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Musical “Fate for Ages“. To whom to work when around one musicians?

Are remembered, on the central Soviet television on holidays of the audience indulged the special music programs consisting of short cuttings of the Hollywood musicals. These compilations not for long, around an hour lasted, and, as a rule, consisted of the same numbers where shots and songs from “Singing in the rain“, “My fair lady“, “The ridiculous little girl“ and “Cabaret“ steadily entered.

During VHS era all these movies were considered as a rarity and it was possible to find them in normal, watchable quality only in Moscow and that places should be known. Other part of the population of the USSR lived on reminiscence when some of these pictures went in the Soviet hire. No, at us were, native too, musicals, and very qualitative, but to them the relation was another. And here all - stars of intergalactic value - Barbra Streisand, Audrey Hepburn, Liza Minnelli.

However not all musicals on equal terms reached our movie theaters. One business Gene Kelly, and absolutely another - Beatles or Pink Floyd. Considering that the fate and fate - N - a beater at the official level were considered as music if not forbidden, then undesirable precisely, censorship did not pass similar musical projects further border. Whether it is worth saying that shots from these pictures on the central television did not turn and tapes were known to general public only in retelling.

Rock died, fate - N - a beater too. These rough streams were divided into a set of the streamlets which are peacefully coexisting today with the other directions of music. An era 80 - x, presented to the world a huge number of rather cool songs and performers, sank into oblivion and now carries the retro prefix in the name. But sometimes nevertheless comes back in all magnificence. As in the recent musical of Adam Shenkman “Fate for ages“.

… The young optimist Sherry, having taken with itself a suitcase of favourite plates, comes to Hollywood. Ambitious a limit, like millions of compatriots, dreams of star career, but first of all loses the property. What becomes a reason for pleasant and necessary acquaintance to the young man Drew working at pickup in the bar well-known fate - Burbon club. To creep at once did not step on the stage, but it turned out straight away, “Bourbon“ - the place of pilgrimage same as Drew and Sherry, fans fate - music. Besides the platform for performance of a number of celebrities, like the leader of Arsenal group Stacey Jax.

Common interests, dreams and youth turn Sherry and Drew`s relations into the passionate novel. The fellow is fond of music too and solno wails in group with the indigestible name. The trouble is in what the owner of club, the old hipster Dennis, is hefty does not love when his employees forget about direct duties and climb to the microphone. Besides Drew - a skromnyaga - the guy and before spotlights is lost. But what you will not make to be better in the opinion of darling? And here Drew already lights on a warming up at Stacey Jax while Sherry brings to the idol whisky. A chain of coincidence - and young people already swear, accusing the friend to the friend of all mortal sins.

Nonsense and fervor made the dirty deed: ways - paths of young romantics dispersed. The girl, without having found the best application for the talents, twists with a body a pole in a strip - club. And given in on arrangements of the greedy and podlovaty producer, Drew dances to his tune. Having thrown fate, he puts on in bright clothes and hops a pop-music in fashionable rhythms of the end 80 - x. In Burbon club put too not all that well: neither money, nor bright prospects, and here still the fanatical wife of the mayor declared a crusade against fate - music, and is concrete - against club where Stacey Jax acts hated as it.

There are three rhetorical questions. Whether will manage to find Sherry and Drew each other again? Whether legendary Stacey Jax will be able to come off a bottle and to sbatsat a new hit on envy to spitpoisons? And how the Burbon club and its owners in the light of these events will manage to recover from crisis?.

Adam Shenkman slept and saw how his new creation breaks cash desk in hire and is nominated for “The gold globe“. Undoubtedly, the Hollywood director and the producer intended to repeat success of five-year prescription when its first musical “Hairspray“ became the international hit which collected more than two hundred million dollars in world hire. Its aspirations especially are obvious, considering that “Fate for ages“, the screen version of the Broadway musical of the same name, nearly one in one repeats all finds of “Hairspray“. In other words, Shenkman so tried not to shirk from once the used template aside that he forgot - in a genre, except good songs, there has to be a responsible plot. Otherwise the feature film risks to turn into the big, colourful, multimillion, but music video.

Many audience went only on the poster because, whatever one may do, but melodious fate - the ballads making a tape soundtrack basis - are heard for a long time to holes and is interesting only to those, how exactly authors will interweave them into the narration. Leading roles departed to young and little-known actors - a country - the singer and the dancer Julianna Haf and the Mexican teleactor Diego Bonet. Far better the situation was with a casting of minor characters. Here and smart Malines Ackerman, Catherine Zeta - Jones and the performer a soul and R &B Mary Jay Blige, and also the real stars of world cinema of different calibers, beginning from Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin and finishing Paul Dzhamatti and Russell Brend. Considering that our localizers had mind this time not to duplicate a song (only for this reason the Russian Chicago option performed by Kirkorov causes spasms), it was especially interesting to listen as it is a little or the actors who are not singing at all will cope with voice parts.

The western public estimated Shenkman`s work on “well“. It also is clear, hits Guns N`Roses, Foreigner, Extreme, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Def Leppard are far closer than local audience also relatives, than to us. On my unsophisticated ear for music all known compositions were executed on the firm four. Of course, Tom Cruise also could not rehash the professional Blige, that being compared to the original, but also more than four months of occupations by a vocal were not in vain. Other critics, on the contrary, apprehended remastering of songs sharply in bayonets, having especially noted an unsuccessful duet of the main characters. I so did not begin to carp. All actors with soul, emotionally, exactly sang.

And here to a plot really there are a lot of claims. All this history of the young girl submitting Hollywood - a cliche not simply hackneyed, and cruelly crushed. Arrived, did not arrive, became strippers. Authors tried to add the main line, but somehow without special enthusiasm. In parallel the flashed novel tired fate - stars (Cruz) with the journalist (Ackerman), a tandem of homosexuals - hipsters (Baldwin - Brend), the frenzied mayor spouse (Zeta - Jones) cannot distract the viewer from thought that to watch the events on the screen out of musical inserts dullishly. Standard phrases, traditional Latin American passions plus sideways the got-out political correctness. All iskoloty tattoos Stacey Jax actively leans on alcohol and not the fool to polapat maids, but where the third component of the well-known slogan Sex, Drugs and Rock`n`Roll? Ah yes, the rating - that at the tape PG - 13, is more useless to treat teenagers to cocaine paths. And at all my respect for Tom Cruise, his Tat, the made-up nails and the elastic torso fitted in skin do not do its fate yet - a star.

Generally and in general - a positive, bright, musical show. A good way to pass away evening, but not a masterpiece in the hard genre. At least, not the competitor to recent “Burlesque“, and especially it is impossible to compare “Fate for ages“ to the brilliant musical “Mamma MIA!“.