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How it is wrong to live or Why I did not marry?

the Marriage are a work. First of all is a work on itself. If work is made incorrectly or not made absolutely, there is a wish to pick in the past and to find guilty...

If since the childhood not to float on wellbeing waves, not to hear, that all by itself will be good and that you some special and the best on light, and on the contrary to learn to try to obtain everything on anybody not to hope and not to count, to be able to be responsible for the acts and not to hide an eye for fear, quite wealthy and independent personality who will easily learn and not to cause big problems to parents will grow up. Will make still plans, will learn to earn, will make many friends and will lead many-sided life.

She will not wait for the destiny. She will look for the man who will open for it the world of love and tenderness.

Instead of it others will come, they will not be able to try a key to heart, they will need something else. One of them will be insufficiently clever, others are not so reliable, at the third will be already zashtampovan the passport the matrimonial relations. Men will leave there from where came.

By process of elimination mistakes immunity will be developed and suspiciousness will appear. To waste the talents on trifles will not register in rules.

The loneliness will throw with a waterproof raincoat shoulders. She will learn to be one. And in this state to it it will be easy and quiet.

Girlfriends - contemporaries will see off with might and main children in school, to cook violently in porridge of family life, to be cried on shoulder about house problems. And in her thoughts the belief will increase that all this to naivety is simple and predictable that there has to be other sense in life, something high and significant.

We close the story.

Clever, beautiful, successful, strong, but lonely. To live interesting life with a lot of plans for the future. To make in this life everything for itself, but not to make the main thing.


So far years did not draw invisible threads of wrinkles in corners of eyes and did not strew lightly hair with hoarfrost, not late to correct something.

“Obedient“ girls seldom put successfully private life. Usually they are married “on acquaintance“. Such acquaintance will not be the best option. To try on the person to itself as a thing as far as he “to the person“ - it is not absolutely honest.

We will clean a poslushnost, we will erase a luster, the farce and an excessive ukhozhennost, we will add a little daily negligence and simplicity.

We will forget about ideal men, all people are full of shortcomings and defects. Crystal locks, collapsing, finish the splinters.

We will correct the look which is looking for, calling, shouting of freedom, estimating and pushing away.

It is not necessary to look for. The destiny itself will arrange a casual meeting, will tease a little, and then will catch the escaping happiness in an armful.

We will cut a sharp tongue that phrases as rubber pools were not swept.

We will get rid of severity, inaccessibility, aggression and obstinacy.

We will delete burning desire to promote and earn a lot of money.

And, at last, we will cease to look for guilty.

The loneliness is not a problem of society, it is a problem of separately taken person. It does not come just like that, ourselves start it.