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How with the birth of the kid to make ends meet?

for anybody not a secret that the young family after the birth of the kid should reconsider the expenses and to save on something that the family budget sustained the increased requirements. So much it is necessary to buy for the child! How competently to approach necessary expenditure? I will tell how my acquaintances who recently became parents save.

At birth of the daughter or son before mothers and fathers there is a question of the choice of a carriage. It is not obligatory to pursue fashionable Italian novelties, in shop it is better to stop on inexpensive option. And it is possible to buy a carriage privately as my relatives arrived. For only several thousands of rubles they got a convenient carriage - a transformer in perfect tune which used only few times. Now in newspapers and on the specialized websites on the Internet the sea of announcements with offers of children`s things. In the same way it is possible to get both a bed, and a pelenalny little table.

By the way, it is possible to do without the last - the pelenalny little table to us perfectly replaced an ordinary table - the book. To avoid falling of the child, a little table stood to a wall in the room corner, and moved a crib to other party. When the table was not necessary, it was put - it very much saved space of the small room. To avoid unnecessary expenditure, it is possible to find out from acquaintances who became parents before you that from purchases it was not useful to them. For example, a heater for food, an arena, a night lamp or a support for bathing.

You do not hurry to buy a heap of children`s things. As a rule, kids very quickly grow up from everything therefore some toddlers and baby`s undershirts puts on few times, and sometimes and absolutely remain not worn. Do not refuse if relatives or acquaintances at whom children grew up offer you a kidswear. It will be necessary to buy only elegant clothes for an exit “to the public“ - in hospital or on a visit.

One more way of economy to me was prompted by the sister, she buys things to the child for growth on seasonal sales in large children`s shops with a considerable discount. Of course, there is a risk not to guess with a size, but the prices during sales are very attractive.

At some families the considerable item of expenditure connected with the child`s birth - diapers. How to reduce this expenditure, I was prompted by familiar mummy who raises the sonny one. She sewed diapers from suitable purchased fabric - left much cheaper ready of shop. Also it significantly saves on pampers: dresses them to the kid only on walk, on a visit or in hospital. The child will so quicker be accustomed to a pot.

Other familiar mummy considers very important training of the kid. The less he will be ill, the it is less than campaigns in a drugstore behind drugs. But if the illness took unawares, it is better not to save on treatment and doctors and to try to stop it right at the beginning.

Food of the kid is not less important. That it was not necessary to buy expensive dairy mixes, try to adjust breastfeeding. According to stories of many mothers who do not nurse the kids nearly a half of their family budget leaves on treasured boxes with hypoallergenic mixes, and also on nipples, small bottles and sterilizers.

The kitchen garden will help to save on a feeding up. But even if to grow up vegetables, berries and fruit are not present an opportunity, mummy can prepare itself the pumpkin or carrots, apples puree or pears acquired in shop. It is independently possible to cook purchased selected meat puree of which quality and an origin you are sure. Fillet of a rabbit, chicken, veal should be passed several times via the meat grinder, to make small quenelles of the received forcemeat and to freeze them. And then on one to cook with vegetables and to crush the blender.

Strongly children`s soluble porridges facilitate to mothers life - filled in with warm water, and it is possible to give to the kid. If to cook porridges most, too it is possible to save considerably. Of course, this long occupation, and time for cooking should be found literally. Here the coffee grinder will help out: a free minute it is possible to crush in it various grain with a stock for several days. Depending on age of the child and skills of chewing, the size of a grinding can be varied. Already crushed grain it is easy to mix and cook multicereal porridges. And some mummies by means of special ferments cook both kefir, and cottage cheese. Too it turns out to save significantly. And as a product there will be no doubts.

And how to be with large purchases? Happens that the family and friends when do not know what to present to the child, give some sum of money for holidays. It is better to try not to spend them for daily needs at once, and to postpone. Thanks to it through some time quite decent sum for which it is possible to buy both the good children`s bicycle, and a stroller, and expensive winter clothes and footwear is gained. You should not hesitate, it is possible to order desired gifts at once. Try to make the list of necessary things and to give to the family before a holiday. For certain they will be grateful for the fact that they should not puzzle at the choice of a gift.

It is possible to order also toys. But it is not obligatory to fill up with them the kid from legs to the head at all. Psychologists proved that abundance of toys does not cause a great interest in the child (as he quickly gets used to them) and generates the “consumer“ relation to life. Better one to clean and get others, already forgotten. And it becomes frequent the most favourite toy at the child a doll, the soft bear sewed by mother or a wooden sword which was made by the father.

Except these simple principles of economy which help us to live without special problems for one salary of the husband I want to give the main advice. Be not afraid of significant increase in expenses with the advent of the favourite kid. At the skillful order money even at a small salary the family can live without living in misery.

To your child not that in what carriage of firm he is carried and how many thousands are costed by branded clothes is important. The main thing for the baby - endless love of parents which has no price.