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How the song “Billie Jean“ was created? To 30 - to the anniversary of the well-known album of Michael Jackson of “Thriller“

K 1982 at 24 - summer Michael Jackson there was already, as they say, all a bunch. Lack of the normal childhood was compensated by enormous experience in show - business, and is concrete - in popular family group JACKSON 5. 1979 Michael`s contract with his father ended with

B, and the young man was let in independent swimming. The solo performance of “Off The Wall“ which is let out the same year became “platinum“, 4 singles got to Top 10 (two - on 1 - e the place), and Jackson`s hands the figurine “pleasantly cooled the Grammy pro the best vocal in R`n`B genre“.

Therefore when he declared to the producer Quincy Jones that he will write down even more successful album, that only laughed at its ambitions. But Michael insisted: “I want to write down an album where each composition will be hit. Well, as in Tchaikovsky`s “Nutcracker““. As it became clear, the impudent young man did not joke.

Work on an album went serious too, and 3 - x there were obviously not enough months which are released by the CBS company. Michael so did not like initial data of an album that he declared - or the company will give time for its remix, or the plate will not leave in general. The company conceded, and instead of August the album appeared on counters only on November 30, 1982. It was called “Thriller“, and with its exit something unimaginable began.
the Plan of the company - to sell 2 million copies - was exceeded by 20 times right after release, and by 1985 “Thriller“ was already included in “Guinness Book of Records“ as the most sold album in the history of bottoms - music. The plate of 37 weeks did not leave top a hit - parade of the USA, and 7 of 9 tracks entered the top ten. About three the most known at us hits of “Thriller“ my further story will also go.

of “Billie Jean“

Today - that we already know that the song “Billie Jean“ is the most successful single of Michael Jackson for all his career. But then - during record of “Thriller“ - it was a presentiment by not everyone. The producer Quincy Jones at first at all declared that the song “weak“, then - that the introduction to it long, then - that the name at it wrong. But Michael was flint and did not give in to criticism of the producer.

M. Jackson:
“I had a presentiment that it will become popular. I was dissolved in this song. Once in a break between records I went with Nelson Hays working with me at that time on the high-speed highway. In my head sounded “Billey Jean“, and I thought only of it. We moved down from the highway when we were caught up by the guy on the motorcycle and told: - At you the car burns.... Even so far we were given help and we looked for a different way to reach the destination, about myself I continued to compose, here is how I was absorbed by “Billey Jean““.

to prove everything that “Billie Jean“ is a hit, Michael was fooled over the song, more than ever. The well-known bass party was written down by 3 weeks, and all the song had 91 versions of the data!

The subject of a song was close to much the priest - to stars because the speech in it went about the nutty fan. Consider that a prototype was one fan of Michael who at first claimed that he is a father of her twins, and then - at all sent to the singer the gun, demanding to be shot (a pier, “do not get you to anybody“). However Michael said that Billey Jean - a generalized character of all fans sticking to it and his brothers.

By the way, first the song was wanted to be called “Foreign beloved“ that listeners did not confuse her heroine to the famous tennis-player of Billey Joe King. “I cannot be gone to it“, - Jackson told again and repeated the same words when the director of the clip to “Billie Jean“ - Steve Byron - spoke that dances to this song are obviously inappropriate. Now about it it is even strange to read, Jackson without dances all the same that KISS group without make-up.

M. Jackson: “I considered
in a different way. It was fine dance for video. What is costed by the chilling moment when I stiffened on finger-tips. It turned out spontaneously; as well as many other movements“.

the Clip where Jackson performs on the shining squares, made great success though, on memoirs, the management of MTV did not want to put it in rotation.

Etnikoff, head of CBS:
“When “Billie Jean“ and “Beat It“ left, MTV did not want to twist them. They actually said no “, no, no, we are ready for fate, and this is Michael Jackson, and he is Black“.

At the management of TV channel, clear, absolutely other memoirs, but anyway pressed through the clip, and it became the first video of the black singer which rotirovatsya actively on MTV.

On it history with dances did not end. In 1983 at a ceremony 25 - the anniversaries of Mottown firm (where JACKSON 5 registered) under “Billie Jean“ Michael for the first time represented that sliding moonwalk - “moonwalk“. Subsequently this dancing reception began to be associated strongly with Jackson though he claimed that he gathered it at black children from a ghetto and complicated only a little.

M. Jackson:
“One night prior to record I still did not know that I am going to do with the solo number. And here I went down on kitchen of our house and “Billey Jean“ began to sing. Loudly. I was there one one night prior to representation, just stood, listening to what to me will be prompted by the song. In some way dance was created in itself. I had an original communication with music; under the arising rhythm I put on an espionage hat and began to represent poses and a pas, allowing “Billey Jean“ to dictate the movements. Practically I allowed dance to be born most. I in some way gave way to the song and missed dance forward - I needed only to run after it“.

By the way, this ceremony shown on TV before 45 million viewers became a fine advertizing campaign to an album, and after it sales of “Thriller“ sharply spread up. That to “Billie Jean“, later Michael will rehash it for the advertizing “Pepsi - Coca“ (having a little changed the text), for what to it will leave the advertizing fee unprecedented for those times.

About two more notable songs from “Thriller“, I will tell already in the following article.