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How to collect the “love puzzle“?

Many of us asked a question: why while spaceships plow air space, and other world lives to itself and the dobra acquires, we - such fine and remarkable - wander about this planet (who happily who not really) in search of the half?

And the further us attracts in a jungle of reflections, the more often visits thought that we are doomed, hopeless and are even defective... We are lonely... We cannot reunite with someone already obviously close and favourite in that beautiful “love puzzle“.

Woken up in me it is practical - the rational “teltsovsky“ basis even more often asks the shouting question: but whether it is nonsense?

Yes, it is very convenient to believe that somewhere there is a person who at first sight will plunge you into a shiver, will understand without words, will love more life, and you with it in the old manner will die in one day.

Yes, it is beautiful, and, above all - is easy . It is much easier to wait for the prince charming, than to build the life with the good real guy who for a start respects you or perhaps even loves.

Of course, I do not urge to fall arms of the first who a little - malsk attracted externally though, we admit, appearance plays not the last role. Besides, besides appearance, each person has also other basic selection criteria, nobody ever will cancel them - it seems “clever, kind, honest“... Let`s include here still a certain prosperity - and at once we will filter the mass of potential partners in these signs.

Nevertheless, there will be quite big selection, as if is pessimistic some not were are ready, people good are. Both men, and women - are, and there is a lot of them.

So why even among this quite big group of persons we do not find the half of a puzzle? There is a lot of us, good and lonely, only nobody suits one another.

We will take at least the average pleasant man who does not drink, maybe, even does not smoke, works, wants to make a family and children. Or the girl - nice, clever, kind, dreaming of family happiness.

Why they are lonely? Why it is actually so difficult to collect this most “puzzle of love“?

Because the majority wait for of that most, that most which will merge with them together as a puzzle. And what if there are no all these puzzles? What, if all this inventions of the creative intellectuals?

What if to create the puzzle, it is necessary to take a piece of wood and to turn - and not it under itself, and there is not no itself under it, - having agreed, to draw together with it or with it that required drawing of border of details of a puzzle?

But we so cannot, we persistently consider that there is somewhere already ready half, steady and invariable, and our main task - only to find that missing fragment which too already somewhere waits for us gotovenky, brilliant and, maybe, even polished.

It is all about our relation to it... The we become more senior, the more we believe that we were already completely created, issued in some steady design.

Why? But because it is so simpler because, having believed in it, it is not necessary to do anything with itself.

“I stubborn and - accept me it what I am“. “I am freedom-loving
, not to change me any more - either accept, or is not present“.

And what if, so far you one, you remain that material from which it is only necessary to create something? To create together with someone who too, as well as you, are ready to similar joiner`s work?

And it is unimportant, how old are you: 20, 30 or 50 …

It is possible, absolute delusion is the opinion that only young and flexible are capable to change, adapt and connect in puzzles and if you crossed the border of this age, then all - you stiffened as a piece of ice which needs only “to be hollowed scrap“.

It is simpler to young people “to get used“ only because they it is easier treat everything, they are full of energy and desire something to do, elderly are lazy, full of disappointments and fatigue...

But at us - those to whom has not the luck to marry in a hurry or to marry early, - it is much more than tools in hands in order that to create ! Only we do not use them, we wait for something ready...

We so got used to “fast food“ that we even in love wait for the frozen product which needs to be put in “microwave“ and to warm.

We get infinite virtual novels, we live in remote, guest marriages and are even partly happy in them. At the same time we complain about how the old woman destiny is unfair to us. All these social networks only aggravate a situation, tighten us in labyrinths of the virtual thought-up images, unpromising novels at distance and as a result - disappointments. We feel like more and more fateful and we complain about “Woe from Wit“.

Earlier I with enthusiasm thought that I am such romantic nature, such unique and special, and was sacredly sure that where - that is my soulmate whom I will meet - both I will gasp, and that shiver in knees, butterflies in a stomach and hearts from eyes will appear, as in “Disney`s animated cartoons“.

And this half will take of me the hint and to guess each my desire. It appeared, I am just an idler.

It is much simpler to live with dreams of the half waiting for us somewhere, than likes to establish a family with the good person who can not “ah … at me the head around“, but you and tries to be flexible near you, and you love him … and for this diligence including. It has pluses and, naturally, the minuses, as well as at you.

But it trains the obstinacy for the sake of you, and you pacify the love of freedom for it.

Because you both it want . Also you do not throw each other following the most popular excuse of the present: “I such (such) what is and will not change any more“.

Same just laziness... You are not lazy to work, try, to change.

You remember: the age is not minus at all, and you, and your elect - not stiffened blocks as some “psychologists“ try to convince us. There is no such template: “What to do precisely to become happy“.

Live life, go the own way, draw the picture of life, stick together the puzzle together, paint, recolour if it was not pleasant. And then it will be only your puzzle created by you together, but not adjusted from ready stamped halves.