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I know precisely.

O than the person can precisely know? Of course about what endured personally. Creating the website, I long suffered with the choice of a subject and not one did not suit me. Probably the first purpose of any as the beginning and skilled webmaster is to make the website the most popular, to place on it more banners with advertizing, with references to other resources, partner programs as much as possible to earn money from this website. Once I already tried to arrive thus, nothing at me from this good left. I constantly jumped from a subject on a subject, covered the website with pictures, video, pushed into it a forum, inserted a heap of banners and a partnerok. Result in sense of popularity and advantage of my website zero. Only one I understood that I am a full goof and that so it is impossible to approach creation of the websites. It is impossible to jump through many steps of development as however and in life at first: day nursery, kindergarten, school, HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, but only then real income.

And so after the first unsuccessful attempt, I drew such here conclusion: at the choice of a subject of the website you have to see its finished look that you could be proud of the child in the imagination, but not hide about his origin. The subject has to be close to your real life what you really understand or at least can tell about it from the position. In general the choice of the correct position it in my opinion the main requirement both in creation the resource Internet, and in human life of the person interested to be happy and successful. At first it is necessary to understand who you but only after that, the fact that you can interesting tell are. There is a difference when the same joke is told by two persons, different in the charisma, will allow Trakhtenberg and Petrosyan. If you are really interesting person, then it is quite admissible what you would tell all the known stories and materials for a long time, having embellished them the private judgment of the person who chose the correct living position. So to speak to refresh.

I cannot tell who so far you are, we are not familiar personally yet. I can tell only of myself: with “this object“ a sign already esteem thirty five years. And I can take a detached view of myself for a long time and to understand that I after all can interesting tell people from this what they do not know. People now mostly educated and mass media, including the Internet will load the people and without me. And much more professionally it will be made. Where to me to compete with them. I will only share the opinion on this or that information. From the position of the person who lived some time, in some place, under some conditions, drawn some conclusions and in everything convinced personally.

For a start it is necessary to open a subject of my position. Who do I am? And what I know precisely? What personally endured? What I can judge?

I will begin with the childhood, I was once a child. I remember itself what, in the childhood was pleasant to me and that is not present. Especially now, I have almost already adult son (11 years) and this subject is close to me. I like children, even strangers, I easily understand them and I know what is pleasant to them because itself once was a child. Why the childhood not to consecrate this subject on my website, not as it is accepted and as I see it. At me is the opinion, the person who earlier took “this position“. This subject can even be divided into several sections: early childhood, preschool age and school. To reveal them separately.

I can take a students subject further, I was a student. In this subject I would begin with choice of profession. As I have experience not of a right choice and deep repentance in it.

At once follows from this subject following, not less interesting and quite volume is a service in army. I think to me is what here to tell. Shortly about: ordinary Russian army 331 - go a regiment 98 - oh a division of guards of airborne forces Kostroma, 1994 - 1996 of service. In Chechnya was not though there was opportunity, but was in Bosnia. In the general I perfectly know - how many a sling in a parachute d - 6 that it BSL and RD - 54.

This romanticism can be continued further. All of us and serving and not serving sooner or later come, to not less important plot of our life - to the choice of the second half. Marriage and the romantic, “love“ relations preceding it. Personally I with it was lucky, at the first stage of my relations and at other stages too, and I can quite consider myself as the happy person in this plan.

Follows this romanticism - labor life. Work. As your family life would be good - it is necessary to earn, and now it any more not an instrument for ensuring of favourite, and your direct duty. You are a supporter. I cannot share Vrabote any great achievements, but I will be useful to much. My position in it, is in what, I consider important: “as“ you achieved something and, not that “what“ you achieved. It was necessary to work to me in life. Began as it is banal: the security guard, then the builder, opened SP, worked for itself. Is even more banal further: became the swindler, the person under investigation, the convict it is conditional. Thank God! Now I work with watches in the Nenets Autonomous Area, and in boundaries. watch gradually (as before) I am engaged in construction works (privately), ventilation, the PVC windows and I glue a film (carbon fabrics, autovinyl) on cars. It is fashionable now. Just here, all to whom this subject is close can carry out a correction of mistakes.

Now I reached the most important subject, the life - God. In this subject, I would like to develop far more seriously than in previous - wordly. Why I want to call this subject God, but not religion, belief, Christianity? Because God - not religion, and about belief and Christianity it is possible to create internal subjects.