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Who such Picts? Part 3

As to newcomers from Iberniya (Ireland) was succeeded to tear off at first a piece from piktsky possession, and then and in general to subordinate to itself all territory? Yes it is easy.


B 498 (traditional date of the basis of Dalriada, several years to and fro do not play a role) Great Piktaviya did not exist yet. There were about ten independent kingdoms which - as among themselves connected and recognizing authority of the Supreme king. Skotta, conducted by Feargus Veliky, occupied the kingdom Epidiyev - the peninsula Kintayr and several islands, exclusively. However, about “took“ too there are doubts, about it below.

Feargus and his successors, how many could, tried to expand with Dalriadu, generally too at the expense of small piktsky kingdoms. As soon as Dalriada`s interests faced interests of Caledonia (or as there the Northern Kingdom was called), cattle happened regularly bits. Which - what additional lands Dalriada`s kings managed to privatize, but it is impossible to tell in any way, what is a lot of.

When Piktaviya began to become stronger, and centralization process began, to cattle it became absolutely thin. For few years to Nekhtansmer, in 683, Dalriada`s army was crushed by Picts, and it lost independence. Further Dalriada existed as the vassal principality, in general, as Great Piktaviya`s province. However, the title of the king Dalriada remained even if it was carried by the protege of the king of Picts.

Now about rules of inheritance.

Piktsky princesses.

Here that the truth about Picts, the truth - their crown (crowns) were inherited on the female line. There are not enough data to judge others, a smaller rank, titles and possession, but the king of Picts had to be the son or the grandson of piktsky princess.

To whom decently to marry the princess? Matter of course, for the prince. At least, for the member of the royal house. For princes also gave out. For Irish, brittsky, English. For dalriadsky, of course.

Whether there was Feargus Veliky`s mother the king`s daughter epidiyev? Then it would be clear that Kintayr absolutely is not even captured by it, and it is received in possession by right. It is, however, only the version.

I will try to line statistics. Kings of Picts on a nationality (on the father). Since 560, with Bruide I, to 787, to Drest VIII there are twenty three Supreme kings of Picts. From them three Britons, two English, four Irish and four Scott.

After Trust VIII already it does not make to consider sense - all kings of Picts were cattle (except Fuard whose origin is unknown).

Quite could happen so (and it happened) that the same person had the right for Dalriada`s crown on the father and to a crown of Picts on mother. Vot and Kenneth poppy Alpin (in this case - the grandmother Unuistika).


If mother, the grandmother, the great-grandmother, the great-great-grandmother, a prapraprababushka and prapraprapraded Nicholas II was from Germany - same does not mean yet that all Russians became Germans.

At the beginning of the 9th century royal houses of Picts and cattle - nearly one family. However it does not mean mixture of the people, especially at all - absorption of one people by another.

But gradually mixing all - went. When at what moment the last died pikt, not speaking on - Gaelic - I am afraid what any more not to learn. Somewhere in a distant deaf small village.

And above there was a fight between systems of inheritance - old and new. Of course, specific applicants for a throne fought among themselves, but from a distance looks as if systems.

In 780 - the first case when the king`s son - Talorkan, Engus`s son became the king. Suspiciously quickly died, in 782, but soon (not at once) the crown was put on by his son Drest.

Then, after death Dresta of VIII, it seems as the old system comes back. In the 842nd throne sons of the king Furad tried to take, but they were won by Kenneth poppy Alpin, the successor on the grandmother. Last time according to old tradition the son of the piktsky princess (Kenneth Smely`s daughter) was crowned in 878. Eokhayd who, by the way, on the father was the king of Strathclyde, kingdoms of Britons near present Glasgow. In the 889th the cousin Donald insistently recommended to Eokhaydu to resign, and Kenneth`s descendants Alpin`s poppy on the man`s line began to govern. Donald II Bezumny (raised taxes) is called the last king of Picts and the first king of Alba.


Probably, the sense is to return back a little and to tell about circumstances of accession to the throne of Kenneth I.

In the 839th Piktaviya`s army suffered a crushing defeat from Vikings. The king of Picts Eogan, his brother Bran died and it is a lot more notable Picts. As the vassal Eogan Dalriada Ael`s king Boant`s poppy participated in battle. Too died. All representatives of the senior lines of both royal houses were almost destroyed.

Crowns put on younger. Kenneth poppy Alpin - Dalriada, Fuard (of whom very little what is known) - Piktaviya.

After Fuard`s death in 842 Kenneth it turned out the heir-at-law of a throne by rules of Picts (grandmother Unuistika). But power was seized by Fuard`s sons - scandalous usurpation. As they governed, in turn, or tried to break off the kingdom of Picts on pieces - somehow not really distinctly in chronicles. But Kenneth had at the order which - what military force in order that to assert the legitimate rights. Also became in the 843rd the king of Picts.

He not the first put on two crowns at once. It happened earlier. But Kenneth finally connected two the state in one, Piktaviya (Fortri) and Dalriada became the uniform kingdom.

To tell this story, the author rummaged everything that managed to be found on a subject in online and offline. The matter of course, one sources contradict others, it in general is even normal. It is clear, some nuances demand more in-depth study. The story remains incomplete and unfinished.

And such, full and finished, in general happen in the history?

People who speak “Picts“ are not present and meet on Internet open spaces, and is heard “We“. The person has the real reasons or it is simply keen on a subject - it seems understand. Seldom who can track the family tree till the 9th century, unless only kings.

And here. And suddenly?