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Intuition - what is it? the Third eye, the sixth sense or just deception?

we Will try to understand this question. Let`s call to the aid scientists and results of their researches. Here what definition of intuition they give. “The intuition is when we know something, but is unclear from where“. And the knowledge it comes without any cogitative efforts from our party.

As usual we solve a problem? In the beginning we see and we analyze it. Then (quite often at the sleepless nights) we think how to solve a problem or just to bypass it.

By means of intuition all occurs much more simply. We see a problem and … suddenly we make a jump. Flying by over all our intellectual and analytical attempts, we land to such decision necessary for us at once. We are dawned suddenly ingenious as it seems to us, by the answer. “Eureka!“ - we exclaim, like great Archimedes.

By the way, about great. Let`s remember Newton. Dawned on it too. You remember, apple on the head? Result - the law of universal gravitation is open. And Albert Einstein admitted that the intuition prompted him the best thought in his life. Thought which led it to opening of the theory of relativity. What ingenious these remarkable scientists had intuition!

Of course, at us the intuition is much simpler. But it also helps with questions, not less important for us. For example, where to study, where to move and with whom to strike up acquaintance. Whether was at you so that, for the first time seeing the person, you understand at once that you do not like him. And though our reason cannot explain why, we intuitively feel - you should not trust it. And most often people are inclined to listen to the intuition. It for us - as the guide to life specifying the direction in the future. However none of us would like to entrust the future to anyone. Whether it is so possible to trust intuitions?

Give closer we will get acquainted with it. Where its habitat? From where she knows practically all answers? Friend it to us or enemy?

For a start we will remember how our brain works. It is similar to a big warehouse on which suppliers - our experience and knowledge - deliver various information. Our mind as “the storekeeper - the workaholic“, tirelessly sorts this information. Defines its place and accurately puts on the taken-away “shelves“. And when before us there is an obstacle, this storekeeper fast touches contents and issues that information which, in his opinion, will give the most exact answer to the arisen question. Here and the intuition works.

We will look at work of our brain on an example. When we go along the road, none of us think of what leg and as to it now to rearrange. We are not engaged in difficult mathematical calculations, calculating what length of a pool before us. Also we do not endeavor to remember all physical laws famous to us which will help to overcome this obstacle. We solve all these problems automatically. Our brain intuitively makes the correct decisions, relying on our knowledge and experience.

Where in our brain there are gaps in knowledge, the intuition will not work. Let`s remember Archimedes, Newton and Einstein. Their intuition reacted not just like that. It was helped by a huge stock of the knowledge and experience acquired by these scientists. And their reason, having touched lots of information, issued that decision which became obvious. But hardly intuition would help them with other questions. For example, without special knowledge and experience in a question of repair of a water supply system Einstein`s intuition would not look such ingenious. whether

Female intuition

the Truth that women have more developed intuition, than men?

“Yes, - scientists say. But not because they are women. Their intuition is more developed as it was promoted by culture“. Anthropologists explain: “For centuries of the woman practised in human relationship“.

I understand it so. As the role of women was in raising children, to care for the house, it had to rotate more among people, to communicate with them. That is why women better than men understand people. And again it turns out that the female intuition is based on a certain knowledge and experience. whether

Can develop intuition?

1. To improve intuition, it is necessary to increase giving of knowledge by our “warehouse“ - a brain.

2. When we read something, it is worth remembering the facts. To reflect over the obtained information, asking questions: as, why, why...

3. If we do not understand something, to investigate a question. Not to be lazy and more deeply to dig, finding the necessary answers.

4. In a flow of the obtained information it is necessary to learn to allocate the main thing. What principles are the cornerstone? What essence of all this?

5. It is necessary to check information. It is not false, whether it? The deceived intuition will deceive also us subsequently.

of Caution

1. “When feelings interpose in the matter, the intuition becomes less reliable“. Such feelings as fear, envy, hatred, like the drunk driver, deliver intuition and us together with it on a slippery slope.

2. If too to rely on intuition, there will be a tendency to make decisions, without thinking. Intellectual laziness will develop. “Do not think, act as heart prompts“, - we hear. But it is dangerous not to think at all.

To the correct decisions and vital wisdom only one road - study and experience conducts. Such conclusion to me is prompted by my intuition. And to you?