pipes in all the area replaced recently. Means, put not in pipes, not in their rusty raid and not in premature corrosion of metal at all?

From where such water dirty goes with impurity of the oxidized metals? Let`s open “clever literature“. It is written:

If the content of iron in water does not exceed 1 mg on liter, water will be transparent. But! It does not mean that it will be suitable for drink.

Water becomes reddish when gland in it more than 10 mg on liter.

According to norms of the SanPiN of the Russian Federation, this indicator has to be not higher than 0,3 mg on liter.

It should be noted that here purely chemical composition of water, but not ecological threat means. Iron in itself, maybe, is not so harmful to the person as heavy metals, but its uncontrollable quantity conceals in itself a certain danger, to take at least the fact of destruction of enamel of teeth. Good it is not enough.

Water before appearing from our crane, has to pass several extents of cleaning. Whether passes?

For cleaning often use methods of a filtration, aerations and disinfection from various chemical compounds and microorganisms is a difficult multi-stage process.

Except the main way, biological water purification is widely applied. In this case all work on cleaning carry out microorganisms (their about 20 types) which absorb iron, oxidizing it and turning into that form which is easily filtered.

If bacteria are not so dangerous to the person, then it is worth treating products of their activity carefully. There is a version that they are cancerogenic, and on the basis of their dwelling other microflora concealing in themselves not smaller threat for health of the person well breeds. Except an environmental problem, this method of cleaning has one more essential shortcoming - growths of an internal surface of pipes practically kill them that becomes the reason of a weak channel of water and fast wear of communications.

Though all this also reminds natural process of water purification in the nature, however it is not always possible to control the level of carbonic acid and to provide access of oxygen from air therefore it is necessary to add various reagents, catchers and oxidizers. The continuous chemistry in which it is simpler to simple person to get lost, than to understand.

And this all of us call “clear water“ about which advantage many fairy tales are put!

Modern technologies allowed to find some more non-standard ways of water purification and to test them, but in connection with high cost widely nobody hurries to apply such innovations. Probably, it is necessary to wait for many years until new technologies come “to each house“.

A problem in what we plainly do not know from where undertakes as water is conditioned, and in general - that happens to it before emergence in our pans and teapots.