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How songs “Beat It“ and “Thriller“ were created? To 30 - to the anniversary of the well-known album of Michael Jackson of “Thriller“

of One of the reasons of mass success of an album “Thriller“ there was Michael Jackson`s ability to skillfully melt the most different styles in the creativity and at the same time not to lose own face.

M. Jackson:
“What gave rise of “Thriller“ it is time full of disappointments and pain - I lived in the area under Ensino`s name, and I got used to see graffiti “Disco - a sediment“ both “This disco“, and “That disco“, and the disco was only in the cheerful way to force people to dance in those days, but it was so popular that society turned away from it.

... You do not speak: “I will make the song in style of a country for the market of a country, and the song in style of fate for other market“ or something similar. All styles in music are close to me. I love some songs in style of fate and some songs in style of a country, and some - in style of bottoms, and all plates old fate - N - a beater“. of “Beat It“ (“Do not give up“) for which record invited the guitarist Andy Van Halen famous in those days became i>

Such “. The song was written to times of “Off The Wall“ and was Jackson`s reaction to revelry of street violence.

M. Jackson: “The words “It Is Necessary to Win“ express to
how I would arrive in trouble. Their sense - we have to have disgust for violence. I deeply trust in it. The song advises teenagers to be reasonable and to avoid troubles. The speech not turning other cheek when someone beats you a physiognomy. If there is no other exit, it is necessary just to leave before fists are put to use. If you die in a fight, then will not receive anything, and will lose all. You lose, and also those who love you. Here at what thoughts has to direct “It is necessary to win“. For me true courage - to solve dispute without a fight, to be rather wise to carry out this decision“.

For shootings of the clip on the song Jackson recruited the director Bob Gerald, and for reliability decided to use not masked mass meeting, but the most real representatives of youth street gangs. The invention was risky, but saved on the make-up artist - children and without him looked is authentic. Besides, to shooting they treated with big enthusiasm. And that! On the TV will show, boys will start to respect, mother will be glad.

M. Jackson:
“... agents of security service were near, and we were ready to everything. Of course, soon we understood that all this superfluous that “bandits“ actually timid, pleasant in communication and kind children. In breaks we fed them, and all of them cleaned and carried away on trays. I understood that, seeking to seem “bad“ and “abrupt“, they actually want to ego-trip only. They wanted that they were noticed and complied, and we were going to show them on television. They were delighted. - Hey, look at me, I something mean!“
the Previous single “Billie Jean“ still occupied with

1 - e the place when Michael decided to let out and “Beat It“. The CBS company counted it as madness - it is impossible to tempt so fate. But Michael then was lucky - “Beat It“ occupied 1 too - e the place, and some time was even twisted in the top ten along with “Billie Jean“.

And Michael Jackson continued to surprise public with the risky and grandiose projects. Now he decided to shoot not just good video any more, but real pass - the movie. To the best song for this purpose, than of “Thriller“ , it was difficult and to present.

Though Jackson was also the author of hit “Billie Jean“ and “Beat It“, this composition belonged to his coauthor on an album - to Rod Temperten. First “Starlight“ (“Star light“) or “Midnight Man“ (“Night-bird“) wanted to call the song, but then guessed more effective - “Thriller“, and at the same time christened and all album.

M. Jackson:
“When I sang “Thriller“, I understood that I want to make the short film. The ordinary fellow goes for appointment and admits to the girl that he not such as all. I wanted to turn into something. It seemed to me amusing. To do video it was so cheerful!“

While. Here did not save on a make-up and special effects. The clip seemed to CBS too expensive, then Michael decided to remove it completely on the money. Also did not lose. the Full version of the clip pulled
for 10 minutes and had a tie, a plot and an intrigue at the end.

And danced video which appeared in February, 1984 where the lovely black fellow changed in the monster with similar sepulchral creations before the scared girl, created a furor in the industry of clips. Not only the clip, but also the movie how he acted had popularity. The published videotape “Shooting “Thriller“ was sold out in million circulation and took one more record, having become the most sold “home video“.

M. Jackson:
“What sense to direct all efforts to work on an album to release then the awful video clip? I wanted that my video clip pasted the viewer to the TV that he wanted to look through it more and more. Initially the idea was to give qualitative production. I wanted to become a pioneer in this rather new area, to make the best short video movies of which we are capable. I do not even want them to call video clips. On a shooting stage I explained that we shoot the movie, approach was such“.

Only who at that time seriously spoiled to Michael mood. The singer got clear business both for “Thriller“, and for dancing captures of a groin.

M. Jackson: “When I for the first time made by
a moonwalk, they told me that it was the obscene burlesque. But I continued to dance so within several months, and they told: “You will never dance so any more“. I answered: “90. 9 percent of dance are the movement by a waist“. They told: “We do not want that you did it“. For a long time I tried to dance, without moving this part of my body. When I made “Thriller“ with all vampires and ghosts, they told that it demonic and partially occult, the brother Jackson cannot make it. I called the lawyer and, crying, told it: “Destroy this video“. Thanks to the fact that it went against my desires people have “Thriller“ today.

Michael left a community, and the album “Thriller“ lifted it on unknown height, brought it an informal title “the king of bottoms - music“ and for the first time opened the singer for our listener. At the end of 1980 - x posters with Jackson`s face decorated walls not of one Soviet apartment.