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How all - to grow thin? Psychological aspects of

Most of women try to watch the weight. There is a wish to have a slim, graceful figure at any age. And it is quite achievable dream. by

developed hundreds of successful ways of weight loss in which are used fitness, diets, sports activities, system of healthy nutrition and many other things. To everyone to lose excess weight it is necessary to choose the set of techniques which is most suitable it and regularly to follow them, then everything has to turn out.

Unfortunately, sometimes it does not work. Many women do not manage to achieve notable results in any way though they very much seek to grow thin. Why does that happen?

It is very important to understand that the body of the person is inseparable from his mentality. When the soul suffers, also the body suffers. Everything that occurs in our body, directly depends on how we interact with the outside world at the mental level. A problem of excess weight - not an exception. If you are healthy, but at the same time gathered extra kilos and continue to grow stout, so your mentality needs it for something.

There are two main reasons for education and preservation of excess weight :

1. Your subconsciousness wants to protect you. It creates a cover which protects you from possible painful interactions with world around. Like a thick blanket, warm embrace, a blank wall or maternal care, this cover has to protect you from difficulties in adaptation, from fear of foreign opinion, cover from sharp self-criticism and strict education, alleviate pain from impossibility to love and receive love.

2. Treatment of sincere wounds “jamming“. Psychological injuries will deeply wound us; they are similar to not healing ulcers and are capable to torment for years. From them the sincere bitterness, emptiness, fear, alarm which we throughout life also “jam“ collects. In such a way the mentality tries to cure us of a depression, sense of guilt, emotional injuries, hatred to itself. As the loving mother, she tries to feed “tasty“ to muffle yours “I am guilty“, “I am not worthy the better life“, “I bad“. These statements for human mentality - the most dangerous virus, and it constantly resists destructive influences.

When the woman decides to begin to grow thin, she surely should understand what psychological reasons forced it to gain this weight - once it was harmonous.

If you find in yourself the virus “I am bad, I-unworthy, I-guilty!“, then the simple problem of disposal of couple of extra kilos will turn into the hardest and almost hopeless fight against itself. At best it will be possible to achieve positive results for some time, but very quickly excess weight will return, perhaps, there is even a lot of.

“The whole day kept today, and in the evening all... broke... in me directly some devil sits, I so cannot any more … nothing helps...“

“Something prevents me to go to a gym... I want to go - and I cannot force myself …“

How to define that (or who) so persistently prevents to reach the desirable?

I want to offer you several psychological receptions which allow to distinguish system of internal barriers on the way to weight loss:

1. We accept that in us there is resistance to weight reduction process. It is the most convenient to present this resistance in the form of actions of a certain internal subpersonality. The matter is that our behavior is defined by interaction of the whole set of internal “entities“ which have the character, habits and requirements.

For example, I am a mother, the woman and the person who is keen on the professional activity.

All three subpersonalities want to express differently themselves in my life, but they should find the general way as all this is I. Sometimes they clash among themselves. For example, mother will rebel against the professional and will begin to make him difficulties in situations when it is necessary to choose between work and in the evening with children. As a result I will feel guilty, I will be incapable to concentrate at work in the evening etc. as

Similarly and in the course of disposal of excess weight there are two opposite forces: some part of our personality very much wants to grow thin and is ready to work in this direction, but other part does not agree with it at all.

2. We concentrate on emotions and feelings of that subpersonality who resists our plans now. Result of its actions - those moments when we stumble: we cease to observe a diet, we give up trainings, we begin to feel badly and by that we afford different indulgences.

Let`s trace the thoughts and feelings at such moments. Perhaps, you feel pity to yourself, bad mood which wanted to be “jammed“ rage on the trainer, desire to receive unconditional love to itself. Perhaps, you are oppressed by requirements of fashion, fear of success, fear to become sexual and beautiful, it is as if strange sounded. Or something else, listen to yourself attentively.

3 . After it was succeeded to define thoughts and desires of our “opponent“, it is a high time to think up to him a suitable image and even to name it.

We try to imagine how it looks externally, what behavior at it and habits. Perhaps, it is the young girl who is afraid of proximity with an opposite sex and therefore gets fat to become unattractive? Or the child of too strict parents who only at a table at the grandmother with the grandfather does not feel outcast and lonely? And maybe, your “enemy“ is eager for attention and recognition from people around, but does not get him and therefore “is consoled“ in sweet?

4. needs to agree with “opponent“ about cooperation Now.

Think what character at it that for it the most important and with what he is ready to be reconciled. All these reasons are necessary to you to learn to avoid the conflicts and at the same time to move in the direction necessary to you. Even if this subpersonality not really is pleasant to you, do not put her ultimatums at all and do not dictate as to it to arrive. Agree only amicably, your “opponent“ - it you is. And himself should be loved!

Having signed the contract on cooperation, continue to follow the program of weight loss chosen by you.

Gather and use all the sincere resources. Ask the help for your friends and the family - their approval and support will be required more than ever. It is necessary to gain new skill, earlier you were not able to grow thin.

Of course, it is hard to change the habitual way of life. But the purpose is worth it!